Rear Window | Ho by himself

Now it is for real and definitive that political heavyweight Ho Iat Seng is running solo, unopposed and undisturbed, up the for confirmatory procedure of the small-circle selection

Rear Window | Fever mounts at… Macau SAR

Until the matter of the candidate - or candidates - selected to replace Chief Executive Chui Sai On is unequivocally settled, the political environment will be one in

Rear Window | The Fifth Dimension

The truth is…until former Chief Executive Edmund Ho gave his cryptic reading on the selection of the candidate to replace Chui Sai On at the helm of the

Rear Window | The deciding factor(s)

As we have said before in this column, and we will say it again, apparently all relevant central political tips are vouching for a Ho Iat Seng to

Rear Window | Sailing charted waters

Kitesurfer Hillian Siu had to postpone her pioneer friendship vol across the Pearl River Delta, from Cheung Chau Island in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to the

Rear Window | Ho Iat Seng: the natural candidate

Today it will be too difficult to spot anybody who disbelieves Ho Iat Seng is to succeed Chui Sai On as Macau’s Chief Executive. Local entrepreneur and president

Rear Window | Red flags all along 2019

On the eve of Chinese New Year, we could not but accept the invitation to summarize in this column some of the worries - perhaps developing into threats –

Rear Window | Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit

It was again that time of happily be the recipients of the Lotus and the other Merit Awards… honoring those individuals, and entities, whose contributions latu sensu to

Rear Window | Coming of age

At first glance, we would not dare to say that MSAR was clearly roaring its engines and taking the fast lane to race towards its 20th anniversary in

Rear Window | Macau reinventing itself…again

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Lisbon, ending in a tour that took him to the G-20 in Argentina, to Panama and Spain, would necessarily be followed

Rear Window | Boldly inaccurate

Despite a sort of social commotion rooted in a long-time bonding with Bobo, one would have said that the Flora Garden’s oldest (?) inmate passing away was to

Rear Window | Blowing off some steam

Since Denis Papin’s digester everybody knows that you cannot manage a pressure cooker without something to let off some steam …whether screamingly high or low pitch! This technical

Rear Window | Contrasting tendencies

Despite the almost negligible cash-flow retreat, these days of the heavy showering of bills from the 45 Casinos’ Golden Week seems not enough to brighten up the concerned

Rear Window | Macau after Typhoon Mangkhut

These days we find ourselves turning to recollect a former Portuguese prime-minister who was credited with having said - although he was not exactly a follower of the

Rear Window | Lei Kong on trial for defamation

First of all we have to plead for your leniency on the untasteful title a la social realism, and for the very word leniency that usually sends shivers

Opinion | Rear Window – Legislative Assembly: Unexplained haircut

Beyond its functions and powers, the Basic Law gives the Legislative, within an Executive-led system, the role of the president, so much so we dare to say the

Rear Window | Gang of nine vs Sulu Sou

If the Legislative Assembly members were only about establishing it as a space of free speech, no matter how spirited or spicy the exchanges between

Rear Window | Killing me softly

If it were a fictional protagonist of a tragedy characterized as sensitive and prone to meek hysterics… this persona, being the judicial system, would shout: they are killing

Rear Window | Rumor-mongers on the watch list

Here we go again heading into normal peak typhoon season! From July all the way to September, people and government departments are keen to prevent the dire consequences

Rear Window | Game of Appeals: Caution and tact highly recommended

Not knowing whether the Public Prosecution Office has filed an appeal against Sulu Sou and Scott Chiang sentencing as we draft this column… we would rather look into

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