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Grand Prix

The Threats,The Motivation, The Advice and Hope

The Threats,The Motivation, The Advice and Hope for the Upcoming Events are all Revealed

Thursday November 13, 2008 marked the start of the practice and qualifying events. Today we witness these events for the Windsor Arch Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix, FIA WTCC Canon Guia Race of Macau, 42nd Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix, Hotel Fortuna MAC/HKG Interport Race,Windsor Arch Macau Road Sport Challenge, CTM Macau Touring Car Race and Formula BMW Pacific.
Windsor Arch Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix is the platform for the young talented drivers as well as some faces who return to conquer the most challenging Guia Circuit.
Debut drivers Laurens Vanthoor and Kei Cozzolino tell us what attempts each of them made to learn the circuit ahead of the first practice session held today, the biggest threats to their performance and most importantly how they hope to turn their dreams of being in the F1 a reality from here.
FIA WTCC Canon Guia Race of Macau is in its fourth year and once again the grand finale will be held in Macau. Some of the best known motor sport personalities ,Macanese driver Andre Couto and Hong Kong's Matthew Marsh relate their experiences in the Guia Circuit,  their aims for this year whilst providing sound advice to young drivers.
The 42nd Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix boasts of a spectacular two wheel event which has thrilled fans all around the world.
Marc Fissette and Cameron Donald share with us their popularity image, the motivation behind their career highlights to date and their hopes for the coming year.
From the dairy entries of Luis Gorge Sa Silva, Joao Fernandes and Andre Couto all of whom are local Macanese, we get a feel of how it was on the tracks today and their hopes for tomorrow.



DOB: November 9, 1987
POB: Tokyo, Japan
Marital Status: Single


It's his first time in Macau after coming in from achieving 6th position in the Japan Formula. Kei says it is vital to gain an understanding of the Guia Circuit by walking around as opposed to doing car laps. His approach is different yet it's easy to understand his point as he says that he does not want to get a bad impression of the circuit. The eye level and lines become different when you are sitting in a normal car so it's best to walk it. 
“I did the usual screening of the data from previous years' race footage so as to know where and when to brake or accelerate but did not focus much on the racing simulators. I want to win and I am going to put in the extra effort to do what it takes to win,” he said.
He has had over ten years' experience in go-karting and three years experience in Formula cars since 2006 before stepping up to the Japanese F3. Born and raised in Japan, he comes from a mixed parentage with his father being Italian and mother being Japanese. His father is his mentor and fan and is here with him this year at the F3. An important lesson which he has learnt over time is not to crash because of the time lost to practice and the damage to the car which increases cost. His next step is to make it to the F1 but before that there is also Formula Nippon which is also a high level race. His plans are to get a good result or a win in Macau so as to build onto his motivation for racing. 
“I love the sport, the people who work hard to make it happen for me and I am a good guy that has made it to the F3 at 21 years of age,” he said. 
He had started go-karting at the age of 7 before stepping up to Formula Cars at the age of 18. His main sponsor is Toyota. Kei's days are generally occupied as he helps his dad at their family-owned Italian restaurant as a waiter before heading off for training to build his body for at least four hours a day. 
His biggest threat is himself because, “I feel it is not vital to worry about the others-all that is important is being focused on myself because when I am in that zone I know that I am winning,” Kei said. 


DOB: May 8, 1991
POB: Hasselt, Belgium
Marital Status: Single


“This is my first time at the F3 in Macau and I am only 17 years old,” he said.
He knows the circuit well from the video footage, the laps with the city cars and the racing simulators. Today was the first practice race and so he was very curious to how it would be to race in the Guia circuit.
“The slightest mistake is fatal especially since my dream is to make it to the F1,” he said.
In today's practice race, he came 25th position and in the qualifying he came 21st position. In the past five years he has done go-karting in Europe and other parts globally whilst having only a year's experience in motor racing. 
“I have already proven myself in the German F3 in 2008 where I won twice driving the Volkswagon and achieved 4th place in the Championships,”he said. Volkswagon has brought him to Macau this year.
Still in high school, he majors in Sports and Languages. His day encompasses going to school till 12:00 pm where he learns basic subjects such as Economics before heading to training in sports such as swimming and cycling till 16:00 pm after which he goes home and trains with his own sports coach or by himself. His hobbies are karting and spending time with family. His biggest threat from the F3 in Macau are from Edoardo Mortara (ITA) who came first in the practice and qualifying today.
When asked about his feelings of winning in this year's F3, Laurens tells us at Macau Daily Times that “I am not here to win. I still have lots of time as I am young and my goal is to learn from my mistakes,” he said.