Travelog | Ridicule of leaders, samba, skimpy garb at Brazil Carnival

Rio de Janeiro’s top samba schools danced and sang hard this week as millions of other Brazilians did the same during nationwide Carnival celebrations that ridiculed

From Raspberry to Yangmei (杨梅)

With Chinese New Year comes the biggest annual movement of population on the planet, being the most important time in Asia for family gatherings. It is the time

News of the world | Deep down: Rivalry between Koreas, Japan transcends sport

As South Korea’s national soccer coach prepared to play Japan in a 1954 World Cup qualifier, President Syngman Rhee, who’d been liberated, with the rest of Korea,

Angelic harmonies shine on I’m With Her’s new album

Feels like fate must have brought together three already successful alt-folk musicians whose angel voices blend as seamlessly as their strings. The lovely sounds of I’m With

Tom Miller’s novel turns gender roles upside down

Rarely does a novel begin with rollicking fierceness that grabs readers from its opening lines and doesn’t loosen its grip or lessen its hold all the way

Lean and mischievous, ‘The Party’ is worth your time

Sally Potter’s new film “The Party" is 71 minutes long. That fact alone shouldn’t necessarily be a selling point — stories need as long as

More than Sports

(un)healthy dose of cultural chauvinism and envy mixed in   * Movies: The Party * Books: The Philosopher’s Flight by Tom Miller * Music: See You Around by

Sharing the Ice

    * Movies: Black Panther * Books: Feel Free: Essays by Zadie Smith * Music: Every third thought by David Duchovny * Wine: Organic

‘Black Panther’ is dazzling grand-scale filmmaking

The supposedly cosmically vast Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it’s called, spans planets peppered throughout the galaxy, but Ryan Coogler’s Earth-bound “Black Panther,” glittering and galvanizing, stands worlds

Listen to David Duchovny, wish for alien abduction

In an upcoming episode of “The X-Files,” Fox Mulder gets mixed up with some paranormal forces and somehow believes he’s a rock ‘n’ roll god. No, wait.

Subject matter of Zadie Smith’s ‘Feel Free’ ranges wide

The subject matter of Zadie Smith’s newest collection of essays, “Feel Free,” ranges wide. She addresses world issues from the perspective of Britain, her home, including climate

News of the world | Essay Against tense global backdrop, let the Games begin

On the one hand: The world gathers for a scripted, globalized spectacle of competition and unity. North Korean athletes and performers stream into the rival South for

Organic versus biodynamic

In the past twenty years organic products have become a selling point, as customers are more and more conscious of their well-being and the need to “make the

Lives on temp

  * Movies: A Fantastic Woman * Books: The Monk of Mokha by Dave Eggers * Music: Strange Angels: In Flight With Elmore James by Various Artists

A star is born in Oscar-nominee ‘A Fantastic Woman’

The lead character of Sebastian Lelio’s film “A Fantastic Woman “ is named Marina. She is a nightclub singer and a waitress. She has a boyfriend, Orlando,

‘Mokha’ recounts quest to revive coffee trade in Yemen

As legend has it, coffee was born in Yemen, when a Sufi brewed the beverage to fuel his late-night devotions. Roughly 700 years later, a Yemeni-American set

Tom Jones among artists singing Elmore James’ blues

Elmore James has been dead 54 years, and the blues aren’t doing too well either. This lively tribute album gives both a boost. The fanbase for

News of the world | Europe’s rise in temporary work contracts puts lives on hold

Europe’s economic recovery is in full swing, and in countries like Portugal, the unemployment rate is falling steeply from record highs reached during the recent financial crisis.

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