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Monthly Archives: November 2007

light house

Sample Image  by Sara Farr
the local government has received documents  sent  by  the  cultural
authorities in Beijing, addressing concerns over threats of a new residen-
tial building blocking the view to and from the Guia lighthouse, Secretary for Social  Affairs  and  Culture,  Fernando Chui Sai On, said yesterday, addressing lawmakers at the Legislative Assembly. He said that the Cultural Affairs Bureau was closely looking into the issue.Lawmaker  Jose  Pereira  Coutinho  had asked Chui about a story published in
yesterday’s South China Morning Post, indicating the Beijing letter. 

“We  can’t  destroy  something  that  be-longs to the whole of Macau,” Chui said, referring  to  the  90-metre  lighthouse’s UNESCO listing. “We will act in order to defend our cul-tural heritage site,” Chui said in response
to Ng. Ng also said he is still waiting for the government to look into the issue to try and find viable solutions,but the gov-ernment has never replied to the law-maker’s second interpellation regarding the issue.
From  the  Guia  lighthouse,  the  once overall  view  of  Macau  will  soon  be blocked by two towers, which are al-ready  being  built  at  the  foot  of  the Guia hill, and a new 126 metre high, 34  storey  residential  block,  which  is also  under  construction  half  way  up the Guia hill. Yet according to the Secretary, the proj-ects and lands on which the buildings are being built had been approved and granted before Macau applied to have the lighthouse listed as part of the World Heritage Site.

“We are trying to have the heights of the buildings lowered, but [Jaime] Carion
(director of the Lands, Public Works and
Transport  Bureau  (DSSOPT)  has  said
the  land  concessions  had  been  grant-
ed before the site was ever listed with
UNESCO,” Chui added.

Woman suicide bomber wounds seven US soldiers

Seven US soldiers were wounded when a woman suicide bomber blew herself up against a passing American foot patrol in the city of Baquba, north of Baghdad, the military said yesterday.

The attack occurred on Tuesday in Baquba's Al-Amin neighbourhood.

A local police officer said on Tuesday one civilian was killed and seven others wounded in the attack.

Insurgents have stepped up attacks in Baquba in recent weeks despite a joint US-Iraqi offensive against Al-Qaeda fighters in the area.