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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Macao Water donated 100,000 patacas to Chinese Liaison Office

Macao Water donated 100,000 patacas to Chinese Liaison Office in Macau yesterday to contribute to the relief efforts of the floods in China's southern Guangdong province. As 90 percent of Macau's raw water come from one of the badly hit areas of Xijiang and the mainland contributed greatly to help Macau overcome the increasing salinity level of local water supply, Macao Water said they would first make a donation and also urge the public to preserve water resources.

Local youths participate in social service program

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More than 160 local youths participated in this year's social service reward program in order to discover their abilities and limitations as well as to contribute to society.
Organised by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) and the Macau Neighbourhood General Association, the 16 teams comprising 167 youths have already finished their training and submitted their proposals that include service areas of concerning minority groups, environmental protection, illicit drugs abuse prevention and protecting the culture of Macau world heritage.
Service programs will be held in the forms of competition, site visit, carnival, exhibition, forum and camping.
Organisers hoped that through the program, youths could be encouraged to make good use of their free time and learn to organise and develop activities that could serve society.
In addition, the program will provide the youths with an opportunity to show their talents and participate in community services, and at the same time help them build up a positive life value, the DSEJ said in a press release yesterday.
The activity programs will begin this month until August and experienced social workers are invited to assess their effectiveness and also to guide the teams during the period.
The opening ceremony of the program last week was marked by youths lighting the "sacred flame" that represented their passion of taking part in community services.