Maldives | Government refuses to enforce Supreme Court order

The political crisis in the Maldives deepened yesterday, as the government of the island nation said it would not obey a Supreme Court order to free a group of

Combat helicopter crashes in southern Japan

A Japanese military helicopter carrying two crewmembers crashed in southwestern Japan on Monday, ripping the top floor off a house and setting it on fire, officials said. The

Maldives attorney general says court can’t oust president

The Maldives’ attorney general warned the country’s Supreme Court yesterday that a move to unseat the president would be unconstitutional, amid a political crisis that has left the

Japan | Regulators face scrutiny after second major crypto heist

The second major theft of virtual currency in Japan is spurring lawmakers and the industry to question the ability of the country’s regulators to oversee the fast-and-loose

Migration – US | Judge temporarily halts deportation of Indonesian Christians

David Porter, Highland Park, N.J. A federal judge has temporarily halted deportation proceedings against Indonesian Christians who are in the U.S. illegally but are seeking to gain

Myanmar | Gov’t denies AP report of Rohingya mass graves

Myanmar’s government has denied a report by The Associated Press documenting at least five mass graves containing Rohingya Muslim civilians killed by the military with help from

AP Exclusive | Agency confirms five unreported Myanmar mass graves

The faces of the men half- buried in the mass graves had been burned away by acid or blasted by bullets. Noor Kadir could only recognize his

Interview | Jacinda Ardern: New Zealand urges N. Korea ‘de-escalation’

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern expressed support yesterday for economic sanctions against North Korea while also urging a “de-escalation” on the Korean Peninsula, and

South Korea | Behind chip boom, worries over future

The craze for smartphones, social media and universal connectivity is generating immense wealth but also deep unease in South Korea, the source of a large

Crutches, tears humanize North Korean threat in Trump speech

President Donald Trump put a human face on the threat posed by North Korea in his State of the Union address yesterday , sharing the powerful

Korea | Pyongyang cancels pre-Olympic joint cultural event

South Korea yesterday expressed regret over North Korea’s cancellation of one of the joint cooperation projects planned for next month’s Winter Olympics, a development highlighting the delicate

Philippines | Significant ash falls near erupting volcano

A significant amount of ash has fallen on towns near the Philippines’ most active volcano after energetic eruptions of lava from the crater. Mount Mayon in

Cambodia | Court denies bail for Australian who filmed rally

Cambodia’s Supreme Court yesterday rejected an application for bail for an Australian filmmaker who was charged with endangering national security last year for flying a

India | 63m girls ‘missing’ due to preference for boys

A deeply felt preference for boys has left more than 63 million women statistically “missing” across India, and more than 21 million girls unwanted by their families,

Police witness: Kim Jong Nam met American before his murder

A  police witness said yesterday that the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s leader met with an unidentified Korean American man on a Malaysian resort island four days

China will join first Japan, South Korea summit since 2015

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will travel to Tokyo for his country’s first joint summit with Japan and South Korea since 2015, the clearest sign yet of improving ties between

Briefs | Philippines: Police admit abuses but resume anti-drug ‘visits’

The Philippine police chief says his force will resume visits to the homes of drug suspects to encourage them to reform, despite his acknowledgment that corrupt police

Pakistan | Rescuers call off efforts to save Polish climber

Volunteers rescued a French mountaineer from a Himalayan peak but called off efforts to retrieve a Polish climber who was declared dead after the dramatic and treacherous

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