It’s official | Britain files for divorce from the European Union

The United Kingdom filed for divorce from the European Union yesterday, overturning four decades of integration with its neighbors, demolishing the notion that EU expansion is

This Day in History | 1981 – President Reagan is shot

President Ronald Reagan has been shot and wounded after a lone gunman opened fire in Washington. He is currently undergoing emergency surgery at George Washington

Offbeat | Library patron returns book he took in 1982, plus USD200

A patron who stole a book from a Montana library in 1982 has returned it after reading it at least 25 times, having it restored and having the

World briefs

MYANMAR An armed militant group fighting Myanmar’s government on behalf of the country’s Muslim Rohingya minority has issued a statement asserting its right to self-defense and denying

Iraq | US denies loosening rules for avoiding civilian casualties

U.S. airstrikes probably played a role in the deaths of dozens of civilians in Mosul earlier this month, U.S. and Iraqi military officials acknowledged yesterday ,

The Buzz | Investment from China in Kushner Manhattan property is off

Talks with a Chinese company seeking a stake in a Fifth Avenue skyscraper owned by the family of Jared Kushner are over. Negotiations with Anbang Insurance to

Cheney blasts Russia’s alleged interference in US election

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has criticized Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. presidential election, calling it a hostile act. Russian President Vladimir Putin made

Climate plan | Trump takes aim at Obama’s efforts to curb global warming

Moving forward with a campaign pledge to unravel former President Barack Obama’s sweeping plan to curb global warming, President Donald Trump will sign an executive

UK | Complaints as paper focuses on leaders’ legs, not policy

Britain’s Daily Mail tabloid has sparked complaints with a front page photograph focusing on the legs of Prime Minister Theresa May and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

This Day in History | 1999 – Hanratty family wins right to appeal

The Criminal Cases Review Commission, (CCRC), the body set up to investigate miscarriages of justice, has referred the case back to the courts after a two-year

Offbeat | What the smurf?! Smurfette is shunned in Israeli ultra-Orthodox city

Israel’s pious ultra-Orthodox Jewish community has long chafed at public displays of women, whether the images are of female public figures or ordinary women. Now even

World briefs

CHINA’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup have virtually ended with this first defeat in competitive action for coach Marcello Lippi since he was appointed in November.

Germany | Merkel celebrates election win, challenger deflated

German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday celebrated an encouraging win for her conservatives in a state election, declaring that her party has “every chance” in upcoming votes. Her

UK | Attacker used WhatsApp, firm must help police get access

Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood sent a WhatsApp message that cannot be accessed because it was encrypted by the popular messaging service, a top British security

Russia | Protest leader Alexei Navalny gets 15 days in jail

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who organized a wave of nationwide protests against government corruption that rattled authorities, was jailed for 15 days yesterday by a

USA | Agency follows a uniquely American way of funding arts

When the National Endowment for the Arts was established in 1965, organizers had different models to choose from. They could have looked to the French