You don’t have to live in the tropics to grow peanuts

Peanuts are generally grown in southern climes. Most come from China, India, Nigeria and the southern U.S., which all fall squarely in climates in or similar to

Perception of campus police is more negative among students from minority groups

Racial, ethnic and self-identified sexual minorities possess more negative views of campus police compared with nonminorities. That’s the key finding from a new study in which we

Intermittent fasting maybe not better than counting calories

As weight-loss plans go, it’s easy to see the allure of intermittent fasting: Eat what you want, but only during certain windows of time — often just eight

When China is a value trap and Japan a growth play

Two recent articles from Barron’s, my old home before Bloomberg Opinion, struck me for their observations on the two biggest economies in Asia. One noted that Toyota Motor

Japan joins an elite club by landing on the moon. What are others doing?

Japan landed a spacecraft on the moon Saturday, an attempt at the world’s first “pinpoint lunar landing.” The milestone puts Japan in a club previously occupied by only

With each strike, Israel, the US and Iran’s allies are inching closer to all-out war

In the last week alone, Israel has killed a senior Hamas militant in an airstrike in Beirut, Hezbollah has fired barrages of rockets into Israel, the U.S. has killed

South Korea views the young daughter of Kim Jong Un as his likely successor

The young daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seen as her father’s likely heir apparent, South Korea’s spy agency said Thursday, its first such assessment

‘Tis the season for giving: A guide for how to give, even a little

Christmas is over, but giving season for nonprofits is just starting to peak. The end of the calendar year is when nonprofits make appeals far and wide

Why Cameron is a surprising choice  as new UK foreign policy chief

As political comebacks go, former British Prime Minister David Cameron’s return to government as foreign secretary is more dramatic and unexpected than most. After unsuccessfully campaigning during

Biden’s early certitude on Israel gives way to brutal war

In the early days and hours after the horrific Hamas attack on Israeli civilians on Oct. 7, President Joe Biden spoke with stark declarations and unqualified support for

Biden-Xi meeting still on track, no major breakthroughs expected

The anticipated meeting between President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping is on track for next week on the sidelines of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San

US consumers keep spending despite high prices: Can it last?

A flow of recent data from the U.S. government has made one thing strikingly clear: A surge in consumer spending is fueling strong growth, demonstrating a resilience that has

Crypto is a small slice of Hamas’ funding — but it’s deadly

Crypto is a small but deadly slice of overall terrorism funding: Research by analytics firm Elliptic in 2021  Governments are right to take crypto seriously

IMF outlook: Mideast war adds new uncertainty

The world economy has lost momentum from the impact of higher interest rates, the invasion of Ukraine and widening geopolitical rifts, and it now faces new uncertainty from

A month after Prigozhin’s suspicious death, the Kremlin is silent

Why Yevgeny Prigozhin’s private jet plummeted into a field northwest of Moscow is still a mystery. The Russian military leaders he tried to oust with his armed rebellion

Why was Putin asked to stay away of BRICS summit?

Vladimir Putin will be the odd one out when leaders from the BRICS economic bloc of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa meet in Johannesburg this week.

A raid on a Kansas newspaper likely broke the law. But which one?

A central Kansas police chief was not only on legally shaky ground when he ordered the raid of a weekly newspaper, experts said, but it may have been

Fiction writers fear the rise of AI, but also see it as a story to tell

For a vast number of book writers, artificial intelligence is a threat to their livelihood and the very idea of creativity. More than 10,000 of them endorsed an

COVID-19 took a toll on heart health: how to help?

Well into the pandemic’s fourth year, how profound a toll COVID-19 has taken on heart health is only starting to emerge. “We are seeing effects on the

Gas prices rising on extreme heat, oil production cuts

Drivers are in for another headache at the pump as U.S. gas prices continue to rise. The national average for gas prices stood at about $3.78 a

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