Typhoon Hato | Owners of damaged vehicles given Oct. 20 deadline for cancelation

The Transport Bureau (DSAT) has announced that the owners of vehicles with irreparable damage caused by Typhoon Hato should present all the documents to cancel their vehicle’s registration before October 20.

The vehicle owners who wish to benefit from tax exemptions when buying a new vehicle must present documents and evidence of the damage, such as pictures attesting to the damage and receipts from their use of a tow truck service. “The delivery of the documents is essential to the canceling of the vehicle registration and the allowance of tax benefits,” the DSAT stated.

Separately, DSAT said that it is doing all that it can to restore the car parks, which were flooded during the passage of Typhoon Hato, to working order.

The bureau informed that from the four flooded car parks during Typhoon Hato, the one located at Fai Tat Building requires the most attention, as it was completely flooded and was the facility where most of the typhoon’s casualties occurred.

At that car park, the ventilation system, the elevators, the access control system as well as fire fighting equipment is not functioning. The Bureau warned that the replacement of some of this equipment would take time.
As the removal of vehicles inside the car park still continues, the DSAT is conducting a follow-up on the damages assessment and accelerating the administrative procedures with the aim of returning the facility to a functional state as soon as possible.

The DSAT said it expects to have the Fai Tat Building car park reopened during the first half of 2018.

The Transport Bureau also informed that, during the restoration of the four flooded car parks, it removed a total of 472 vehicles, of which 433 were cars and 39 were motorcycles.

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