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Daily Archives: September 27, 2008

Gov’t will continue tighten scrutinized inspection on dairy products

Chief Executive Edmund Ho assured that medical exams on children will carry on and food inspection will be even more sharper after tainted dairy products were discovered last thursday. Chocolate-filled cookies “Lotte Koala Soft Milk Choloate”and “Nestle Gold Baby Formula” milk powder were added to the list of products which containing trace of melamine after those stepped up examinations from Health Bureau.
Edmund Ho said “government will continuously learn and review from different issues to perfect contingency mechanisms so that it will solve problems promptly”, adding that the government had decided to expand the power of the “ Taskforce for Avian Flu”, so that it would handle all food safety issues.
Talking on the recent rumors of  two banks, CE explained  that “everything is back to normal after Monetary Authority explained that the runs were triggered by unfounded rumours”.
In regards of the widespread flood damages in Macau which caused by typhoon Hagupit , the CE declared that “government is now speeding up the approvals on interest free loans for small and medium enterprises”.
The  loans will assume to provide supports for traders in order to overcome great financial losses as well as resume their businesses as soon as possible.
In addition,Ho said similar solutions are being activated to help those other affected sectors such as those run transportation and fishing.
It is because of the coincidence of high tide and rise of water levels appering during the typhoon, it caused more damage than that of those precedent typhoons. Ho stressed “the government would learn from this experience in order to improve contingency mechanisms.

Ao Man Long denied bank accounts access

Second Court of Appeal yesterday has dismissed former Secretariat for Transport and Public Works, Ao Man Long's appeal to defrozen some of his personal bank accounts.
Ao Man Long's aim was to reach his personal bank accounts which allegedly were not linked to the lawsuit. He committed that one of those frozened bank accounts was actually the account for reciving his salary.
However, the call has already been denied by the Court of First Instance after Court of Final Appeal sentence decided to hand out all the money in Ao Man Long's bank accounts to Macau SAR safes.
Last January, Ao Man Long was sentenced 27 years in prison for 57 counts of corruption, money laundering, abuse of power and unjustified wealth.
According the verdict, the culprit money and all his possessions, even if purchased legally, belong to Macau SAR.