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Teen had assault guns, map to White House retreat

Police are investigating a Washington area teenager who allegedly had amassed an arsenal of deadly assault weapons and bomb-making materials, along with a map to the US president's weekend retreat, press reports said yesterday.
Authorities said recent high school graduate Collin McKenzie-Gude — who had a map of the Camp David Maryland retreat which highlighted the route taken by the presidential motorcade — also possessed a fake CIA identification card, the Washington Post reported.
Investigators who searched the teen's home also found a document appearing to explain how to shoot someone from 200 meters (yards) away, a false identity of a federal contractor with purported protection under the Geneva Convention, and a list of the addresses of teachers at St. Johns College, the Washington high school he recently graduated from.
The teenager also allegedly had a list of items yet to be purchased, including equipment to convert semi-automatic rifles to fully automatic weapons and range-finding glasses typically used by snipers.
McKenzie-Gude and his father were arrested after the teen attacked a man on July 29 in an attempt to steal his car at a Bethesda, Maryland mall, in an apparent attempt to flee, news reports said.
His father, a retired Air Force officer and a Treasury Department employee, was charged with illegally buying guns for his son.
According to reports police found in McKenzie-Gude's bedroom a store of assault rifles, armour-piercing bullets and explosive chemicals.
They also said that he, along with another teen, a year earlier had made pipe bombs and tested them in a countryside field outside Washington.
Investigators would not speculate on what the teen had intended to do with the weapons and Camp David map, but the CIA, FBI and Secret Service, which protects the US president, have now joined the investigation, the Post said.