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Daily Archives: February 4, 2008

Bus stop at Lisboa roundabout to be put into use today

Sample Imageby Anni Lam

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) yesterday announced that the bus stop at  Praca F. Amaral,or the Lisboa roundabout, will be inaugurated today, where three bus lines' service begin their trials and one of the bus lines began to use the stop at midnight yesterday.
Lo Seng Chi, the division head of the DSSOPT said yesterday that the N1 bus began to put the stop into services at midnight and the MT1 and MT2 buses will use it today.
Mr Lo said that they would launch two schemes in order to let the public adapt to the changes with the first scheme to set MT1, MT2, and N1 at the interchange location, and later the second scheme being to halt the bus stop in the front of the Grand Lisboa, whereby all buses will go across to the bus stop at the roundabout.
The first bus interchanges at Praca F. Amaral have in total four locations for buses to stop, which  can contain 12 buses at a maximum, as it allowed division of the bus stops according to destinations. 
After the public adapt to the new services, the former MT1 and MT2 bus stops at the R. Dr. P. J. LoBo will be cancelled, but the DSSOPT said that they would announce the exact date of the cancellation in due course.
Mr Lo said that the DSSOPT hoped that the new interchange station would provide more convenience to the public in order to reduce the time on interchanges and avoid the same bus service overlap.
Besides the inauguration of the bus stop at the roundabout, DSSOPT also said that the parking garage underneath the Lisboa's roundabout had already been put into use since last month, whereby the public could park their vehicles for free up until a company is willing to take on responsibility for the management and maintenance of the service.
The new parking garage underneath the roundabout has 247 parking spots for vehicles and 645 for motorcycles, the entrance is in the heart of the roundabout and drivers can only enter through two entrances, one at Av. Doutor Mario Soares and the other at Av. Infante D. Herique.
The DSSOPT said that the roundabout was not only for parking but also as a pedestrian subway,  with four entrances in total and six emergency fire exits and a watchtower at the top of the building.



Selection for technology innovation contest to begin soon

In order to allow more students and teachers in the field of science and technology to learn about the National Teenage Science and Technology Innovation Contest and to promote the development of science and technology education, the Education and Juvenile Services Bureau (DSEJ), together with Macau Institute of Engineers will hold a seminar with the idea of exchanging experiences on the National Science and Technology Innovation Contest for Teenagers on February 27 in Johnny Hall at the DSEJ.  There, detailed information and the timetable of the contest will be introduced.  At the same time, a Hong Kong delegation of elite teachers and students specialising in science and technology are invited to the seminar to share their experiences on the contest.
The members of the delegation are excellent students and tutors. They have won several prizes in many international and national contests. Among them the most popular ones are Chan Yi Hei and Chan Ka Kin. The International Astronomical Union named planetoid 20780 and planetoid 23165 after them, known as "Planetoid Chan Yi Hei" and "Planetoid Chan Ka Kin" respectively. The lively seminar has attracted more than eighty teachers and students from Macau. A discussion between the Hong Kong and Macau students will follow after the seminar.
The seminar signals the beginning of the selection for the works of the 2008 Macau Science and Technology Innovation for Teenagers. The signing up for the activity begins from February 4 to February 28. For more information, please visit the website of the Macau Institute of Engineers,,  or contact Ms. Chiu of the institute on +853 2832 2522 or Ms. Young of the DSEJ on +853 8397 2618.