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Daily Archives: January 9, 2008

UM professor guest speaker at IEEE International Workshop

 The second IEEE International Workshop on Radio Frequency Integration Technology under the theme of "Enabling Technologies for Emerging Wireless Systems" was held in Singapore from December 9 to 11, where professor U Seng Pan from the Faculty of Science and Technology, of the University of Macau (UM), was invited to give a tutorial on “Low-Voltage Analog Baseband Circuitry for Wireless Communication”, based on the recent research conducted in the Analogy and Mixed-signal VLSI laboratory in UM.

 The workshop aimed at providing a forum for the exchange of information on the latest developments in the areas of radio frequency and millimeter wave IC design and integration of wireless systems. Professors and experts in the industry worldwide were invited to attend the seminar and present their research achievements.

Besides Prof. U Seng Pan from UM, the other three invited speakers were Prof. Thomas H. Lee from Stanford University, USA, who is considered as one of the world’s most important professors in radio frequency wireless communication; Prof. C. Patrick Yue from the University of California, Santa Barbra, USA; and Prof. Georg Boeck from Berlin University of Technology, Germany.

 In the 3-hour tutorial session, Prof. U comprehensively discussed the main challenges, various circuit techniques and design considerations for low-voltage analog circuit design starting from basic building blocks to their application in analog baseband circuitry for wireless communications. Prof. U also analysed some practical design examples during his presentation. The session ended with a fruitful technical dialogue with the audience.

The University of Macau has been active in Microelectronics research for ten years. UM’s participation in these prestigious tutorial sessions this year demonstrated the international research level and the high recognition of UM from the international academic society.

Teenage boys arrested for robbery and assault

by Natalie Leung


Two teenage boys were caught by the Public Security Police (PSP) at Senado Square in the early morning yesterday for allegedly snatching a woman's handbag and assaulting police.

The police spokesperson said the robbery took place at around 4am when the 30-year-old female victim was walking pass Senado Square and her handbag was snatched by two boys from behind.

The woman told police the suspects fled towards Rua da Palha after the robbery.

Police drove her around the area searching for the two teenage boys and they were soon spotted in Rua das Estalagens.

The suspects were a 15-year-old student and a 13-year-old who neither went to school nor work, the police spokesperson said.

Police officers immediately began a pursuit but the boys were finally captured in Rua de Cinco de Outubro.

However, police said the 15-year-old resisted upon the arrest and thus injured a police officer's arm and leg as well as damaged his front tooth.

The wallet belonged to the woman and 500 patacas of cash were recovered from the two teenagers after a body search.

Police said the pair abandoned the woman's 2,000-pataca mobile phone and her handbag containing another 800-pataca-worth of mobile phone and 2,000 patacas of cash on the streets during the police pursuit.

Those belongings were all recovered by police afterwards.