Opinion: Las Vegas’s economy is on the brink of booming

What U.S. city will boom in 2018? If you’re placing bets, you’d look for a place still suffering a hangover from the housing bust, with subdued economic activity

Our desk | The crime that fits the punishment

Sulu Sou will stand trial much quicker than I anticipated, even taking into account yesterday’s second postponement of the trial start date. My expectation back in December

Rear Window | Sitting on the dock of the bay

The New Year is traditionally the time to set (or not) our own petty resolutions for improvements deemed to be important (to ourselves), and here we tick the

Kapok | Apologies warranted

New Year greetings is a must for a politician and even more so for a statesman: it provides the perfect occasion to reflect on past deeds and put

Girl About Globe | Time to reclaim Page 3. Thanks, Brexit.

One day, I’d like to be a Page 3 girl. Or a centrefold. Not in a tabloid newspaper, in a travel document. There’s a lot of conversation about British

Macau Matters | Amazing Angkor Wat

I am  inclined towards calm stoicism rather than extravagant gushery, but when you see Angkor Wat you cannot help but gush about it. It is a truly

Bizcuits | Wishes for a real-world holiday

Holiday time. Time to rest and relax? Time to explore? Time to experience something new – sights, sounds, smells and flavours? Holiday time means different things to

Made in Macao | Rice dumplings for all festivals

The Eastern world has a very strong rice culture. In fact, an event I attended a few years ago opened with young representatives from various Asian countries – including

World Views | This could be Bitcoin’s moment of truth

Bitcoin has had a terrific year overall, thanks to a small but dedicated set of believers in the disruptive power of cryptocurrencies who have also enabled many other

Kapok | Detrimental ignorance

The results of the latest yearly survey regarding the trust Macao people place in their government is truly appalling. Not only has Mr Chui Sai On never been

Macau Matters | More Taxi Commentary

Along with many others, I have previously ranted about the problems with Macau taxis. In my view, we clearly need to move towards a Didi/Uber style taxi booking

World Views | China should let its migrant workers roam free

Over the past few weeks, people here in Beijing have been riveted by the so-called migrant “clean- out” - the government’s attempt to evict tens of thousands of migrant workers

Rear Window | Four days in Beijing

It is understandable that we would take Chief Executive Chui Sai On’s early December visit to Beijing to be nothing more than routine, although highly formal, utterly political,

Bizcuits | Emotional Labour

“Sir, may I see the children to say good- bye?” On a day earlier this month a domestic helper was told by her boss that her contract

Girl About Globe | Walkers of the World, Unite!

Fancy hiking up Mont Rouge, Burberry Peak or Ben Xi Jinping? Me neither. Hills are being taken over by hike virgins. Here’s the situation in Hong

World Views | Saigon Beer – an unacquired taste, unless you’re Thai

In Asian deals, fundamentals can often matter less than connections. The latest illustration: Thai tycoon Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi’s emergence as the sole bidder for a stake in Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corp.

Our Desk | Who dropped off their recycling?

Recently during the morning when I was waiting for the bus to go to work, I saw a man carrying a cardboard box containing glass bottles and pieces

Insight | Is Hengqin an empty promise for Macau?

Hengqin Island has undergone massive development over the past few years. When I first visited the neighboring island in 2009, there was almost nothing there besides some rustic

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