HK considers mutual health status recognition with Macau, mainland

Hong Kong government officials say that they are in discussions with their Macau and mainland counterparts regarding the possibility of mutual recognition for the health status of cross-border travelers.
The move, which seeks to avoid the necessity of doubling quarantine periods for travelers moving between the three regions, comes as the greater China region appears to have brought the spread of Covid-19 under control.
The South China Morning Post reported that Hong Kong’s Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan Siu-chee had said the three governments were discussing the possibility of crafting a joint mechanism that would shorten the quarantine time for travelers.
“For instance, [if] someone has already completed a 14-day quarantine on the mainland and is coming to Hong Kong with valid proof of this, then the director of health could shorten the quarantine period here for this person [if the test results] are negative,” Chan told a radio program, as cited by the SCMP.
Travelers moving between Macau and Hong Kong must undergo a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days. Although Macau allows tourists from the mainland to enter the city without the need to undergo quarantine, neighboring Guangdong Province requires all arrivals, even its own residents, to do so.
On Sunday, the Macau government adopted the use of a color code health system, which combines and replaces the previous two health declaration systems required at the entrance of certain public facilities. The new form of declaration is similar to the color code health system that has been in use in mainland China since February.
Under the new system, users must complete a quick health survey to be issued with a colored QR code in either green, yellow or red.
Green means that the user does not have Covid-19, has never had the disease, nor have they been in close contact with anyone who has. They are allowed entry to public facilities.
A red code means that the holder either has or likely has the coronavirus, while yellow indicates possible contact with another infected person. DB

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