Macau Matters | Going postal

I greatly enjoy reading The Economist each week. I find it very informative and like that it covers political, business, social and technological issues, with a good balance of

Macau Matters | Local primary & secondary education

The education system in Macau is unusual in that there is no standard national curriculum and most schools are non-government. Moreover, the government is happy to subsidize a substantial

Macau Matters | Improving construction productivity

A recent article in The Economist points out the low productivity and poor performance of the global construction industry. It identifies several things that governments and others can

Macau Matters | Cadmium Rice

The June 10 issue of The Economist contains a terrifying article about pollution in China. It makes the point that air, water and land pollution across China,

Macau Matters | Improving financial literacy

Generally, I am appalled at the low levels of financial literacy of many people. Moreover, levels of financial literacy do not seem to vary too much with education

Macau Matters | Fixing Macau’s Broken Taxi System

There is ample evidence that the government managed and regulated system of taxi services in Macau is totally broken. A cursory analysis leads me to believe that a

Macau Matters | A Robotic Macau Grand Prix

The entrepreneurs who created the Macau Grand Prix did a wonderful thing, but the government department that has managed it for many years has done nothing to improve on their

Macau Matters | The joys of train travel

I like trains and recommend them as a great way to travel! I recently took a train from Seattle to Chicago, travelling over the Rocky Mountains and across the rest of

Macau Matters | Macau’s incredible telecom data roaming rip-off

Telecom service providers in Macau are blatantly ripping off their customers with usurious data roaming charges and I cannot understand why the Bureau of Telecommunications Regulation has let this situation

Macau Matters | Macau’s future economy

I do not normally consider Macau’s economy directly in these pages, but I now think it is clear that Macau has built a strong economy based on “rest & relaxation”

Macau Matters | The value in being multilingual

I grew up in a family and suburb of English native speakers, and even my Greek, Italian and Lebanese school friends only spoke English. The only way to really learn

Macau Matters | Water Woes

Here in Macau we have very inexpensive and very plentiful water, even if the quality is not so good - too many chemicals added to condition the water. But, in

Macau Matters | Drugs – War or Store?

Some Hong Kong fortunes were founded on the opium trade in China. More recently, in the 1930’s there were businesses happily operating in Macau to make and sell opium to

Macau Matters | University industry collaboration

I am currently coaching hospitality students at a local university in research projects to develop service blueprints for banqueting services in hotels. I have asked student teams to each find

Macau Matters | The email pioneer

Ray Tomlinson, the man who created the software to send the first email message between two computers in 1971 died on 5 March 2016 at the age of 74. He

Macau Matters | Caring for the Elderly – II

My last article (Feb 3) pointed out the growing global problem of support for the elderly and identified some inadequacies in the related healthcare and social services in Macau. I

Macau Matters | Caring for the Elderly – I

Along with many other parts of the world, Macau has to cope with a growing elderly population. Continuing improvements in healthcare and food availability mean that people are living longer,

Macau Matters | Aquaponics

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture for growing fish and hydroponics for growing plants that is often used in old factory buildings in cities. It is something to consider for

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