Samiya | Coming home to die

  * Movies: Dark Waters * Books: Just Watch Me by Jeff Lindsay * Music: Everyday Life by Coldplay * F&B: How not to ruin that

‘Dark Waters’ plunges into ‘forever chemicals’

Todd Haynes’ “Dark Waters,” about the prolonged (and ongoing) legal fight to uncover the environmental damage of cancer-inducing “forever chemicals” and hold their corporate makers accountable, is

Jeff Lindsay has entertaining new thriller

Riley Wolfe gets his kicks executing spectacular robberies that no one else would even contemplate. His victims are always the super-rich, whom he despises as “smug, do-nothing,

Coldplay do a 180-degree turn from arena pop-rock

At the end of a year that saw musicians like Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran gingerly dip their toes into other languages, Coldplay have responded: Hold my

News of the World | Sold to China as a bride, she came home on brink of death

Sold by her family as a bride to a Chinese trafficker, Samiya David spent only two months in China. When she returned to Pakistan, the once robust woman

F&B | How not to ruin that pricy piece of meat in the holiday meal

Nothing says “celebration” like a ridiculously expensive piece of meat. Well, that’s not really true, but this is the time of year for splurging, in dollars and

South Korea’s Lost Kids

• Many children of mix marriages – half-Chinese, half-N.Koreans – are alienated and frustrated as they struggle to navigate a strange culture   * Movies: The Two Popes

In ‘The Two Popes,’ a buddy movie investments

Believers of all religions can agree on one thing: the Vatican is an unlikely place for a bromance. The novelty of Fernando Meirelles’ “The Two Popes”

17 stories inspired by great American paintings

Writers take their inspiration from a variety of sources: an unforgettable face, overheard conversation or perhaps, a painting. The well-known crime writer Lawrence Block has parlayed

All-star Mose Allison tribute hits the right spots

It may be a tired cliche to say someone was one of a kind, but Mose Allison most definitely was. A jazz and blues pianist whose songwriting career meshed

News of the World | Half-North Korean, half-Chinese kids struggle in South Korea

Song Hong Ryon looks like any other young woman in South Korea. But three years after her arrival from China, the half-North Korean, half-Chinese 19-year-old has made

Travelog | Not exactly the Orient Express, but Europe’s sleepers are back

Romanticized by movies like “Murder on the Orient Express” and “From Russia With Love,” sleeper trains had all but disappeared in Europe. Now, some of their magic

The shadow of The Wall

  • ‘The Wall, released 40 years ago, is considered by many to be one of the best albums in rock history. But it marked the last time the core members

In ‘Knives Out,’ a whodunit for the Trump era

Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out” unravels not just a good old-fashioned murder mystery but the very fabric of the whodunit, pulling at loose threads until it has intricately,

Author Lee Child explores origins of hero concept

As time passed, people began to tell each other stories. The stories probably were basic at first and then over time heroic traits were added to keep the

Leonard Cohen’s posthumous album centers on poetry

Leonard Cohen’s last album, released just weeks before he passed in 2016, was “You Want It Darker,” which had a sense of finality that made it a

‘The Wall’ cemented Pink Floyd’s fame – but destroyed the band

Forty years ago, on Nov. 30, 1979, the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd released its 11th studio album, “The Wall.” Featuring 26 tracks, two

F&B | How good is Château Lafite Rothschild’s Chinese wine, Long Dai?

What’s the ultimate status wine in China? Famed Bordeaux first growth Château Lafite Rothschild. That’s why the company’s first wine made in China is such a big,

The Baroque Connection

• The fifth edition of the Baroque Music Festival is titled ‘Connecting Worlds,’ to connect different cultures, peoples, and Macau’s heritage with beautiful music, over four concerts   * Movies: 21 Bridges *

Young priest confronts mysteries of past in Harris’ thriller

Fairfax quickly finds out things are different than they seem at first blush. The reader does, too, when Harris introduces a significant twist early in the

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