Philippine president tells Australian parliament their strategic partnership ‘more important than ever’

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. told Australia’s Parliament yesterday that the strategic partnership between the two nations was more important than ever with the rule of law

A former police chief will face charges for allegedly helping a Red Bull scion avoid justice

Prosecutors in Thailand announced this week they will indict a former national police chief on charges of impeding legal action against an heir to the Red

Young South Korean doctors resist back-to-work orders, risking prosecution

As South Korea’s government made a last plea for junior doctors to end a walkout hours before ysterday’s deadline, many were expected to defy orders

Japan had the fewest babies it has ever recorded last year, and fewer marriages

The number of babies born in Japan last year fell for an eighth straight year to a new low, government data showed this week, and

Photographer accuses Taylor Swift’s dad of punching him on Sydney waterfront

A photographer told police he was punched in the face by Taylor Swift’s father on the Sydney waterfront yesterday, hours after the pop star’s Australian tour ended. Ben

Seoul gives young doctors four days to end walkouts, threatening prosecutions 

Junior doctors in South Korea have four days to end their walkouts, the government said yesterday, or they could face prosecution or have their medical licenses

Japan’s moon lander survives second  lunar night, beating predictions

Japan’s first moon lander responded to a signal from Earth, suggesting it has survived a second freezing weeks-long lunar night, Japan’s space agency said yesterday. JAXA called the signal,

Indonesia and Australia hold talks as both nations move toward signing a security agreement

Indonesia and Australia held high-level talks in Jakarta on Friday as the neighboring countries seek to strengthen security ties by signing a defense cooperation agreement in the

US and S. Korea fly warplanes in interception drills after N. Korea’s missile tests

South Korea and the United States flew advanced stealth fighters in a joint missile-interception drill Friday over the Korean Peninsula, South Korea’s air force said, an

Delhi seeks to boost rooftop solar, especially for its remote areas

Just a few years ago, someone who wanted to install a rooftop solar connection in India faced getting multiple approvals, finding a reliable company to install the

Feds accuse alleged Japanese crime boss of conspiring to traffic nuclear material

A leader of a Japan-based crime syndicate conspired to traffic uranium and plutonium from Myanmar in the belief that Iran would use it to make nuclear weapons,

Stray whale died in Osaka Bay, raising questions about cause and cost of disposal

A whale as long as a train car that died after straying into a port in Osaka last month is set to be buried until it naturally becomes a

Gov’t warns striking doctors to return to work or face legal action

The South Korean government yesterday warned thousands of striking doctors to return to work immediately or face legal action after their collective walkouts caused cancellations of surgeries

Taekwondo instructor killed his 7-year-old student and boy’s parents: Sydney police

A taekwondo instructor killed a 7-year-old student at his academy and the boy’s parents before going to a Sydney hospital with stab and slash wounds on his

Japan’s exports surged nearly 12% in January in second straight month of gains

Japan’s exports surged a stronger than expected nearly 12% in January, helped by robust demand for vehicles, auto parts and machinery. That helped the nation’s trade deficit shrink to

Putin gave Kim a Russian-made car in a show of their special ties: Pyongyang

Russian President Vladimir Putin has gifted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a Russian-made car for his personal use in a demonstration of their special relationship,

Doctors walk out to protest gov’t policy, causing many surgery cancellations

South Korean trainee doctors collectively walked off their jobs yesterday to escalate their protest of a government medical policy, triggering cancellations of surgeries and other medical

Tribal violence kills 26 combatants and an unconfirmed number of bystanders

At least 26 combatants and an unconfirmed number of bystanders were killed in a gunbattle between warring tribes in Papua New Guinea, police said yesterday. A

Activists protest ex-general’s win in presidential election and allege massive fraud

Protesters marched in Indonesia’s capital on Friday demanding the election authority stop Prabowo Subianto from taking office as the next president and claiming widespread electoral fraud.

Doctors rally against government plans to increase the number of medical students

Hundreds of South Korean doctors rallied in the capital, Seoul, and other cities on Thursday against a government plan to boost the number of medical students.

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