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Subsided lone for damaged shops to be applied next week

Shoppers who's businesses were damaged by flood during the hit of  typhoon Hugapit will allow to apply an interest loan up to 300,000 patacas from the government, said Tam Pak Finance, Secretariat for Economy and Finance.
The General Union of Neighbors Association (GUNA) handed yesterday a petition to the secretariat and that he promised to carry out the subsidiary measure next week, in order to assist affected merchants to resume the business.
Tam said that government is seriously considered the affection which made by the typhoon, therefore subsidiary lone will be put into effective no longer than next week.
The application for the interest-free loan will start on Tuesday and shop owners will access the money no earlier than October.
The Industry and Trade Development Foundation is the authority to process all applications. Affected shoppers can start to submit applications to the foundation today.
During the meeting,Tam also promised the representatives of GUNA to speed up the approvals on interest free loan for small and medium enterprises.
Meanwhile Tam also explained that he was leading a Guangxi Nanning delegation during the typhoon period.
For the occurrence of the flood, he rushed back to Macau immediately after completing all staple itinerary in order to assist affected shoppers.