Our Desk | Never ending taxi tales

The idea of complaining about taxis and their drivers has already become such a norm in the city that it is no longer a surprise when drivers refuse

Rear Window | What about Scott Chiang?

It looks like the Sulu Sou “affair” has come to a standstill! The Court of First Instance adjourned the trial (aggravated disobedience Sulu Sou/Scott Chiang) sine die pending a

Bizcuits | Imperfect success

Wabi-sabi is an Asian aesthetic of Zen origin that values beauty in the transient (as the ephemeral cherry blossom), in impermanence, in the incomplete, the flawed, the weathered

Opinion | Leshi’s 13 days of pain show Shenzhen a way out of gloom

If two lizards are crawling up a wall in China, there’s bound to be someone betting which one will make it to the top first. In a

Made in Macao | On Cantonese Opera

As I have been researching Greek theatre, rituals and dance these days, it struck me that as a Chinese, I do not really know much about our own similar

World Views | Unexpectedly, Trump has an opening in China

When it comes to trade, President Donald Trump and the Chinese government are both engaged in pointless, counterproductive protectionism. That may actually represent an opportunity. As Trump

Our Desk | Call recordings with phone scammers

An anonymous source (below referred to as ‘S’) provided the following call minutes from a call with phone scammers. The first criminal (below referred to as

Views on China | Big news from China is its implosion didn’t happen

China’s economic performance is all about what hasn’t happened. That’s huge. The world’s No. 2 economy didn’t implode under a mountain of debt, nor did trade tensions

Kapok | (No) sense and sensibility

The serialized “Sulu case”, full of twists and turns ever since the New Macau Association figurehead was rightfully elected via universal suffrage to the Legislative Assembly as the

Girl About Globe | January Sales. A slash victim?

SAVE THE JANUARY SALES! GOING SOON – UNLESS YOU BUY BUY BUY!!! I draw your attention to the above, shopper. It’s not a plea to save IN

Macau Matters | Academic assessment stupidities

Mostly for fun and to “keep my hand in” I teach a few undergraduate courses each year at a local university. I have recently been “asked” to use

Our Desk | A call for an ‘honest’ food guide

As usual, there are many comments on the subject, and while some raise the new titles as trophies, others complain about the lack of fairness on

World Views | Dubai is the model of a modern Mideast economy

For more than 100 years, the Middle East has been defined by oil exploration, production and its boundaries. Now the region is getting repurposed by its aspiration to

Bizcuits | Gelato

There is this rather funky school near Bologna, Italy to which chefs and sea-changers go to learn the secrets behind putting together the elements that make the perfect

Made in Macao | Surviving the coldest days in Macao

Generally speaking, Macao has no real winter now. The winter I remember when I was a child used to be between three to nine degrees, sometimes as low

World Views | Oprah is the symbol America needs right now

Forget Oprah Winfrey for president. We don’t need another political newbie in the Oval Office. But the response to her eloquent Golden Globes speech demonstrates a craving, and

Opinion: Las Vegas’s economy is on the brink of booming

What U.S. city will boom in 2018? If you’re placing bets, you’d look for a place still suffering a hangover from the housing bust, with subdued economic activity

Our desk | The crime that fits the punishment

Sulu Sou will stand trial much quicker than I anticipated, even taking into account yesterday’s second postponement of the trial start date. My expectation back in December

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