News of the world | Pomp and flattery: Asia rolls out the red carpets for Trump

Honor guards marching in unison in colorful uniforms. Elaborate state dinners with celebrity guests. Gaggles of children, jumping and screaming along with endless praise. The first


People often seem to think that the sommelier’s main job is to laugh out loud at any wine suggestion a customer might have. Au contraire, the main

Travelog | Oscar is a cat of the world but he didn’t like flying

Oscar is a cat of the world. He has his own Instagram account, @Oskibabi , along with high-tech toys like a remote-controlled centipede. But there’s

Tasha & Jennifer

 * Movies: The Square * Books: Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly * Music: A Long Way from Your Heart by Turnpike Troubadours * Wine: Vine & Wine * Travelog: Explore wine

In Palme d’Or winner ‘The Square,’ a charming satire

Swedish filmmaker Ruben Ostlund’s last film, “Force Majeure,” began with the rumble of an alpine avalanche and the wallop of a shattered self- image. When a swelling white tide appears

‘Two Kinds of Truth’ is engaging, well-written story

Harry Bosch lands a current case with his new department while also facing a possible wrongful conviction from his past in “Two Kinds of Truth,” Michael Connelly’s

Turnpike Troubadours back with road-honed polish

The sound of the road permeates the latest release from The Turnpike Troubadours, a hard-charging six-piece band out of Oklahoma that’s been honing its earthy sound for

News of the World | Women rescued by Navy defend their account of ordeal at sea

Two women from Hawaii who were rescued after being lost at sea defended their account of the ordeal, insisting that a storm was whipping up 30-foot waves

Vine & Wine

The biggest catastrophe that the wine world has had to face was the infection of a tiny bug called phylloxera, originally from northwest America, which nearly wiped out

Travelog | Explore wine country in Virginia’s scenic Shenandoah Valley

Thomas Jefferson may have been the first winemaker in Virginia, but it took another 200 years for the industry to blossom in the state. Today,

The Godfather of Rock and Roll

* Movies: Suburbicon * Books: The Rooster Bar by John Grisham * Music: Joe Henry, "Thrum" * Wine: The German Connection * Travelog: Islands in recovery mode   DOWNLOAD

An edgeless satire in George Clooney’s ‘Suburbicon’

The perfect veneer of 1950s suburban life is just a mask for the deep rot and hypocrisy festering underneath the trimmed lawns in George Clooney’s “Suburbicon,” a derivative and

Joe Henry remains a unique voice on ‘Thrum’

These songs don’t wish to be labeled. They’re not pop, even though the singer is Madonna’s brother- in-law. You won’t hum to “Thrum.” They’re not country, Joe

John Grisham explores student loan debt in latest novel

John Grisham explores student loan debt and the sharks that profit from it in his latest novel, “The Rooster Bar.” Mark, Todd, Zola and Gordy are

News of the World | Fats Domino dies at 89; gave rock music a New Orleans flavor

The godfather of rock and roll. A performer who always gave all he had. A man who loved his city and his neighborhood. Tributes to Fats Domino

The German Connection

That Alentejo has been one of the spearheads of Portugal’s vinous renaissance over the past 40 years is not without good reasons. Covering nearly one third of Portugal’s

Travelog | With several islands in recovery mode, some vacation advice

Some travelers looking ahead to winter and spring getaways may be wondering what their options are when it comes to Caribbean islands, with all the headlines

Einstein, and the Origins of GOLD

  * Movies: the mountain between us * Books: Death in the Air by Kate Winkler Dawson * Music: Carry Fire by Robert Plant * Wine: Faulty Wines * KitchenWise: Butternut Squash and Leek Soup

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