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Daily Archives: April 20, 2009

More locals feel competition brought by imported workers

by Natalie Leung
A workers survey found that more local residents were worried the existence  of  imported  labour would  jeopardise
their employment especially in the construction and manufacturing industries.

World Press Cartoon Awards

Mexican cartoonist Naranjo won this year's Grand Prix of prestigious World Press Cartoon awards with “In the same ship”, originally published in the Mexican paper El Universal on September 17, 2008.
The Grand Prix is chosen amongst the first winners of the three categories considered by WPC: caricature, editorial cartoon, and gag.
Andre Carrilho, a young Portuguese cartoonist [that lived in Macau] was awarded the first prize for caricature with “Ahmadinejad” [published in the Diário de Notícias on July 12, 2008]; followed by Spanish Carbajo with “Sarkozy” [published in the magazine El Jueves on November 26, 2008]; and the Brasilian Baptistão with “Cortazar”, published in the newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo”  on August 31, 2008.
Winners on the gag category were Simanca, from Cuba, with “Punk Fish” [ published in the magazine Muito from Brazil on June 1, 2008]; Géza Haláz from Hungary with an untitled work [published in the newspaper Magyar Nemzet on October 11, 2008] and Balaban from Romania with another untitled work [published in the newspaper Luxemburger Wort of Luxembourg on October 17, 2008].
As for the winners of the editorial cartoon, besides Naranjo, they were  Tom Janssen of the Netherlands with “Wall Street” [published in the magazine Trouw of Netherlands on March 19, 2008] and Toshow of Serbia with “ Krisis Ekonomi” [published in the Serbian newspaper Vecerne Novosti, on November 15, 2008].
Awards were handed out Saturday at a ceremony hosted by the World Press Cartoon in the Olga Cadaval Centre in Sintra, near Lisbon.
The public exhibition of all the 401 artworks selected by the World Press Cartoon jury was also inaugurated and is open to the public at the Sintra Museum of Modern Art until June 14.
The World Press Cartoon- Sintra awards are meant to distinguish original works published in the Press during the year world wide.
A total of 848 artworks assessed this year by the international jury for the World Press Cartoon met  highly demanding standards and regulations. Of the 401 cartoons selected from the entries, the jury had to consider a wide scope of artwork created by 294 authors of 62 nationalities, representing 273 newspapers and magazines from all over the world.
Organisers said that a creative catalogue of the selected entries is already prepared for publication.
Members of the jury for the 5th edition of the World Press Cartoon included renowned cartoonists Adam Korpak from Finland; Aristides Hernandez, from Cuba; Sophie-Anne Delhomme, art director from France; Steve Brodner, a cartoonist from the USA and António Antunes, a Portuguese cartoonist who is also director of the World Press Cartoon salon.