‘There is great disorder under heaven, the situation is excellent.’

For decades, China has experienced a serious imbalance in its real estate sector. “Houses are for living in, not for speculation,” For decades, banks provided credit

Electric Vehicles: China and Europe condemned to dialogue

For 20 years, while Europe continued to push aside the issue of electric mobility and storage, China recognized the enormous potential of these strategic sectors to leverage a

Increasing Chinese investment in Portugal

According to the 2022 statistics from the Bank of Portugal, China ranks as the fourth-largest exporter of goods imported by Portugal. However, there is ample room for further

Population decline and immigration – in China and other countries

The recent Unlike many Western countries already in swift transition to a demographic winter, China and other major Asian powers (Japan and South Korea) are not using

China’s Economy and Foreign Trade in 2023

China’s relevance in international trade has been steadily increasing. In addition to its major import position in commodities, the increase in disposable income, especially of the urban middle

China’s economy and domestic demand in 2023

Notwithstanding the Chinese CDC’s Domestic demand stemming from household spending was severely constricted in 2022 due to blockades and travel restrictions. There are expectations of a

China’s economy and investment in 2023

Based on the assumption that by the end of Q1 2023, the zero-covid policy would be phased out in China, several relevant international banking groups ( What

Fourth quarter horribilis for the Chinese economy in 2022

Following the cessation of China’s zero-Covid policy last December, the rate of Covid-19 infections has skyrocketed, with Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the China Center for Disease Control and

The primacy of stability and the end of China’s zero-Covid policy

After years of maintaining a strict zero-Covid policy, the Chinese government became a hostage to it. There were several reasons for this strategy. Although

Energy transition, wishful thinking, and the erosion of democracy

One of the greatest uncertainties we are facing today is the duration of the global energy sector’s transition from fossil fuels – including oil, natural gas, and coal

Unrealistic targets and the energy transition

After years of dragging its feet, Western public opinion demands progress towards decarbonization. One of the best examples is the International Energy Agency (IEA) report on “

The US decoupling from China

Globalization has relocated countless companies and vast capital to China. Many supply chains depend on Chinese companies, as we saw when medical and sanitary supplies were needed to

OPEC, US, Saudi Arabia and the cutback of oil production

On October 5, OPEC+ decided to reduce oil production by two million barrels per day (b/d). OPEC lowered its 2022 global oil demand growth forecast for the fourth

Nord Stream sabotage and the divide in the West

On 26 and 27 September, four explosions in Danish and Swedish waters destroyed parts of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. According to The Nord Stream pipelines

How to fight the ‘fratelli’ of the  anti-system

The growth of the far right in Europe is causing hysteria and conceptual misunderstandings. They are ultranationalist, sovereigntist, racist, intolerant of immigrants and refugees, and advocate for the primacy

The dilemmas of balancing Sino-Australian relations

Australia has a sui generis evolution — from being Terra Australis Incognita to a penitentiary settlement, to “the lucky country” (due to an abundance of resources and distance

Smart power with Chinese characteristics

In terms of hard power, China has, first of all, the size of its economy and the strength of its domestic market. In addition, the competitiveness of goods

‘Let’s eliminate nuclear weapons before they eliminate us’

We've known for several decades that there is no way for our civilization and most life on the planet to survive a nuclear war, even a limited one, and the

‘State capitalism’, the private sector and the CPC in China (II)

China's openness and reform policy was initiated in 1979, but only in the late 1990s did it begin to privatize and significantly reduce its state-owned enterprises (SOE) sector. In the

‘State capitalism’, the private sector and the CPC in China (I)

The economic system in China has been described as one of "state capitalism," i.e. a market economy predicated on competition among state-owned enterprises. However, the system is a mixed one,

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