Studying men | Before & After #MeeToo

  * Movies: Love, Simon * Raw: My Journey into the Wu-Tang by Lamont U-God Hawkins * Music: By George — By Bachman by Randy Bachman * Wine: The Ceylonese Palm * KitchenWise: baked eggs

‘Love, Simon’ a fresh and classic take on first love

Some things are universal about being a teenager: The budding sexuality and sense of identity, the dramatic emotions, the profound need for acceptance and confusing inklings of first love.

A classic rags-to-riches tale

Another celebrity memoir has graced the genre, and this time it’s from a lesser-known member of the multiplatinum rap group Wu-Tang Clan. “Raw: My Journey into

Snoop Dogg takes us to church on gospel double CD

Snoop Dogg, one of rap’s OGs, has a gospel double album out. Yes, that’s right: The D-O-Double-G is doing G-O-D. A humble, peace-loving, family-centered Snoop emerges

News of the World | Academic efforts to decode men gain steam in time of #MeToo

The professor scrawls “macho,” ‘’brave” and “strong” on a crowded blackboard, apt words for someone whose book titles are littered with “masculinity” and “manhood.” He’s spent three

The Ceylonese Palm

Strategically located in the central-north Indian Ocean, the Island of Sri Lanka has perfect access to the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea – little wonder that

Kitchenwise |For a spring brunch: baked eggs in phyllo nests

With spring — and Easter — upon us, I offer a dish guaranteed to spruce up a seasonal brunch. It may look complicated, but it really

‘Annihilation’ is a trippy and frightful fantasia

"The Shimmer" is the name given to the mysterious phenomenon that, after a meteor strike, settles along a swampy coastline in Alex Garland's "Annihilation." It's an area enclosed by

Dark side of Vegas is revealed in ‘All the Beautiful Girls’

After Lily's glamorous and free-spirited parents and sister are killed in a car crash, the 8-year-old moves in with her aunt and uncle and leaves behind her entire universe

Joan Baez’s expressive talent intact on new album

Nearly 10 years on from her last studio album, Joan Baez delivers another pearl, 10 deeply felt interpretations about the human condition and the state of the world. Baez's

News of the World | Cracking the mysteries of the elusive, majestic whale shark

Despite its hulking appearance, the whale shark has only tiny, almost useless teeth and is sometimes so docile that entire boatloads of people can swim alongside the enigmatic, spotted

The Ebullient North II

(Continued from “The Ebullient North” on 21 July 2017: The northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna is in fact an amalgamation of two historical regions, namely the substantially larger

Travelog | In Bhutan, gross national happiness more important than GDP

Prayer flags whip in the wind, flying across steep valleys and roads. Buddhist temples, stupa shrines and majestic fortresses called zhongs dot the landscape. Giant water-powered prayer

The Big Fish

* Movies: Annihilation * Books: All the Beautiful Girls by Elizabeth J. Church * Music: Whistle Down the Wind by Joan Baez * Wine: The Ebullient North II * Travelog: Bhutan   DOWNLOAD

It’s the oscars! Best picture under shape

  * Movies: Foxtrot * Books: Down the River Unto the Sea, by Walter Mosley * Music: By George — By Bachman by Randy Bachman * Wine: The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg VII * Travelog: Atlas

Israeli family/military drama ‘Foxtrot’ is a stunner

Watching the Israeli film “Foxtrot “ is like watching a dream play out. Writer-director Samuel Maoz’s (“Lebanon”) excellent film is of course more structured than the

Walter Mosley examines issues of race in ‘Down the River’

Few mystery writers can examine issues of race — how it divides and binds people — as clearly and unflinchingly as Walter Mosley, who returns to this

Randy Bachman reimagines George Harrison tunes, goes too far

Randy Bachman, founder of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, let’s his imagination run away with 11 George Harrison songs on “By George — By Bachman,” which

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