In Singapore, quarantine comes with sea view, room service

Student Chelsie Lee landed in Singapore from the U.K. last week, prepared to spend 14 days of mandatory, coronavirus-related isolation at home. Instead, she was whisked away to a five-star

Philippines | Plane catches fire at Manila airport, killing all 8 aboard

A plane carrying eight people, including an American and a Canadian, burst into flames yesterday while attempting to take off from Manila’s airport on a flight bound for Japan, killing

India | Police struggle to enforce sweeping virus lockdown

Indians struggled to comply with the world’s largest coronavirus lockdown yesterday as the government began the gargantuan task of keeping 1.3 billion people indoors. Official assurances that essentials wouldn’t run out

Research | Loss of smell, taste, might signal pandemic virus infection

A loss of smell or taste might be an early sign of infection with the pandemic virus, say medical experts who cite reports from several countries. It might even serve as

Thailand imposes state of emergency to control coronavirus

Thailand’s government approved on Tuesday a one-month state of emergency allowing it to impose stricter measures to control the coronavirus that has infected hundreds of people in the Southeast Asian

North Korea | Kim admits troubled medical system amid virus fears

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un acknowledged that his country lacks modern medical facilities and called for urgent improvements, state media said yesterday, in a rare assessment of the North’s

Philippines | Officials lift deadline for foreigners to leave north

The Philippines lifted a deadline for thousands of foreign travelers to leave the northern third of the country, including the capital, after quarantining the region due to an increase in

Thailand enacts shutdowns to curb spread of coronavirus

Thailand’s government has enacted stronger measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus, including postponing the country’s biggest holiday, shutting down schools and closing bars.

India | Stringent virus testing criteria may mask toll

A British citizen appeared at a public hospital in India’s capital with a cough, difficulty breathing and a private clinic’s referral for a coronavirus test. She was turned

Philippines | President Duterte to be tested for virus, palace cleaned

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is being tested for the new coronavirus after meeting with Cabinet officials who were exposed to infected people and have now been self-quarantined,

Indonesia | Dutch king apologizes for colonial killings

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands apologized yesterday for his country’s aggression during its colonial rule of Indonesia and formally recognized the Southeast Asian country’s independence date, in

India | Holi festival subdued over coronavirus concerns

Hindus threw colored powder and sprayed water in massive celebrations of the festival of Holi in India yesterday, but the enthusiasm was subdued compared to previous

The Latest: Italy puts 60 million in lockdown

BEIJING (AP) — The Latest on the coronavirus outbreak sweeping the globe (all times local): 4 p.m. The Italian government is assuring its citizens that supermarkets will remain open and stocked after

North Korea | Kim fires weapons after threatening ‘momentous’ action

North Korea fired three short-range projectiles off its east coast yesterday, South Korea’s military said, two days after the North threatened to take “momentous” action to

Japan | Economy shrinks 7% in last quarter, risks recession

Japan’s economy contracted at a dismal 7.1% annual rate during the October-December period, worse than the initial estimate, raising fears the world’s third largest economy could

Thailand does the once unthinkable by hindering Chinese tourism

Thailand is hindering Chinese tourists because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, normally an unthinkable step for a country that relies on their spending for economic growth.

Japan’s ancient sport sumo grapples with coronavirus

Japan’s ancient sport of sumo is grappling with the harsh reality of the coronavirus outbreak. The Spring Grand Sumo Tournament kicked off yesterday in

Philippines | Police chief, seven others injured in chopper crash

A helicopter carrying the Philippine national police chief and seven other people crashed after hitting a power cable on takeoff yesterday, critically injuring two other generals on board. Gen. Archie Francisco

Koreas | Kim expresses condolences over virus in the South

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent a personal letter to South Korean President Moon Jae-in to express his condolences over a soaring viral outbreak, Seoul officials said yesterday. It wasn’t

India restores full internet access in Kashmir for two weeks

Indian authorities yesterday temporarily revoked a ban on social media sites and restored full internet access in disputed Kashmir for two weeks, seven months after they stripped the restive region

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