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Old Lisboa to become just as big a ‘mammoth’ as Grand Lisboa

by Sara Farr

The Lisboa Hotel, now known as the “Old Lisboa” is set to become just as big a mammoth as its younger “brother”, the Grand Lisboa, once one of the six new redevelopment projects is approved.
The six proposals, which are now on display at the Grand Lisboa, all feature enormous sized buildings, some of which resemble the lotus flower or a ship. Another closely resembles the Grand Lisboa, while one is similar to SJM's Ponte 16 in the Inner Harbour.
One thing all designs have in common is the “gaol”, or main entrance of the Old Lisboa which faces the roundabout. Although in some redevelopment project proposals, the “gaol” has been almost entirely changed, the top still remains.
Earlier this year, SJM announced its intention to redevelop its Lisboa Hotel and Casino. The company then launched an international architectural design competition to select a design which “most suited” what used to be one of Macau's oldest and most treasured landmarks.
The “gaol”, an “innovative concept”, was introduced in Macau in 1970, Stanley Ho, managing director of SJM said yesterday during the opening of the exhibition.
The idea of the new project was to “continue STDM's history as a market leader [in the gaming sector], but with a new facelift,” Rui Cunha, SJM's administrator told reporters yesterday on the sidelines of the ceremony.
Ho said that “nearly four decades later, after achieving an acknowledged record of excellence, it is time once again for the Lisboa to move to the forefront as the leading example of new developments in our city.”
The aim  of the redevelopment is one of “uniqueness” that is “culturally appropriate for Macau,” Ho said, adding that deciding what the final facelift of the Old Lisboa will be, was to be carried out with the public's help.
This is so that the design meets the needs and aspirations of people today, reaching into the future while respecting the Macau's heritage, he added.
The redevelopment project proposals will remain on display until Sunday, after which architects are expected to make a presentation on their projects. Only three will then be selected to move on to phase two of the redevelopment plan.
The selected six projects are from Italian company Progetto CMR, Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man Architects and Engineers from Hong Kong, which designed the Grand Lisboa. Also, Steelman Architecture Asia from the USA, which designed other projects in Macau such as the Venetian, the Sands and the Four Seasons, submitted a proposal for the redevelopment of the Old Lisboa.
Leigh & Orange Limited and Simon Kwan & Associates Limited, both from Hong Kong, as well as Paul Andreu Architect Paris from France are part of the six architects whose projects are now on display.
No date has yet been set as to when construction works are expected to begin, because “everything at the [Old] Lisboa needs to be deactivated.”
“It's something that will take its time,” Cunha added.