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Susana Chou knew of payments to Ao Man Long, court told


 Susana Chou, president of the Legislative Assembly and the majority shareholder in one of the companies involved in the Ao Man Long case, allegedly knew of payments made to the former secretary, the court heard yesterday.

According to the lawyer for Pedro Nolasco, one of the companies facing charges in connection with the former secretary for transport and public works, Susana Chou and other company shareholders knew of the payments being made to Ao Man Long.
The lawyer, Luis Almeida Pinto, told the court that shareholders of the CSR company knew of the payments, however these were not corruption, but demanded from the former secretary.
Towards the end of yesterday's hearing, his client, Nolasco da Silva, accepted responsibility for his actions and pleaded guilty, however he said he did not act on his own in regards to the payments.
The court heard how after CSR had been asked for payments, from the former secretary, it had informed all its shareholders as well as those shareholders in the neighbouring region of Hong Kong, and also the president of the Legislative Assembly, Susana Chou.
Nolasco da Silva said the decision to carry out the payments had been made together with the company's administration, and that it had been the “biggest mistake of his life,” the court heard.
According to the defence lawyer, the hardest part for Nolasco da Silva, was to “involuntarily” get his wife, Patricia  Nolasco da Silva, involved in the case.
Patricia Nolasco da Silva is also facing charges in connection to Ao Man Long's corruption case.
In September last year, Susana Chou said in an exclusive interview with the Portuguese newspaper Hoje Macau, that she had in “no way” anything to do with Ao Man Long's activities and involvements.
The court also heard that the Chief Executive, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, knew of all the contracts given to CSR, and saw nothing wrong with the contracts being given to the company.
Yesterday the president of the Legislative Assembly refused to comment on the matter.
Nolasco da Silva's lawyer asked that the court be lenient when handing down the sentence to his client, since he did not commit any act of corruption, because he did not benefit from these activities, the court heard.