The carnation discolored

On April 25, 1974, Portugal was transformed by the Carnation Revolution, a bloodless coup that swept away decades of dictatorship. As we mark the 50th anniversary of this pivotal moment, the country finds itself at a crossroads, its society divided and its commitment to the democratic ideals of the revolution under strain.

Sweet and Sour Sixteen

We mark 16 years of publication as the amended national security bill (NSL) enters formally into force. The Law No. 8/2023 on Safeguarding of State Security

The Covidian Era

Well into year 3 of the Covidian Era, Macau Daily Times today marks 15 years of uninterrupted publication which should be a date of celebration and joy. It

Editorial | No room to get

Residents who went abroad – mostly to visit their family in their countries of origin for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations – and booked their flights back to

Editorial | Imagine

Imagine a world without Covid. And no “religion” too. Lennon’s hopeful words echo strongly in my mind more than ever four decades after I first heard “Imagine.”

Editorial | Numbers say it all?

Yesterday’s AL elections, apart from winners and losers (a figure that wasn’t available at the time of this writing) have one major distinction when compared to previous polls that is

Editorial | The Times turns 14 amidst anxiety and fear

We enter our 14th anniversary with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we rejoice for such an achievement in a place and an era so full of historical news and

Editorial | The year of living dangerously

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times. Who will want to remember 2020? Not you, not us, not anyone who has lived it. Virtually every family on the

Editorial | October Fest

Everyone is looking and forecasting visitor turnout for Golden Week waiting and hoping for the return of mass tourism. But they will all fail. No matter whether visitation goes beyond

Editorial | Airport 2020

In November 1995, on a very windy day, the Macau International Airport was inaugurated with pomp and fanfare in the materialization of a long-time dream of Macanese people to have

Editorial | Soft causes

For the first time in the history of Hong Kong, a newsroom was raided and searched by the police. The headquarters of Next Digital media group, which operates the pro-democracy Apple

Editorial | Truth or dare

“The truth is nice but a rumor is priceless.” We did not have to wait for a revision of our own National Security Law under article 23 of the

Editorial | The serpent’s egg

Police authorities have denied the organization of the annual June 4 vigil in remembrance of the victims of Tiananmen on the grounds of public health safety. Nothing really surprising. June 4

The Buzz | 13 years a Times: the ‘teens’

Thirteen years ago, only someone with a crystal ball would have been able to predict how the year 2020 would turn out. Macau practically isolated from Hong Kong and Guangdong, with

Editorial | Uncle Stanley

Stanley Ho has been a household name in Macau and East Asia for seven decades. His trade: gambling, although, as the legend goes, he never gambled himself and would always

Editorial | Small to micro support

Secretary Lei Wai Nong announced yesterday the details of the new Covid-19 relief fund which amounts to 13.6 billion patacas overall, on top of the previously announced 30

Editorial | Eight weeks

It’s eight weeks since the first contagion of the new virus was detected in Macau. Over this period the community has given a tremendous example to the world on how to

Editorial | Small ain’t pretty

The concept of the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Macau should be used cautiously because over 80 percent of our incorporations are actually small or micro, and most of

Editorial | The dawn of a new era?

Nothing will be the same after the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus that infected mainland China and the world with an epidemic disease (recently dubbed Covid-19), financial hurdles, and

Editorial | ‘Poster boy’ turns 20

“Patriotic education lays a solid social and political foundation for Macau to implement the ‘one country, two systems’ principle and guides its practice to always proceed

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