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Daily Archives: December 11, 2007

Cotai jets suspended

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Ferry  between  Taipa  and  HonkKong were suspended by judicial order yesterday.

The Government made the announce-ment after receiving a notification from a Court of Second Appeal rejecting its

"North  West  Express¡" has  requested suspension of the Governments admin-istrative act authorising ¡§Cotai Waterjets(Macau)¡¨  to  operate  passenger  trans-
portation between Taipa Ferry Terminal
and Hong Kong, the statement said.

The government overcame the initial re-quest by the operator for an injunction, sighting public interest.

World divided over value of free press: poll

The world is divided over the importance of press freedom, with not everyone sharing the Western notion that it is crucial to a free society, a poll said yesterday.The survey, covering 14 countries, also found that confidence in media reporting varies widely, with the Russian press along with British and US media among the least trusted while countries like India and Kenya score strongly.While overall 56 percent believe media freedom is very important for a free society, 40 percent think social harmony is more important, even if reporting suffers, said the survey by the GlobeScan polling institute."While people generally support a free media, the Western view of the necessity of a free press to ensure a fair society is not universally shared across all regions of the world," said GlobeScan head Doug Miller.Confidence in honest and accurate reporting is roughly the same for public and private news providers on average — although in some countries there is particular concern over private media concentration.For example a large majority in Brazil (80 percent), Mexico (76 percent), the United States (74 percent), and Britain (71 percent) say the concentration of media ownership is a concern because of the risk of political bias.In general confidence in accurate reporting is lowest in Western developed countries, such as Germany (28 percent), Britain (29 percent) and the United States (29 percent) — although Russia fares even worse on 27 percent.At the other end of the scale are countries like Nigeria (58 percent), Kenya (61 percent), India (61 percent) and the United Arab Emirates (52 percent).The poll, which was based on questioning of 11,344 people in October and November, was commissioned as part of celebrations for the BBC World Service's 75th anniversary.The countries involved were: Brazil, Britain, Egypt, Germany, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Venezuela.