News of the World | Experts restore what might be oldest house in Mexico

The plain, one-story stone-linteled structure sat hidden in plain sight for hundreds of years behind generations of street vendors hawking goods from stands outside its thick old

News of the World | Parents fret through the ages from penny press to social media

When Stephen Dennis was raising his two sons in the 1980s, he never heard the phrase “screen time,” nor did he worry much about the hours

News of the World | Fall book releases include topical works for all ages

I think that people need stories to help us understand our place in the world and remember that we’re part of something bigger,” says Barbara Kingsolver,

News of the World | Small firms thrive as customers seek more unique clothing

Claudio Belotti knows he cut the denim that became the jeans Meghan Markle wore on one of her first outings as the fiancee of Britain’s Prince Harry. That’s because

News of the World | Google tracks your movements, like it or not

An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you’ve used privacy settings that say they

Travelog | Solar cookout aims to woo traditional chefs, cut carbon

The savory aromas of roasting hot dogs and chicken kebabs wafted out of metal and glass vacuum tubes heated by mirrors curved to capture the sun’s heat. Two

News of the world | Day after escape, Mexico crash survivors resume travel

Just a day after a harrowing escape from a crashed and burning Aeromexico jetliner, many of its 103 passengers and crew went to work on resuming

News of the World | For US pot companies, Canada is the land of opportunity

Green Thumb Industries had a business plan, expertise and plenty of ambition to grow its marijuana business. What the Chicago-based company didn’t have was access to

Travelog | Travel agents: How to find a good one and how they can help

Erika Richter, communications director for the American Society of Travel Agents, joined this week’s episode of the AP Travel podcast “Get Outta Here!” to explain how travel

News of the World | Coffee and conservation: Mozambique tries both on a mountain

At Mozambique’s Mount Gorongosa — where farmers are being encouraged to grow coffee in the shade of hardwood trees, both to improve their own lot and to restore the forest

News of the World | The most breathtaking creations from the top couture houses

Paris — the City of Light, lovelocks and the Seine River— was the backdrop this week in Chanel’s sublime couture collection that showed designer Karl Lagerfeld is still at

News of the World | Saudi Arabia Women drivers challenge wide array of traditional limits

Saudi women are driving freely through busy city streets for the first time after years of risking arrest if they dared to get behind the wheel. And with the

Russia | Political tensions set aside during World Cup

Chilly, gray, threatening. To many outsiders, that’s the image Russia conveys to the world. But that’s not the Russia World Cup fans are discovering. A Moscow

Travelog | Tourism at a Guatemala volcano: Visitors feel the heat from the still-smoldering lava

  Tourists reached out to feel the heat from the still-smoldering lava, tossed sticks to see them burst into flames or watched a guide toast marshmallows on hot rocks as they

Travelog | Are old-fashioned road trips trendy again?

Surveys show they’re on the rise. Websites, newspapers, magazines and even books are featuring road trips like they’re the next big thing — even though they’re

News of the World | Ailing Thai beach made famous by Hollywood closes to tourism

After today, the daily influx of dozens of boats and thousands of visitors unsuccessfully scrambling for an unspoiled view of Maya Bay’s emerald waters and glistening white

Travelog | Wonder Woman coaster, Pixar Pier add thrills to parks

Orlando, Florida, doesn’t have a lock on theme park news this summer. Sure, Toy Story Land at Disney World and a new “Fast & Furious”

Royals | A tolerant view of divorce marks new era

Divorce has bedeviled Britain’s royal family for centuries. It has created problems not only when Prince Charles and Princess Diana ended their marriage in the most

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