Hong Kong | Police, protesters face off in renewed clashes

Police and protesters battled outside university campuses and several thousand demonstrators blocked roads as they took over a central business district at lunchtime yesterday in another

Freedom | Is not Free Tsai support group to hold concert supporting Hong Kong

A concert supporting Hongkongers’ fight for freedom will be held in Taipei’s Liberty Square by a new political coalition backing the re-election bid of President Tsai Ing-wen,

Hong Kong | Portraits of masked protesters

For many protesters in Hong Kong, identity is entwined with surveillance. Their signature masks, umbrellas and top-to-bottom black outfits shield them not only from physical

Hong Kong under siege Police shoot protester, man set on fire

Hong Kong’s leader pledged yesterday to “spare no effort” in bringing an end to anti-government protests that have wracked the city for more than five months, following

Hong Kong banks send some staff home as tear gas wafts outside

Major Hong Kong banks spent their morning telling employees to commute carefully, and by afternoon yesterday began urging them to consider going home as police lobbed tear

Bay area construction strengthened by Chinese government measures

The preferential policies and measures accorded to Macau by the Central Government of China will boost the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay, Macau Chief

Six new HK, Macau projects accepted at Zhongshan incubator

A total of six youth innovation and entrepreneurship projects from Macau and Hong Kong have been submitted at the Nanqu International Youth Technology and Innovation Park (TIP)

Hong Kong | Court convicts teen for carrying laser pointer

A Hong Kong court ruling yesterday that a laser pointer carried by a teenager was an offensive weapon marked a tougher stance by the judiciary after months

Hong Kong | Pro-Beijing lawmaker stabbed while campaigning

An anti-government assailant stabbed and wounded a pro-Beijing Hong Kong lawmaker who was election campaigning yesterday, police said, in another escalation of violence surrounding the protests demanding political reforms in

Companies around the world get hit by Hong Kong protests

Whether they sell luxury watches from Switzerland or farm hens from Mississippi, a surprising concern is occupying a number of corporate executives this earnings season: Hong Kong’s protests. An A.I. model

Guangdong | Carbon market closes higher

Carbon emissions allowances closed at 26.36 yuan (about 3.75 U.S. dollars) per tonne yesterday, 1.35% up from Friday, at the China Emissions Exchange (Guangzhou), the largest local carbon market in

Hong Kong | Police say knife-wielding attacker detained

Hong Kong police said yesterday that a 48-year-old knife-wielding man who slashed two people and bit off part of the ear of a local politician during weekend protests has been

China vows bolstered legal measures over protests

China vowed to prevent foreign powers from interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs and carrying out acts of “separatism, subversion, infiltration and sabotage.” The latest broadside against alleged foreign backing of anti-government

Hong Kong | Riot police storm malls to thwart more protests

Riot police stormed several malls in Hong Kong yesterday in a move to thwart more pro-democracy protests, as the city’s leader prepares for talks in Beijing on deepening economic integration

Hong Kong banking giants defy dire predictions amid protests

There may be protests, wafts of tear gas and the occasional burning Starbucks along the street, but inside Hong Kong’s biggest financial firms the outlook for

Stock exchange chief says China’s lack of trust hurt Hong Kong experiment

China’s plan to allow Hong Kong autonomy had “fundamental flaws” from the start because Beijing never trusted the former British colony to uphold its rule, the

Hong Kong crashes into recession as protests hit economy

Hong Kong’s economy contracted sharply in the third quarter as it entered a recession, exceeding economists’ worst estimates of the damage from nearly five months of

Hong Kong | China backs decision to exclude candidate Joshua Wong

China yesterday strongly backed Hong Kong’s move to exclude pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong from elections for local councilors, a decision seen as likely to fuel further public

Greater Bay could boost Macau’s role as ‘knowledge centre’

Macau has an important role to play as a ‘knowledge centre’ in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area project, according to Sino-Lusophone researchers present at a recent seminar in

Briefs | Luxury smuggling gang busted in Shenzhen

Customs officers in Shenzhen have broken up a gang who smuggled luxury goods and caught nine suspects, the city’s customs authority said yesterday. A total of 105 cases

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