The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg VI

(Continued from “The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg V” on 8 December 2017) Amongst Germany’s 13 wine regions, Württemberg stands out as an anomaly on two counts. First, it

Travelog | A look at new ships and trends in cruising for 2018

What’s new in cruising for 2018? As usual, there’s lots of razzle-dazzle — laser tag, water slides, zip lines and massive LED screens — along with

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

  * Movies: The Insult * Books: When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink * Music: Laila Biali by Laila Biali * Wine: Good Buy II: Where To * Travelog: Real

A provocative drama in Oscar-nominated ‘The Insult’

In the provocative Lebanese film “The Insult ,” a minor conflict over a gutter between two ordinary men in Beirut spirals and escalates to the level of

‘When’ by Daniel Pink uncovers the secrets of timing

It’s January; time to make room in the self-improvement section of your bookcase. “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” by Daniel H. Pink perfectly executes

‘Laila Biali’ masterfully mixes jazz and pop

Smooth jazz might be an even worse idea than soft rock or light beer, which makes Laila Biali’s self-titled album a miracle of sorts. The Toronto

News of the World | Elton John says upcoming tour will be his last

Elton John is retiring from the road after his upcoming three-year global tour, capping nearly 50 years on stages around the world. He calls it a “way

Good Buy II: Where To

Following our previous chapter about critics, we can extend this contempt to wine competitions and other gold medals, the results of which can be questionable. This can

Travelog | Real places in Oscar-nominated films from Dunkirk to Toronto

From the beaches of France where “Dunkirk” took place to a historic Toronto theater where “Shape of Water” was filmed, fans can visit many of the real-world destinations


  * Movies: Paddington 2 * Books: City of Endless Night by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child * Music: Let the Record Play by Moon Taxi * Wine: The Tropical Spirit * KitchenWise: Snacks for

With Hugh Grant, ‘Paddington 2’ is simply wonderful

Paddington 2” is that rare creation that somehow improves on its already charming predecessor. Maybe it’s the addition of Hugh Grant as a lunatic faded star

Preston & Child focus on characters’ growth in new thriller

FBI Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast returns to assist the NYPD with a baffling case in “City of Endless Nights,” Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s latest thriller.

Once full of promise, Moon Taxi now riding on fumes

The Nashville-based quintet Moon Taxi has been steadily gaining a wider following over the past decade and we’re happy for them. But the cost, it now becomes

News of the world | Century after pandemic, science takes its best shot at flu

The descriptions are haunting. Some victims felt fine in the morning and were dead by night. Faces turned blue as patients coughed up blood. Stacked bodies

The Tropical Spirit

Covering some 28,000 sqkm and with a population of 1.4 million, the Great State of Hawai‘i is the 50th and youngest one of the US of A. Hawai‘i

Kitchenwise | Decadent Snacks for the TV sports fans

I’m not really sure why, but when sports fans assemble in front of their TVs to watch the Super Bowl, major sustenance seems to be required.

Waiting for the Crown

  * Movies: In the fade * Books: Just Between Us: a Novel by Rebecca Drake * Music: No-One Ever Really Dies by N.E.R.D. * Wine: Good Buy I: The Critics * Travelog: Ethiopia -

In ‘In the Fade,’ a seldom seen face of terrorism

It’s startling how few filmmakers have tried to tackle terrorism with anything beyond a standard procedural account. It’s less surprising that one of the few to really

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