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Daily Archives: June 16, 2009

Lebanon busts key Qaeda cell

Lebanon has busted a key Al-Qaeda cell network that was plotting attacks in a number of Arab countries, its army commander said in comments published by Kuwaiti newspapers yesterday.
"We busted a huge network of Al-Qaeda," Lebanese Brigadier General Jean Kahwaji was quoted as saying by Assiyasah newspaper.
The network was plotting to "destabilise Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Gulf countries including Kuwait," Kahwaji said at a function held at the Lebanese embassy in Kuwait City.
He provided no details about the date of the arrest, nor the number of those arrested or their nationality. There was no immediate confirmation from Beirut.
"We have fought against terror in Lebanon and I can affirm that we have broken its back and succeeded in uncovering people dealing with it," Kahwaji said.

Mousavi newspaper suspended in Iran

 The Iranian newspaper owned by defeated presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi has been suspended by the authorities, a reformist newspaper reported yesterday.
Mousavi's Kalameh Sabz (Green Word) was nowhere to be found on Tehran newsstands yesterday, two days after election results declared that the moderate former premier had lost to incumbent hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
The newspaper Sarmeyeh reported the suspension with a single front-page headline, directing readers to an inside page for more information, but parts of the relevant article were blanked out.
"At each print works, representatives of the authorities check what the papers want to publish and suppress headlines, articles or parts of articles," a media specialist told AFP on condition of anonymity.
Sarmayeh's censored article on Green Word gave no details on the fate of the paper, but announced separately the suspension of Velayat, a newspaper circulating in Qazvin, a town to the west of Tehran.
According to Sarmayeh, that paper was suspended following publication of an unspecified caricature, and a complaint concerning an insult to Ahmadinejad.
Ahmadinejad, at his first press conference since his disputed re-election, said that in Iran "freedom is close to absolute."
Another newspaper, Asr Eghtesad, was prevented from appearing on Saturday because of its front-page headline: "The spring green advances," a reference to the adopted colour of Mousavi.