Made in Macao | Weighing on the ‘Start of Summer’

The 6th of May marks a new solar term in the Chinese agricultural calendar. We are currently in the term of 접謳Lixia (beginning of summer). As

Made in Macao | A change in long weekend culture

With the Cheng Ming Festival falling on a Friday this year, we are blessed with another long weekend in Macao. As I was thinking about how to use

Made in Macao | The forgotten customs of the Spring Equinox

Today marks the Spring Equinox (뉴롸 Chun Fan), the 6th of the 24 solar terms of the year, which is one of the feasts that is

Made in Macao | Insects Awaken

Today, the 6th of March, is a special day this year. It was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, and the beginning of abstinence and fasting for Christians.

Made in Macao | Post-holiday fitness regime

While the new year is generally the time we make, or try to make, life-changing resolutions, the celebration of Chinese New Year usually results in weight-loss resolutions. After a

Made In Macao | The DON’Ts for CNY

For many people, especially ladies, every weekend is shoe shopping time. But in the last week of the lunar year, there are even more reasons

Made in Macao | City of romance?

Lately, I saw some advertisements referring to Macao as the City of Romance. I guess being a City of Creative Gastronomy is not enough to bring in the

Made in Macao | Another kind of Winter Solstice celebration

Aside from making this day a public holiday, the importance of Winter Solstice (Dongzhi) has often been downplayed in recent days. We all know that Winter Solstice is

Made in Macao | Coming of the ‘Heavy Snow’

Heavy Snow is approaching! Unfortunately, it is not as though we are going to have real snow in Macao. I am, of course, referring to one of the

Made in Macao | Work-Life Balance and the Seven Sins

Talking about the seven sins as a form of work-life-balance may be against my Catholic beliefs. But as I watched the episode about The Seven on the TV

Made In Macao | The creative yet destructive force of food apps

To quote Nietzsche, “If a temple is to be erected, a temple must be destroyed.” Such is the reality of economic innovation. As the world of

Made in Macao | Why is chrysanthemum wine auspicious?

The Chung Yeung Festival 路陽節, one of the main Chinese festivals of the year, took place one week ago. Two years ago I wrote about how

Made in Macao | National food: rice or noodles?

The Americans have apple-pies on the Fourth of July, and that got me wondering on National Day a few days ago: What food do we consider our national

Made in Macao | When school starts

This week sees Macao’s mornings getting back to the usual hustle and bustle. A sign that the long summer holidays are over and that schools are back to

Made in Macao | Ghost time

At this time every year I write about ghosts. We have entered the month of ghosts, and the night of the 14th day of the seventh month of

Made in Macao | Post-truth or indifference?

In these two years, we have seen quite a number of books and news articles published on the topic of “post-truth”. Journalists are claiming we have entered a

Made in Macao | I think therefore I create: on traffic and romance

One of the greatest miseries we face living in Macao is traffic. Being stuck in traffic is not that bad if we compare to those who are still

Made in Macao | A thought on creative development

I believe lots of Star Trek lovers, especially those from North America, have played a drinking game. It goes like this. Whenever Mr. Spock says “fascinating”, we down

Made in Macao | Reminiscence of 90s Pop

Macao and Hong Kong share a similar culture. Aside from the tradition and customs, one thing seems to be exactly the same – our pop-songs culture. A few

Made in Macao | From street snacks to must-buy souvenirs

When we think about traditional industries in Macao, aside from gaming, we often think about the manufacturing of textiles, fire crackers, matches and Chinese cakes. While most of these

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