Australia regulator cracks down on alleged exportation of dogs to Macau

The top body for greyhound racing in New South Wales, Australia "has charged 179 dog trainers and owners with breaching the industry regulator's rules, for the alleged unauthorized exportation of

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We live in a world of causes, as opposed to a world of ideologies. From the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution throughout the 20th century, ideologies have marked, and marred,

Animal rights | Canidrome: Anima in fresh airline negotiations as Canidrome closure looks more likely

The president of animal rights group Anima (Macau) is heading back to Europe next month, and again at various times later this year, to continue spearheading an international campaign to

Canidrome may have its days numbered, decision in ‘one or two months’

The Times has also been informed that a study on greyhound race operation in Macau, conducted by the Institute of Studies at the University of Macau (UM), has already been

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