‘The Inspection,’ boot camp from a fresh gaze

Elegance Bratton is certainly not the first person to turn to the military to fill a hole in his life. But the filmmaker also knew he

Diamond of Alba

This season, white truffle is one of the most precious and luxurious ingredients sought after by serious gourmets. Throughout years of its establishment, Ristorante Il Teatro has

The Kat O 1050 Metres Sand

2022-12-03 | Sat | 14:50 Joy of Friendship did well to finish sixth first up in his first MJC outing, his first run looks

McConaughey, Kunis among mag’s ‘People of the Year’

Matthew McConaughey, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Hudson and “Abbott Elementary” creator and star Quinta Brunson have been named People magazine’s 2022 “People of the Year.” The magazine

Rolling Stones to release star-stuffed 2012 live recording

The Rolling Stones plan to release what they’re calling their “ultimate live greatest hits album,” with appearances by Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Gary Clark Jr.

Wrenching and riveting, ‘The Son’ leaves you shaken

If you don’t have children, you will likely walk out of “The Son” shaken and deeply moved. If you do have kids, you may have to be eventually

Lous and the Yakuza moves into love on ‘IOTA’

Lous and the Yakuza has peeled back the pain and drama of her debut autobiographical album, “Gore,’’ to reveal a space of love and playfulness on

Journey of wonders

For those who are into exceptional meats, fresh seafood, as well as the magic of woodfire grill and teppanyaki, MGM Cotai’s Grill 58 is the

The Kawasaki 1510 Metres Sand

2022-11-25 | Fri | 20:50 Lucky To Win did well finish second in his last outing in late October, he is in very sound form

‘The Menu,’ with Anya Taylor-Joy, serves up satire

What are we eating? A Rolex?” So quips Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) in Mark Mylod’s “The Menu” as she waits with her date, Tyler (Nicholas Hoult),

Sustainable flavour

The Lodz 1050 Metres Sand

2022-11-18 | Fri | 20:50 Famous Supreme find a good race to get in this Friday night, although the wide gate does have some bearing

Sniff and savor the ‘diamond of the kitchen’

Chef Michele has done it again. It is the time of year when several city restaurants showcase their truffle menus to coincide with the

Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest album is pop perfection

Dating in the 21st century might be a lonely time, but Carly Rae Jepsen has found a way to make an album around those experiences that’s

Reporter’s murder shows cost of pursuing the truth

The confluence of corrupt governance, poverty, drug trafficking and reporters who can be bought is a dangerous place for reporters and democracy. Accomplished Mexican investigative

The Macau Mini Fans Club 20th Anniversary Charity Cup 1500M Turf

2022-11-13 | Sun | 16:05 Yuanno ticks a number of boxes here. L.Corrales’s booking is a strong push for his connection . This N.

A heartbreaking tale of ramen and gzoya

I have always been a big fan of Wynn Palace’s Hanami Ramen for its beautiful, yet casual ambience. Hanami’s sumptuous bowls of handmade noodles paired with

The Calcutta 1510M Sand

2022-11-04 | Fri | 21:25 Kingdom Qi Feng should be fit and ready to greet his connection come this Friday night. He ran a very

A 1960s underground abortion network in ‘Call Jane’

In Phyllis Nagy’s “Call Jane,” Joy (Elizabeth Banks) is a 1960s housewife married to a defense attorney (Chris Messina) with a teenage daughter (Grace Edwards) and a

Taylor Swift gets dark, electric on ‘Midnights’

All of me changed like midnight,” Taylor Swift confesses halfway through her latest album, the aptly named and moody “Midnights.” It’s a moment on the electric

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