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New tender for Macau-Taipa undersea tunnel

Image   The project proposal for the Macau-Taipa undersea tunnel has been submitted to the central government and is now awaiting approval, and once approved the local government will set a public forum to collect opinions from the public in order to foster the project implementation procedure, said Chan Han Kit, the division head of the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI).

In response to lawmaker Leong Iok Wa's interpellation, Mr Chan said that the SAR government had already included the plan in the Chief Executive's 2005 policy address, which seeked to improve the traffic conditions of the Ponte Govenador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge in order to emulate the transportation between Macau and Taipa.
According to Mr Chan, following the drafting of the planning and preliminary study of the Macau-Taipa Underwater Tunnel, which began in 2006, works were developed consecutively, in April the same year, to launch the international tender and the public opening of bids.
“Since we need the implementation of landfill at entrances and exits planned at the two ends of the underwater tunnel, their regulations require submission to the approval of the venture top of the Central Government,” he said.
In regards to the amendment of the conditions of approval of the Central Government and the standards applied in the process of tendering documented for the contract for the construction of the tunnel, especially with regard to technical criteria for the evaluation of environmental impacts, and considering the interdependence between the work of the tunnel in general and approval of the landfill on these entrances and exits, the administration annulled the tender and will rectify the plan to then launch a new tender in accordance with the criteria for evaluating the environmental impacts established in the country, Mr Chan added.
According to the project, the undersea tunnel should consist of two airtight pipes, each of which should have three lanes, and the length of the tunnel should be 1,700 metres.
The entrance in Taipa is located at  Ponte Govenador  Nobre de Carvalho Bridge and the entrance in Macau is located the area between the  Ponte Govenador  Nobre de Carvalho Bridge and Statute of Kum Iam. 
According to the co-ordinator of the GDI, the construction of the tunnel Underwater Macau-Taipa will optimise the road link between the Macau Peninsula and Taipa, providing the promotion and development of the islands of Taipa and Coloane and improving the provision of urban transit, the same time establishing a transit environment conducive to sustainable development of infrastructure.
Moreover, Mr Chan added that the construction of the tunnel will also allow favourable conditions to unclog the flow of vehicles and relieve the state to use the bridge Governor Nobre of Carvalho, avoiding the appearance of premature wear due to the excessive load of traffic.