Coffee, the ultimate conservationist

  * Movies: Eighth Grade * Book: A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo * Music: Lay Your Head Down by Carolina Story * Wine: The Andean Steed * F&B: Conrad Macao launches ‘Summer Seafood

Click ‘like’ for Bo Burnham’s ‘Eighth Grade’

Not even Joseph Conrad had the courage to venture into that darkest of hearts: middle school. Bo Burnham’s “Eighth Grade,” however, plunges us into the day-to-day experience of a 13-year-old girl,

Author tackles sexual assault in ‘A Gathering of Secrets’

Linda Castillo’s exquisitely plotted novels delve deep into Amish life and culture using the prism of a police procedural. Without deriding or sentimentalizing the Amish, Castillo illustrates their culture while

Years of dues led Carolina Story to stellar debut

Ben Roberts comes from Arkansas, his wife Emily is from South Dakota, and they met in Memphis a decade ago. But Nashville was always their destiny. The couple’s debut album, “Lay

News of the World | Coffee and conservation: Mozambique tries both on a mountain

At Mozambique’s Mount Gorongosa — where farmers are being encouraged to grow coffee in the shade of hardwood trees, both to improve their own lot and to restore the forest

The Andean Steed

Due to various reasons, tasting barrel samples of wine is usually rarer than tasting barrel samples of spirits, e.g. brandy and whisky. For starters, brandy and whisky can theoretically age

Food & Beverage | Conrad Macao launches ‘Summer Seafood Voyage’

Conrad Macao, Cotai Central’s Grand Orbit has launched a new “Summer Seafood Voyage” dinner buffet from now until August 31, allowing guests to discover a delicious world of seafood culture

Haute Couture Week | Fashion industry’s finest flock to Paris

  * Movies: The First Purge * Book: Bruce Lee: A Life by Matthew Polly and  Sterling Hayden’s Wars by Lee Mandel * Wine:

‘The First Purge’ is depressingly prescient

This Fourth of July, we’ve got a chance to celebrate America’s birth in a very American way — watching internecine warfare, spasms of savage violence and a dark

Film favorites Bruce Lee, Sterling Hayden shine in new books

Martial arts icon Bruce Lee wanted to be known around the world, and he built the perfect platform to do so as an international film star. An accidental

News of the World | The most breathtaking creations from the top couture houses

Paris — the City of Light, lovelocks and the Seine River— was the backdrop this week in Chanel’s sublime couture collection that showed designer Karl Lagerfeld is still at

The Alpine Bastion IV

(Continued from “The Alpine Bastion III” on 1 June 2018) Juxtaposed with German and French, which serve as sole or joint official languages in 21 and seven cantons respectively,

Food and Beverage | Boutique whiskey makers fret over how hard EU tariffs will bite

In tiny Purcellville, Virginia—the state some consider the birthplace of American whiskey—Becky and Scott Harris just spent USD100,000 to build up their business in Europe.

After ban ends | Saudi women see new job in becoming drivers

*Movies: Sicario: Day of Soldado * Book: Lady Be Good by Amber Brock * Music: Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album by John Coltrane * Wine: The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg VIII * F&B:

In ‘Day of the Soldado,’ an equally bleak ‘Sicario’

There’s an oppressive bleakness to the brutal action-thriller “Sicario: Day of the Soldado.” But with faces like Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro, what are you going

‘Lost’ 1963 John Coltrane album a treasure

It’s a rare pleasure to hear this “lost” John Coltrane album for the first time. The component sounds of his classic quartet are so familiar that it’s

Historical fiction author explores world of a NY socialite

Kitty’s best friend, Henrietta, comes from an affluent family and is engaged to New York socialite Charles. Unfortunately, the marriage has been forced by their families

News of the World | Saudi Arabia Women drivers challenge wide array of traditional limits

Saudi women are driving freely through busy city streets for the first time after years of risking arrest if they dared to get behind the wheel. And with the

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