Writer-director Julio Torres proves a storyteller to cheer with awesome ‘Problemista’

The hero of “Problemista” sees the world differently. He’s an aspiring toy designer named Alejandro who thinks today’s toys are too fun. He proposes a toy

Sichuan extravaganza 

LANDMARK’s highly successful Tasting Mastery Series, which combines the creative talents of food personalities and acclaimed chefs, announces its first 2024 culinary adventure from now to March 31, this

Jennifer Lopez returns to her pop music throne with new album

On “This Is Me....Now,” Jennifer Lopez’s first solo album in a decade, the singer takes back her rightful place on the throne of pop music.

Pamper and Glow

For those in the know, W Macau is not only the most stylish hotel in town, but also the premier destination for prioritizing wellness and luxury.  With its wellness

Celebrating Art Basel 

Art Basel Hong Kong is fast approaching, scheduled to take place from March 28 to 30. To celebrate,  LPM Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong has created a

Dakota is fun enough, but ‘Madame Web’ is repetitive and messy

There is a lot of pretty niche comic book mythology swirling around “Madame Web,” the inspiration for the newest of Sony’s “Spider-Man” spinoffs. This

Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson imparts wise and caring lessons of love

The month of February, with its overload of flowers, candy and everything heart-shaped, is an annual celebration of that warm, fuzzy feeling we call love.

Celebration of Hokkien Cuisine

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong announces the much- anticipated opening of Ming Pavilion, a new culinary gem that pays homage to the rich heritage of Hokkien cuisine

Wim Wenders’ ‘Perfect Days’ is sublime

Wim Wenders’ “Perfect Days” is set among the crowded skyscrapers of Tokyo and the quiet urban parks that Hirayama (Kôji Yakusho) traverses daily in his job

Paul McCartney and Wings’ release bare bones ‘Band on the Run’ on 50th anniversary

At least that’s the thought behind Paul McCartney and Wings’ “Band on the Run (Underdubbed).” Fifty years after its debut, the beloved album gets yet

British Gastropub

Not long ago, Gordon Ramsay has opened his first restaurant in Macau at The Londoner. Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill is an authentic and convivial British gastropub and steakhouse and the

In ‘How to Have Sex,’ the party suddenly stops being fun

For women of a certain age who grew up being told that if they wore the wrong thing, drank a little too much, or gave the wrong

Giorgi Mikadze Trio builds engaging musical bridge linking jazz to Eastern Europe

The Giorgi Mikadze Trio’s new jazz album ends with a bit of studio conversation before Mikadze finally says, “Let’s start,” as if the group is just getting

Exploring umami

This Lunar New Year marks the launch of Zi Yat Heen’s new signature dishes for celebration at Four Seasons Hotel Macao. The exciting array of dishes starts with

In ‘The Teachers’ Lounge,’ one middle school as microcosm of a troubled world

What happens in the teachers’ lounge, anyway? When we were kids, that closed door seemed so tantalizingly forbidding, though it probably only hid some coffee-sipping, light chitchat and paper-grading.

Timeless Gastronomy

Last week, MICHELIN Guide and SJM Resorts joined forces to orchestrate The MICHELIN Star Studded Dinner – Timeless Gastronomy. Nestled within The Grand Pavilion of the Grand Lisboa

Rolling Stones live album will give you serious party FOMO

How ya doing?” Mick Jagger asks the crowd, arriving for a club gig in Manhattan. You read that right: A club gig. And how would YOU

Power of the Dragon 

Originating from the sacred Balinese symbol of love, protection, myth, and magic, the Naga dragon resides in solitude atop the volcanoes of Tiga Gunung. Witness the dragon’s

Chef Siy at Mono 

MONO, Asia’s window to Latin American gastronomy and the one MICHELIN-starred restaurant that came 41st on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant 2023 list, is

Kaluuya builds a compelling near-future dystopia in ‘The Kitchen’

The near-future is bleak for the working class of London in “The Kitchen,” a well-executed film about a familiar kind of urban dystopian nightmare. It is,

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