Cambodia | Chinese influx stirs resentment in Sihanoukville

It’s against the law for Cambodians to gamble. Yet in Sihanoukville, a once-sleepy resort town where three dozen casinos have sprung up, most in the

Pearl Horizon | Buyers call for refund and meeting with developer

A group of approximately 70 Pearl Horizon buyers gathered at the Polytec Asset Holdings Limited headquarters to request a meeting with the company’s chairman Or Wai Sheun.

Food and Beverage | Meat 2.0? Clean meat? Spat shows the power of food wording Candice Choi

If meat is grown in a lab without slaughtering animals, what should it be called? That question has yet to be decided by regulators, but for the

Food and Beverage | Sip and ship: Tourists can now send distillery whiskey home

Until recently, whiskey tourists in Kentucky had been allowed to sniff the aromas of bourbon-making and sip the finished product during distillery tours. But they couldn’t legally

Anima makes its last ‘wake-up call’ to the gov’t

The Anima - Society for the Protection of Animals in Macau is giving the government its last “wake-up call” after nine years of campaigning to call attention

Indonesian Muslims celebrate Eid-al-Fitr in town

Some one hundred Indonesian Muslims in the city have celebrated Eidal-Fitr at the Macau Mosque and Cemetery, with an Eid prayer and following its tradition

Casinos said to be preparing to join non-mandatory fund    

Macau’s Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund System has received a total of 15,215 applications from individuals for the Provident Fund Scheme. Iong Kong Lo, President of the Administrative Committee

Tourism experts suggest finding niche products in the SAR

Executives of Skål International remarked that Macau has a variety of unique offerings which have effectively attracted millions of tourists annually, yet it faces challenges in

Int’l Youth Dance Festival to kick off with 650 dancers

The biennial International Youth Dance Festival will be held between July 20 and 26, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) announced. The purpose

Edmund Ho and Lionel Leong visit Lisbon

Edmund Ho, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and former Chief Executive, met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Environment | Report shows continual air quality improvement in PRD

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Pearl River Delta Regional Air Quality Monitoring Network released a report on its 2017 monitoring results, which showed continual improvement in the air quality

Galaxy accused of secretly tracking staff social media posts

Gaming operator Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) is being accused of using illegal measures to track social media posts by their staff members after complaints over

Loi expands Australia property portfolio

Local gaming mogul Loi Keong Kuong has reportedly acquired a new property to add to his Australian property portfolio, The Australian reported. According to reports, Loi spent some MOP505.8 million

Real Estate Matters | Is diversification good? Systemic vs. unsystemic risk

Risk. Just seeing that word may have made you balk. It’s an uncomfortable and irksome word for most people, and if we think about it too long it can

Carmakers seen wasting billions on electric, autonomous vehicles

Automakers are in a pickle. If they don’t invest in electric cars and self-driving technology, investors shun them. If they do, they risk burning

China says US swinging ‘big stick’ of unfair trade tactics

China yesterday accused the United States of using bullying tactics and blackmail in threatening to impose tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese imports, ramping

HK in most ‘crisis’ danger in next 3 years, Nomura says

Emerging markets are in far greater danger of a financial crisis than their developed peers, and Hong Kong has the most to fear, according to

Xiaomi: A startup out to challenge Google, Amazon

Xiaomi, a Chinese startup that helped pioneer the trend toward ultra-low-priced smartphones, is preparing for what would be the biggest initial public offering since e-commerce

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