Briefs | People with no symptoms should not rush for Covid-19 test


People without respiratory symptoms need not seek medical testing and consultation at the Special Emergency Department of the Conde S. Januário Hospital, the Health Bureau has advised. The matter was raised by Dr Lo Iek Long of the hospital at the daily press briefing this Wednesday. He gave the reminder because some mainland people who work in Macau have approached the hospital and requested a Covid-19 test. In addition to that, they requested that the hospital issue them a medical certificate stating they are not infected with the virus. Following inquiries, those workers from the mainland told the hospital that they were instructed by their employers to do so, hinting that their employers wanted to ensure their health. As a result, the bureau considered it essential to remind members of the public once again that only people with mild fever or respiratory symptoms should approach the government hospital for a test, as set out in the bureau’s guidelines. Moreover, the hospital will not issue any such medical certificate.

Police report two illegal gambling cases

A group of six Macau locals have been charged with illegal gambling, according to the Public Security Police Force (PSP). The PSP recorded this case on Monday, when five men and one woman in the group were charged with illegal gambling. The PSP officers found the group gambling inside the leisure area in Travessa da Begónia. The officers found a game of poker and approximately 5,000 patacas among the players. The PSP believes that the money was used for the gambling. On the same day, the PSP found another eight people gambling inside a shop. The owner of the shop was charging 50 patacas per hour for each gambling table in addition to 10 patacas for every game from the winning gambler. The PSP charged the owner with illegal gambling as well.

90% of flights before end of March canceled

Approximately 90% of the flights scheduled to take place by the end of March have been or will be canceled, according to the Macau International Airport. The airport said that more than half of the airlines operating in Macau have notified the airport regarding flight suspensions scheduled before the end of March. These flights involve multiple countries, including Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, among other regions. The airport is expected to operate 180 fewer flights per day. Airlines will continue to update flight schedules in accordance with current developments.

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