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  * Movies: White Boy Rick * Book: Leave No Trace: a Novel by Mindy Mejia * Music: The Crossing by Alejandro Escovedo * Wine:

McConaughey gives heart to ‘White Boy Rick’

There’s a “where are they now” at the end of “White Boy Rick ,” an astonishing true story about a teenager in a rough part of Detroit

‘Leave No Trace’ looks at mental health recovery

A young woman’s determination to overcome her past mental problems tests her resolve when she becomes involved in the high-profile case of a violent young man in

Alejandro Escovedo’s passions elevate ‘The Crossing’

Drawing up a family tree of Alejandro Escovedo’s lengthy career results in a small forest with branches spread out across punk, rock and alt-country. Now 67, he’s

News of the World | Experts restore what might be oldest house in Mexico

The plain, one-story stone-linteled structure sat hidden in plain sight for hundreds of years behind generations of street vendors hawking goods from stands outside its thick old

The Epicentre of Scotch

Situated at the northeastern corner of Scotland, Speyside stretches from Inverness in the west to River Deveron in the east. It is named after River Spey, by some

FOOD & BEVERAGE | Swedish chef presents fusion cuisine at Wynn

Wynn has introduced its second “Wynn Guest Chef Series” chef this year; a series that invites chefs and mixologists to collaborate with its in-house staff to present

From penny press to Snapchat

* Movies: The Nun * Book: Bones of Brooklyn by Ira Gold * Music: Karma for Cheap by Aaron Lee Tasjan * Wine: The Well of Mary; or, Safe Haven * F&B: Brasserie introduces

In ‘The Nun,’ what evil lurks beneath a habit

As frightening as the “The Nun” is, it doesn’t hold a candle to today’s real-life horrors in the Catholic Church. But while a new generation of

Reluctant mobster pulled back in ‘Bones of Brooklyn’

Howard Fenster, son of a bookkeeper for the Mafia, has been “in the life” since he was 10. But now, he and his girlfriend, Ariel, have fled,

Engaging pop potpourri from Aaron Lee Tasjan

When performing on a cruise ship, Aaron Lee Tasjan has been known to play New York Dolls music that sends listeners fleeing for the exits. The amusing

News of the World | Parents fret through the ages from penny press to social media

When Stephen Dennis was raising his two sons in the 1980s, he never heard the phrase “screen time,” nor did he worry much about the hours

The Well of Mary; or, Safe Haven

Covering approximately 78,000sqkm, Scotland has some 10,000km of coastline, in addition to nearly 800 islands around the perimeter of its mainland. Somewhat counterintuitively, those islands situated in the

KitchenWise | Brasserie introduces cuisine from west of France

                                                                                        The Parisian Macao’s signature Brasserie restaurant has launched a regional French set menu, A Journey to the West and Loire Valley, made available until October 31. Bringing

It’s All About the Books

  * Movies: Mile 22 * Book: Vox by Christina Dalcher *Music: Weed Garden by Iron & Wine * Wine: The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg IX * KitchenWise: A mushroom burger glorified by chilies and cheese   DOWNLOAD

Wahlberg and Berg’s ‘Mile 22’ is a dizzying assault

Mark Wahlberg’s “Mile 22” character James Silva has a tick where he snaps a yellow rubber bracelet against his wrist. He does this many, many times throughout

‘Vox’ explores world where women can’t talk freely

Christina Dalcher brings this scenario to life in her debut novel “Vox.” Fueled by the disorder and turbulence of America’s current political climate, Dalcher creates a

Iron & Wine retains intimacy on 6-song ‘Weed Garden’

For fans of Iron & Wine, it’s Christmas in August. “Weed Garden” is a six-track EP including songs written by Sam Beam mostly while working toward his

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