This Day in History: 1968 Pope renews birth control ban

Most members of the Pontifical Commission, set up by Pope Paul’s predecessor Pope John XXIII, argued it was time for the Church to face the realities of the modern world. They

Offbeat | Rotting food prompts German gas leak scare

Emergency officials called to check out a suspected gas leak in Germany found a culprit they didn’t expect: a fridge full of rotting food. Police in the central city of Braunschweig

World briefs

MYANMAR The new U.N. human rights envoy for Myanmar has expressed serious concern about the conditions in camps for more than 100,000 mostly minority Muslims displaced by violence led by

THE BUZZ: Pope goes to stronghold of Naples-area mobsters

Pope Francis has traveled to a southern Italian stronghold of a clan of mobsters who poisoned local farmlands by dumping illicitly trafficked toxic waste. Francis made a visit yesterday (Macau time)

AH5017 | UN finds second black box of Air Algerie jet

French President Francois Hollande said he wants the remains of all passengers on the Air Algerie plane that fell from the sky and disintegrated to be brought to France and the

UKRAINE | Regular troops launch offensive to retake Donetsk

Ukrainian officials said their forces advanced to the outskirts of a key town north of Donetsk as they try to retake the stronghold held for months by pro-Russia rebels. The move

This Day in History: 1965 US orders 50,000 troops to Vietnam

Monthly draft calls will increase from 17,000 to 35,000 - the highest level since the Korean War, when between 50,000 and 80,000 men were called up each month. It will take

Offbeat | Surgeons in India remove 232 teeth from teen

They said the 17-year-old from a small village in western India had been suffering from jaw pain and swelling for more than 18 months. Surgeon Dr. Vandana Thoravade said Ashik Gavai

World Views: Putin stays on offense in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin might be expected to hunker down into defense mode as he is besieged by accusations of Russian involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

THE BUZZ: Japan trade deficit at record USD75B in first half

Japan's trade deficit surged to a record 7.6 trillion yen (USD74.9 billion) in the first half of the year as exports failed to keep pace with surging imports, the Finance

Pacino, Dafoe set for Venice Film Festival

This year's Venice Film Festival will tackle topics from the financial crisis to drone warfare, and feature performances from Willem Dafoe, Al Pacino, Jennifer Aniston and Ethan Hawke. Organizers yesterday announced

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TAIWAN Stormy weather trailing behind a typhoon was the likely cause of a plane crash on a Taiwanese island that killed 48 people on board and injured 10 on the

ALGERIE | Official: Air Algerie flight ‘probably crashed’

An Air Algerie flight carrying 116 people from Burkina Faso to Algeria's capital disappeared from radar early yesterday over northern Mali, officials said. France's foreign minister said no wreckage had

US lifts ban on flights to Tel Aviv airport

The Federal Aviation Administration lifted its ban yesterday on U.S. flights in and out of Israel, which the agency had imposed out of concern for the risk of planes being hit by

This Day in History: 2000 Concorde crash kills 113

The Air France jet, bound for New York, crashed into a Relais Bleu hotel in the town of Gonesse, 10 miles north of Paris just before 1700 local time (1500

Offbeat | Naked thieves take burgers from Florida eatery

Police have released surveillance video of a trio of naked thieves stealing 60 hamburgers from an eatery in southwest Florida. Police say the men — two entirely naked and one in

World briefs

UKRAINE  Two Ukrainian military fighter jets have been shot down in the east, according to the country’s Defense Ministry. The Sukhoi-25 fighters were shot down over an area called Savur

THE BUZZ: LeBron James humbled by fans in Hong Kong

“I’m miles and miles and miles, thousands of miles away from home, and to know that you can inspire someone in a whole other country, it means a lot me,”

HIV pills show more promise to prevent infection

There is more good news about HIV treatment pills used to prevent infection in people at high risk of getting the AIDS virus: Follow-up from a landmark study that proved

Young MH17 victim has eerie premonition of crash

In a bedroom in a townhouse near Amsterdam, Miguel Panduwinata reached out for his mother. “Mama, may I hug you?” Samira Calehr wrapped her arms around her 11-year- old son, who’d

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