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  * Movies: Lion King * Books: Raised in Captivity by Chuck Klosterman * Music: King’s Mouth: Music and Songs by The

‘Lion King’ returns but it’s harder to feel the love

Life moves in a circle, “The Lion King” tells us, and, increasingly, so does studio moviemaking. Close on the heels of “live-action” remakes of “Aladdin” and

‘Raised in Captivity’ reveals author’s warped imagination

Chuck Klosterman seems like a great hang. He’s the guy at the party who has everyone spitting out their drinks as they laugh while trying to swallow

The Flaming Lips’ concept album will blow your mind

The new album by The Flaming Lips is a head trip — literally. The ever-evolving, mind-blowing alt-rockers have somehow upped their game with a concept album

Comic-Con at 50: Bigger than ever, but at what cost?

No one expected their culture would ever become mainstream when a few hundred comic book and science fiction enthusiasts and creators gathered in the basement of a

F&B | Venezuelan migrants take arepas to new lands amid crisis

Venezuelans like to jest that their beloved arepas are so widely consumed that babies come out of the womb with the corn flatbreads already in hand.

Who owns the moon

* Movies: The Farewell * Books: Last Witnesses: An Oral History of the Children of World War II by Svetlana Alexievich * Music: Solutions by K.Flay * Food: Flavors of Penang at The

A lovely, bittersweet family story in ‘The Farewell’

The premise behind writer and director Lulu Wang’s wonderful film “The Farewell “ might be a little hard to accept for some audiences. A family collectively decides

‘Last Witnesses’ offers children’s memories of WWII

Does anyone suffer more in wartime than a child? All they know is at risk — parents, siblings, neighbors, homes, schools, even pets. All too soon they

K.Flay celebrates all her sides on CD ‘Solutions’

It’s always been hard to pin down K.Flay’s music. She’s a bit of a sonic chameleon, mixing elements of hip-hop, rock and indie pop with moods that

News of the World | Who owns the moon? A space lawyer answers

Most likely, this is the best-known picture of a flag ever taken: Buzz Aldrin standing next to the first U.S. flag planted on the Moon. For those

F&B | Flavors of Penang showcased at the Feast

While every state in Malaysia has their own style of curry, the buffet promises authentic curry dishes from Penang specifically in a bid to allow visitors

25th Essence Festival | In Essence, girls trip

  * Movies: Spider-Man: Far From Home * Books: Big Sky by Kate Atkinson * Music: Down to the River by Allman Betts Band * Food: Edomae Sushi at MGM Macau   DOWNLOAD

News of the World | Essence Fest marks 25 years of celebrating black culture

Launched to mark the 25th anniversary of black-owned Essence magazine, the festival has become a yearly celebration to highlight excellence in business, fashion, entertainment, and, of course, music.

Artisan presents art of edomae sushi

MGM is presenting traditional sushi crafted by renowned Michelin-starred sushi master Hiroyuki Sato, now the chef-owner of sushi restaurant Hakkoku in Tokyo. Previously the chef of sushi

A vile conspiracy is taken down in novel ‘Big Sky’

Former soldier and policeman Jackson Brodie, who last appeared nine years ago in "Started Early, Took My Dog," makes his long-anticipated return in Kate Atkinson's new novel, "Big

‘Spider-Man’ swings again with a successful sequel

Peter Parker might be forgiven for craving a vacation as "Spider-Man: Far From Home" begins. After an emotional and strenuous last few movies with the Avengers, a break

The City’s Feast

  * Movies: Shaft * Books: Black Mountain by Laird Barron * Music: Far Away from Any Place Called Home by Joanna Wallfisch * Travel: new approach to travel     DOWNLOAD

Toxic masculinity in a sitcom package in ‘Shaft’

The latest “Shaft,” which adds a new generation of bad mother------- to the mix, is not what you might expect. It’s not gritty or raw or even

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