This Day in History | 1973 – Thousands strike over pay and prices

About 1.6 million workers joined the Trades Union Congress’ call for a one-day strike today in protest at the government’s pay restraint policy and price rises. The

This Day in History | 1952 – Anne Frank published in English

The moving diary of Anne Frank, a Jewish victim of the Holocaust, is now available in British book shops entitled The Diary of a Young Girl.  The

This Day in History | 1955 – Albert Einstein dies

Albert Einstein has died in hospital in Princeton, New Jersey, aged 76. The eminent scientist and originator of the theory of relativity was admitted to

This Day in History | 1984 – Libyan embassy shots kill policewoman

A police officer has been killed and ten people injured after shots were fired from the Libyan People’s Bureau in central London. WPC Yvonne Fletcher had been

This Day in History | 1964 – ‘Great Train Robbers’ get 300 years

Some of the longest sentences in British criminal history have been imposed on men involved in the so-called “Great Train Robbery”. Sentences totalling 307 years

This Day in History | 1998 – Former Cambodian dictator dies

The former Cambodian dictator, Pol Pot, whose regime led to the deaths of millions of his people, has died. Journalists who were shown his body in a

This Day in History | 1975 – US pulls out of Cambodia

The US has admitted defeat in Cambodia and removed its remaining embassy personnel from the capital, Phnom Penh. Early this morning 276 people were airlifted

This Day in History | 1957 – Britain agrees to Singapore self-rule

The British government is to allow the island colony of Singapore to govern itself under a new constitution agreed in London. The Singapore Constitutional Conference ended today

This Day in History | 1981 – Hunger striker elected MP

Imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands has been elected to Westminster as the MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone. Sands stood as a candidate of the “Anti-H

This Day in History | 1976 – Young Liberal leader cleared of robbery

Supporters in the public gallery at the Old Bailey in London clapped and cheered as the verdict was announced. The case is certain to raise

This Day in History | 1994 – Rock musician Kurt Cobain ‘Shoots himself’

The lead-singer of American grunge rock band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, has been found dead in his Seattle home. The 27-year-old rock star had a single gunshot wound

This Day in History | 1993 – Grand National ends in ‘Shambles’

The Grand National has ended in chaos after a series of events at the start which reduced the world-famous horse race to a shambles. An

This Day in History | 1982 – Argentina invades Falklands

Argentina has invaded the British territory of the Falkland Islands in the south Atlantic. The islands, off the coast of Argentina, have been a cause of friction

This Day in History | 2000 – Wartime coding machine stolen

A coding machine used by the Germans to encode messages during World War II has been stolen from the Bletchley Park Museum in Buckinghamshire, south-east England. Police

This Day in History | 1971 Manson sent to gas chamber

Charles Manson and three members of his hippy cult have been sentenced to death in Los Angeles. They were found guilty of the August 1969 murders of

This Day in History | 1975 National Front rallies against Europe

Members of an extreme right-wing UK party, flanked by 2,000 police officers, have marched through north London in protest against integration with Europe. Beating drums and chanting

This Day in History | 1964 – ‘Ambitious’ plans for south east

Three new cities are proposed for south east England as part of the largest regional expansion plan in Britain. A study, published today, estimates the country’s population will increase

This Day in History | 1987 Synod says ‘yes’ to women priests

The Church of England’s General Synod has voted by a huge majority to clear the way for the ordination of women priests. The Church of

This Day in History | 1997: Dolly the sheep is cloned

Scientists in Scotland have announced the birth of the world’s first successfully cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep. Dolly, who was created at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh,

This Day in History | 1972 Nixon makes historic visit to China

The American President Richard Nixon has arrived in China at the start of a week-long summit aimed at ending 20 years of frosty relations between the two countries.

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