US lawmakers’ trip made with troublemaking intent

A US bipartisan delegation of seven lawmakers, headed by Republican representative Michael McCaul and including former House speaker Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic Party, arrived in the Himalayan

Canberra taking steps in the right direction

Premier Li Qiang’s ongoing visit to Australia, which started on Saturday following his successful visit to New Zealand, looks set to further strengthen Beijing and the Anthony Albanese

Visits aim to strengthen exchanges and trust, and deepen cooperation

Chinese Premier Li Qiang is in New Zealand on an official visit, the first leg of his third overseas trip of the year that will also take him

No room for interfering in Taiwan question

Despite the discussions about the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, the main focus of attention of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore over the weekend was on the Asia-Pacific

Sino-Arab spirit of solidarity will carry forward

China and Arab states enjoy a long history of friendly exchanges. But their relations are now the best they have ever been, the two sides having nurtured a

Goodwill should be turned into actions for trilateral cooperation and exchanges

Even those trying to sow discord among the three neighbors in recent years cannot deny the fruitful outcomes of the first Trilateral Summit Meeting of China, Japan and

External support for radical separatist a dead-end

To uphold the one-China principle and the sanctity and authority of relevant United Nations General Assembly resolutions, China has decided not to approve the Taiwan island’s participation in

Whatever support secessionists get, ‘independence’ ain’t going to happen

By announcing a new round of sanctions on three US companies for their involvement in arms sales to China’s Taiwan island on Monday, Beijing has sent an unmistakable

Washington breaching its legal commitments

For a long time, the United States has openly claimed that preserving the “status quo” across the Taiwan Strait is in its, and every stakeholder’s, best interest. In

Biden unwisely dons the mantle of ‘tariff man’

When asked at a news conference in Stockholm whether they support the European Union following the United States in slapping punitive tariffs on Chinese electric cars, along

Hungary and China working together to raise their ‘homecoming’ relations to new heights

The “welcome home” greeting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban extended to visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping upon his arrival at Budapest Airport on Wednesday night highlights the friendly

Good Sino-French past offers great future

Over the years, France-China relations have been steadily improving. The announcement that the Chinese leader will pay a state visit to France in early May amid one of

Musk’s visit exposes malignancy of Washington’s ‘overcapacity’ claim

Coming hard on the heels of the rather gloomy visit by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, whose agenda for his trip seemed to be to hype up

People-to-people exchanges key to ties

The Doolittle Raid in World War II has been, and always will be remembered as a testament to enduring friendship between China and the United States. On

Aid bills’ intention to contain China belies US’ commitment to repairing bilateral tie

Although the two military aid bills regarding Ukraine and Israel caught the attention of the world, the two other bills in the aid package the United States House

China-Vietnam hotline sets example for handling of maritime disputes

That China and Vietnam have agreed to establish a hotline between the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Southern Theater Command and the Vietnamese navy reflects the strategic mutual trust

Chinese economy will continue to defy its ill-intentioned critics

Nicholas R. Lardy, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, published an article on the website of Foreign Affairs last week titled “China Is Still Rising-Don’t

Visit opportunity to reinforce common ground

Strengthening Sino-German economic cooperation, rebalancing the trade relations between the European Union and China, and seeking solutions to hotspot issues are reportedly the three goals of German Chancellor

Asia-Pacific countries should uphold their consensus on unity of purpose

As was recognized and reaffirmed by all the participants at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Meeting in San Francisco in November, a shared commitment to inclusiveness has been

Ditching the lecturing in favor of listening may open the way to less strained relations

While it is undoubtedly an encouraging sign of serious shared interest in stabilizing their relations, as well as the pragmatism present in both sides’ approaches to the rocky

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