Troubled life with the Rooster

The Chinese New Year, which will begin tomorrow (Saturday) brings good news for those in the signs of the Rat, Rabbit, Rooster and the Dog. This is because these four signs violate the so-called “Tai Sui” 犯太歲, or Master of the Year, which means more obstacles in the areas of health, work and study. The difficulties will make themselves felt throughout the whole year. The Rabbit will face the greatest challenges, followed to a lesser degree by the Rooster, the Rat and the Dog.

The astrological map consulted by Mickey Hung shows that people born in the year of the Rabbit are not accompanied by the “star of the noble person” 貴人星 – one whose purpose is to help and protect us. Neither are people born in the years of the Monkey or the Goat, so 2017 does not augur well for these signs either.

Mickey Hung therefore suggests that people of the Rabbit, Rooster, Rat and Dog signs wear a bracelet of black or dark coloured crystal, always on the right wrist. This will make good things enter from the left and bad things exit on the right.

However, only half of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac will have a good year of the Rooster of Fire, meaning that, on average, that only one in every two people will enjoy good luck this year.

The Dragon and the Horse are better positioned, according to Mickey Hung, as they are in greater harmony than people of the other signs. The prediction is fewer uncomfortable situations.

Natives of the Rat should make more friends with natives of the Dragon, as they can help natives of the Rooster. Whereas the Ox will combine well with natives of the Rooster, as they have more positive energy to transmit in the relationship between the two.

In the list of signs that combine well in 2017 there is also the Tiger with the Pig, as this can bring movement to the Tiger. The Rabbit will do well with the Horse or the Dog, as they will help the Rabbit very much. The Snake has a good conjunction with the Monkey, as these are two stable signs. Moreover, The Dog will be able to help the Goat.

In general, the optimism of the Year of the Monkey will remain into the Year of the Rooster, but the Rooster tends to be very confident and is determined in its plans. Although the colored Rooster brings bright and happy days, it will also dissipate energy. Its trajectories are practical and well proven.

However, this year may require great effort. Speculative risks should be avoided. Disappointment and conflict will be the order of the day. The Rooster likes to impose its authority and many of the problems may come from its dominating attitude. But as they also symbolize the good administrator and conscientious righteousness, peace shall be maintained. Everything will be precariously balanced in the Year of the Rooster.

This article was first published in Portuguese in MACAU magazine, No. 54, February 2017
Translation by MDT/KTranz

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