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Erotic Australian painting fetches record price at auction

An erotic interpretation of a rocky outcrop in the remote Outback has set a record price of 3.48 million dollars (2.88 million US) for an Australian painting sold at auction.
The large painting by Brett Whiteley, entitled The Olgas for Ernest Giles, evokes the curves of thighs, buttocks and male genitals from the ochre landmark southwest of Alice Springs in central Australia.
The 2.1m x 2.4m painting was inspired by the writing of English-born explorer Ernest Giles, believed to be the first European to see the Olgas, also known as Kata Tjuta.
It was completed in 1985, seven years before Whiteley's death, and had been in a private collection for 15 years before the auction by Deutscher-Menzies in Sydney on Wednesday night.
The previous record for an Australian painting sold at auction was 3.36 million dollars set by John Brack's work entitled The Old Time in May.
In the same month another Whiteley painting, Opera House, sold for 2.88 million dollars.