This Day in History | 1986 – Soviets launch space station Mir

The Soviets have opened a new phase in space exploration with the launch of the world’s biggest space station, Mir. The successful launch of Mir comes just over

World briefs

CHINA Federal authorities say a Delaware man snapped a selfie while posing next to a statue known as “The Cavalryman,” from the “Terracotta Warriors of

The Buzz | Kuwait invites Philippines leader to visit amid tensions

Kuwait’s ruling emir has reportedly invited Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to his country to resolve tensions after a Filipina maid was found dead in a freezer. That’s

Photography |Pulitzer winner Max Desfor dies at 104

Former Associated Press photographer Max Desfor, whose photo of hundreds of Korean War refugees crawling across a damaged bridge in 1950 helped win him a Pulitzer Prize,

US attack kills 17 | Florida high school shooting plunges city into mourning

Just before the shooting broke out, some students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School thought they were having another fire drill. Such an exercise had

Offbeat | 100 pizzas and counting: German police probe pizza stalker

German police are investigating a case of severe pizza stalking in the western town of Dortmund. Police are looking for someone who’s bombarded a lawyer by sending

The Buzz | Manhattan mansion linked to HNA sells for USD90 Million

A seller affiliated with HNA Group Co., the Chinese conglomerate seeking buyers for real estate worldwide to stave off a liquidity crunch, has found a buyer for at

World Briefs

PHILIPPINES Rodrigo Duterte has offered a nearly USD500 bounty for each communist rebel killed by government forces to save on anti-insurgency costs and said insurgents

Porn star Stormy says she feels free to discuss Trump encounter

Stormy Daniels, the porn star whom Donald Trump’s attorney acknowledges paying USD130,000 just before Election Day, believes she is now free to discuss an alleged

Oxfam Scandal | Haiti leader says Oxfam workers violated ‘basic human decency’

Haiti’s president condemned the British charity Oxfam for a sexual misconduct scandal, describing the alleged misbehavior of aid workers handling earthquake recovery efforts as a violation of

Offbeat | Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate’s parents donate to his rival

The parents of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson have donated the maximum amount to the campaign of their son’s Democratic rival, Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Nicholson is

This Day in History | 1942 – Singapore forced to surrender

British forces in Singapore have surrendered unconditionally to the Japanese seven days after enemy troops first stormed the island. A war correspondent of the Japanese News Agency in

SOUTH CHINA SEA The Philippine government rejects Chinese names given to some undersea features in a vast offshore region where the Philippines has undisputed sovereign rights, the presidential

Use of blackface in Brazil Carnival parade sparks debate

Atop samba school’s use of blackface in a Carnival parade sparked debate Tuesday about depictions of race in Brazil, which is still grappling with a fraught racial legacy. The

USA | Bill, Melinda Gates turn attention toward poverty in America

Bill and Melinda Gates, as the world’s top philanthropists, are rethinking their work in America as they confront what they consider their unsatisfactory track record on

UK | A prize for thrillers without female victims divides opinion

It’s a chilling cliche of thrillers that women often end up abducted, abused or dead. One writer is so sick of the violence that she

offbeat | Dozens of nude models brave cold, rain for Polar Bear Paint

Cold feet can’t stop naked models from parading around New York City. Dozens of body-painted models walked through the chilly streets and posed for photos in

This Day in History | 1989 – Ayatollah sentences author to death

Iranian Muslim leader Ayatollah Khomeini has issued a death threat against British author Salman Rushdie and his publishers over the book Satanic Verses. Scotland Yard is providing the

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