Facemasks dissolved in incineration enough to destroy virus 

(Roman Pilipey/Pool Photo via AP)

Incinerating disposed facemasks is sufficient to destroy the virus, according to information released during today’s (Friday’s) Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center.

Alvis Lo Iek Long, a clinical director of the Conde S. Januário Hospital Centre, talked about Macau’s handling of used facemasks at today’s meeting.

Questioned by the media regarding possible virus transmission risks of wasted facemasks, Lo explained that the Covid-19 virus can be destroyed at 56 degrees Celsius.

“The temperature of Macau’s waste incineration center goes up to 800 degrees, which is enough to destroy the virus and prevent transmission risks caused by disposed facemasks,” Lo said.

Besides facemasks, government representatives also disclosed news regarding topics such as the patients, hospitalization fees, tourism recovery.

As of Friday, all of Macau’s Covid-19 patients have been discharged from the hospital and the city has not recorded any new cases.

Approximately five confirmed patients have expressed their willingness to donate blood in order to contribute to Macau’s Covid-19 medical treatment development. Within this week, one of these five people might become qualified and physically suitable for the donation.

Regarding recovered patients’ hospitalization fees, the majority of the patients have applied to postpone settling the payment. They have already signed a declaration with the Health Bureau (SSM) to pay the bills within 30 days.

Since the Macau government started renting hotels to use as facilities for quarantine, the city has already spent over 60 million patacas in hotels.

Previously, the local government announced a “local tourism” plan to boost the city’s economy. According to Inés Chan, representative of the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), the authority has not decided on the explicit plan. It is still discussing details with the concerned industry. The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) is also involved in the discussion concerning this specific program. No budget is available at the current stage.

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