Editorial Statute


  • Macau Daily Times is a daily English-language newspaper, which aims to cater to the constant needs of today’s society, keeping in mind new social, economic and political realities that Macau faces on a day-to-day basis.
  • The Macau Daily Times is aimed at all local communities, and therefore will focus on events and news within those communities.
  • The Macau Daily Times will focus mainly on journalistic criteria to acquire news and will also make use of the freedom of press and the right of access to information, which are guaranteed by the Basic Law as well as the Press Law.
  • The Macau Daily Times is an independent and unbiased newspaper that voices every side’s opinion, as well as strictly obeying the limitations imposed by the Press Law, mainly in respect to the physical and moral integrity of individuals.
  • Journalists and reporters on the Macau Daily Times will rigorously protect their sources of information, and will only be required to reveal such information when deemed necessary, usually by court order.
  • The Macau Daily Times will use the most advanced and  up-to-date information technologies when covering news and information in every field locally as well as worldwide, without limits on geography.
  • The Macau Daily Times absolutely rejects any form of sensational journalism that violates an individual’s privacy, including those from the public sphere.
  • Journalists on the Macau Daily Times will not breach ethical codes, even when trying to do their respective jobs.
  • In the event of a lack of Code of Ethics that regulates the press in Macau, the Macau Daily Times will adopt its own Code of Ethics based on international ones, which are free to access.
  • The Macau Daily Times heavily relies on both commercial and advertising forms to survive. However, it will never put economic interests before journalistic criteria.
  • Activities conducted by the Macau Daily Times are temporarily unlimited and will always see through the progress and development of Macau.
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