‘Louis in London,’ a 1968 live album, captures a joyful, late-career Louis Armstrong

At the end of his career, every note from Louis Armstrong still exuded the joy of being alive. That’s true of a live album out today

Lenny Kravitz leans on the funk with glorious ‘Blue Electric Light’

The bass is banging, the guitars are shrieking and Lenny Kravitz is howling on “Blue Electric Light,” the rocker’s best stuff in years, offering a welcome blast

Sebastian Bach’s ‘Child Within the Man’ makes case for Skid Row reunion

Sebastian Bach’s latest solo album, “Child Within the Man,” is a reminder that every once in a while, a man and a moment meet. This is

Taylor Swift’s ‘Tortured Poets’ is great sad pop, meditative theater

Who knew what Taylor Swift’s latest era would bring? Or even what it would sound like? Would it build off the moodiness of “Midnights” or the folk

Pet Shop Boys have done it yet again with catchy and bittersweet ‘Nonetheless’

Once upon a time, on Pet Shop Boys ‘ first single, “West End Girls,” vocalist Neil Tennant sang the lines, “We’ve got no future / We’ve

Jazz pianist Fred Hersch creates subdued, lovely colors on ‘Silent, Listening’

Jazz pianist Fred Hersch fully embraces the freedom that comes with improvisation on his solo album “Silent, Listening,” spontaneously composing and performing tunes that are often without melody,

Vampire Weekend’s frenetic, challenging album is an ode to New York

American rock band Vampire Weekend returns with their most challenging record to date, the frenetic “Only God Was Above Us.” It’s like a musical shot of

NCT Dream try to pin down a vibe in latest EP

When is a good dream not a great dream? When you don’t remember it in the morning. When is a good album not a great album?

‘Newshawks in Berlin’ illustrates tough choices news organizations face in wartime

Journalism is often referred to as the first draft of history, especially when covering war and international conflicts. “Newshawks in Berlin: The Associated Press and Nazi

MGMT’s ‘Loss of Life’ is a nostalgic return full of hope and heart

They say trends make a cyclical comeback every 20 years. MGMT, an American rock band formed by singers Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser in 2002,

Brooks’ Austen-esque WWII novel has romance, betrayal and a touch of macabre

“The Woman in the Sable Coat” primarily takes place in a small village outside of English author Elizabeth Brooks’ native Chester, though reaching as far as

Jennifer Lopez returns to her pop music throne with new album

On “This Is Me....Now,” Jennifer Lopez’s first solo album in a decade, the singer takes back her rightful place on the throne of pop music.

Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson imparts wise and caring lessons of love

The month of February, with its overload of flowers, candy and everything heart-shaped, is an annual celebration of that warm, fuzzy feeling we call love.

Paul McCartney and Wings’ release bare bones ‘Band on the Run’ on 50th anniversary

At least that’s the thought behind Paul McCartney and Wings’ “Band on the Run (Underdubbed).” Fifty years after its debut, the beloved album gets yet

Giorgi Mikadze Trio builds engaging musical bridge linking jazz to Eastern Europe

The Giorgi Mikadze Trio’s new jazz album ends with a bit of studio conversation before Mikadze finally says, “Let’s start,” as if the group is just getting

Rolling Stones live album will give you serious party FOMO

How ya doing?” Mick Jagger asks the crowd, arriving for a club gig in Manhattan. You read that right: A club gig. And how would YOU

New live jazz album of 1964 performances by Bill Evans trio sings and swings

European classical music is at the foundation of Evans’ distinctive sound, and “Tales — Live in Copenhagen (1964)” features previously unreleased recordings from his first European tour. The

Bob Dylan’s ‘The Complete Budokan 1978’ box set is a welcomed release, flute and all

Bob Dylan with flute and saxophone isn’t for everyone. But that’s what you get with “The Complete Budokan 1978,” a deluxe box set presenting two

Chinese boy band WayV prove their mettle with second album ‘On My Youth’

SM Entertainment’s Chinese boy band WayV have come out with guns blazing on their sophomore album, “On My Youth.” It’s no small feat for the six-piece

The Rolling Stones show time’s (still) on their side

Near the end of the exultant “Sweet Sounds of Heaven,” the penultimate track on The Rolling Stones’ terrific new album “Hackney Diamonds” (yes, NEW), we hear what

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