Kapok | At a snail’s pace

Looking back at the titles of my column over the past five years, I have now exhausted almost every possible expression to convey the idea of “slow” and

Made in Macao | Drinking culture in Macao

The drinking culture of a place shows a lot about the tradition and social life of that place. For the Portuguese, it is customary to have wine during

Legal Wise | Tapping at will?

In the latest edition of the Macau Judiciary Police Gazette “Criminal Investigation and Legal System”, a principal investigator from said police body penned an article defending the

Macau Matters | The Joys of Custom Clothing

I loathe and abhor shopping, especially for clothes, mostly because I never know what to buy. People who know my wife and I also know that any clothes

Our Desk | Positive discrimination?

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) launched a 45-day public consultation last week regarding the proposed implementation of a statutory minimum wage for all workers – excluding domestic helpers

Rear Window | Sulu Sou game changer

Sulu Sou took no time in looking around and warming himself to the technicalities and subtleties - if we are to term it “protocol”- of the role of

Bizcuits | Fake it until you make it

“Walk through the corridors as if you own the place. No-one will stop you”, was some very early and surprising advice I received in how to succeed. That

Girl About Globe | Women, let’s get walked all over

Meet me on Jane Austen Street. At the tea room, beside the cake shop. No, don’t get the smelling salts, I’m not having a turn.

World Views | The ECB needs an inflation plan, just in case

Nearly three weeks after the European Central Bank halved the pace of its monetary stimulus to the euro zone economy, something strange is happening in the sovereign debt market. Even

Our Desk | Driving license recognition threats come from Guangdong

The government recently proposed introducing mutual driving license recognition between mainland China and Macau. The proposal stirred up a lot of controversy among the local community, mainly because of

Insight | Singapore has a strategy, Macau and Hong Kong don’t

Already among the world’s most expensive places to own a vehicle, Singapore has announced in October that it will stop increasing the total number of cars on its roads

Kapok | As little as possible

This is rather unfortunate timing. On the one hand the project of law on Labour Unions proposed by José Pereira Coutinho gets defeated during in the October 27th

Made in Macao | University majors do not matter

Most students in Macao are now halfway through their first semester, or in some high schools, have probably completed their first term. This is a time when the

Legal Wise by MdME | Commercial activity of condominium management

With a total area of 30.5 square kilometer, Macau is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Inevitably, the lack of space equates to

Macau Matters | I sing the bus electric

Wide scale adoption of electrically powered buses is a “no brainer”; the only question is when. Electric buses are significantly quieter and produce virtually no roadside pollution. Depending

World Views | Asia can make TPP work without the US

Donald Trump's grand tour of Asia will attract a lot of attention this week, but in one respect the fuss will be misleading. The president will be no more

Rear Window | Stop making sense

Once again the Legislative Assembly killed the trade union bill on the first reading…if we are allowed to borrow from an inspired spaghetti-western style book to address the

Girl About Globe | Spa ha ha

London. A spa treat at the Ham Yard Hotel, the city’s latest and hottest, just north of Piccadilly. Its spa appeared in the ‘Ten Best Spas in London’

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