Jobless migrants must exit within eight days

A new policy, spearheaded by Macau’s Immigration Services, decrees that non-residents who leave their employment or are fired will have only eight days to depart from the MSAR. The revision is down from the previous 10 days.

Furthermore, if non-residents have been working in Macau for less than half a year, they will only be able to remain in the territory for two days after their employment is terminated.

According to a report from TDM, the International Labor Organization (ILO) has expressed concern over the decision, warning that it might foster unequal employment relationships. The organization advocates that non-residents ought to receive the same treatment as local workers.

Their concerns are echoed by non-resident workers and rights activist groups in the city, some of whom have been claiming since 2010 that the previous 10 days were not sufficient for workers who planned to challenge unfair dismissal.

Macau’s Labor Affairs Bureau told TDM that they regularly meet with migrant workers to explain their rights. However, they were keen to stress that the policy is being driven by the Immigration Services.

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