World briefs

KOREA A South Korean lawmaker says North Korean hackers stole highly classified military documents that include U.S.-South Korean wartime “decapitation strike” plans against the North Korean leadership. If confirmed,

The Buzz | Illinois man to be arraigned in missing Chinese scholar case

A man accused in the abduction and killing of a University of Illinois scholar from China is to be arraigned on new charges. Federal court records show

Spain too risky? Buy Portuguese stocks, Invest Iberia says

As political tensions rage in Spain, an economic boom in its Iberian neighbor is attracting investors to Portuguese equities. Stocks in Portugal are glowing

USA | 1,000 leads later, authorities still stumped by Vegas gunman

More than a week after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history investigators are stumped about the key question: What led a 64-year-old high-stakes gambler to

This Day in History | 1976 – China’s ‘Gang of Four’ arrested

The new chairman of China’s Communist Party, Hua Guofeng, has ordered the arrest of four leading radicals in Peking. It is a sign that China is

World briefs

THAILAND More than three years after seizing power in a coup, the head of Thailand’s military government yesterday promised elections in November next year. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha told

The Buzz | Catalan parliament not acting on vote results

An official at the Catalan parliament says its governing board has “taken notice” of the results in last week’s disputed independence referendum — but that it won’t put

Smoke, wildfires damage California’s famed wine country

Workers in Northern California’s renowned wine country picked through charred debris and plotted what to do with pricey grapes after wildfires swept through lush vineyards, destroying at

USA | Indigenous Peoples Day? Italians say stick with Columbus

Is it time to say arrivederci to Christopher Columbus? A movement to abolish Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day has gained momentum

Nobel Prize | Richard Thaler wins award for work in behavioral economics

The Nobel economics prize has been awarded to Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago for his contributions to behavioral economics. The 9-million-kronor prize was awarded

Offbeat | Facebook begins ‘human review’ of potentially sensitive ads

Facebook says it will begin manually reviewing advertisements that target certain groups and address politics, religion, ethnicity and social issues. The company has informed some advertisers about

This Day in History | 1975 – Liz Taylor and Richard Burton remarry

Actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor have secretly remarried in Africa only 16 months after getting divorced. The couple who split last year after nearly 10

World briefs

FRANCE-SPAIN The French European Affairs minister says France won’t recognize Catalonia if it unilaterally declares independence from Spain. Nathalie Loiseau said that “if there were to be a

The Buzz | NATO chief: ‘We don’t want a new Cold War’ with Russia

NATO’s chief said the alliance does not want a “new Cold War” with Russia, despite members’ concerns about the Russian military buildup close to NATO’s border. Secretary

South Africa revives groundbreaking apartheid-era musical

The rise and fall of flamboyant, ferocious Ezekiel Dlamini, a black South African boxer known as “King Kong” who was jailed for murder, inspired a 1959

Group opposing nuclear weapons wins Nobel Peace Prize

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, a forceful show of support for a grassroots effort that seeks to pressure

Nature | EPA to ease emission restrictions on coal-fired power plants

The Trump administration is moving to roll back the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s efforts to slow global warming, seeking to ease restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions

Feature | 60 years after Sputnik, Russian space program faces troubles

Six decades after Sputnik, a refined version of the rocket that put the first artificial satellite in orbit remains the mainstay of Russia’s space program — a

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