Any plot to use Xinjiang against China is doomed to failure

It is no secret that the United States has been demonizing Xinjiang in a bid to curb China’s development, nor is there any doubt that all such

The same but different: Australia elects a new government

Australia’s election returned the result of the Australian Labor Party coming to power. At this point it’s unsure whether the Labor Party will be able to secure a

Shame on smearers of dynamic clearing policy

That the world has recovered from previous pandemics is by no means a reason that people should do nothing and simply wait for the current pandemic to run

Washington’s liaisons dangerously imprudent

Relations between China and the United States are in a very bad shape now. Perhaps the worst they have been since diplomatic relations were established in 1979.

Banking on getting illusory US protection ruinous gamble for Taiwan secessionists

In recent years, the annual “Han Kuang” military exercises staged by the Taiwan island’s “defense forces” have been plagued by embarrassing mishaps. Last year, the command center even

India’s wheat ban alert of global famine

India banned wheat exports on Saturday with immediate effect, citing food security risks. Indian Commerce Secretary B.V.R. Subrahmanyam said the ban has been imposed “in order to manage

Regional stability the key for Marcos to tap opportunities

Neighbors facing each other across the sea and partners through thick and thin, China and the Philippines have made joint efforts over recent years to consolidate and enhance

Nucleic acid testing for people’s own good

The fight against the novel coronavirus in Beijing continues, with the capital reporting 50 new confirmed cases on Monday. To cut the chain of transmission of the more

Historical mission for younger generation to realize the cause of national rejuvenation

The future of the world is in the hands of the younger generation. A nation can be full of hope that it will enjoy a bright future when

Greater efforts required to strike right balance

The central decision-makers have made it clear that “lying flat” and “co-existence” with COVID-19 are not an option for the country, and the efficient “dynamic clearing” policy should be

Pandemic fight boost Sri Lanka-China ties

The friendship between the island country of Sri Lanka and China has been nurtured through the maritime Silk Road for centuries. Today, the two countries have close relations

US the one that doesn’t want to talk

In an interview with Voice of America last week, George Friedman, the US geopolitical forecaster and strategist, said that, “I think the reality that China needs to face

Dynamic clearing most cost-reducing approach

Beijing announced 22 new novel coronavirus infections on Tuesday, raising the total number to 92 since the virus was detected in the capital on Friday. The authorities

Proper trash disposal can help us win fight against virus

Several Chinese cities and provinces are facing a novel coronavirus resurgence, with strict pandemic prevention and control measures, even lockdowns if necessary, being implemented in places where infection

Well-designed coupons can help increase consumption

China’s GDP grew 4.8 percent in the first quarter of this year despite the pressures of a complicated and grimmer international environment and rising COVID-19 infections in some

Dynamic clearing the option that puts people’s  lives first

No matter how many countries choose to co-exist with the novel coronavirus, China will continue to stick to its tried and proved dynamic clearing policy, as that remains

Washington’s  new attempt  to pit ASEAN against China

United States President Joe Biden will host a special summit for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations leaders on May 12 and 13 in Washington, according to a

Gift exchanges must be made simpler to help end corruption

The Chinese people are finding it increasingly difficult to prepare gifts for friends and relatives on special occasions including festivals. If a gift is very expensive, it could

Fight against virus more targeted and meticulous

How to balance the preventive measures for the control of the novel coronavirus and residents’ needs for daily necessities is proving to be a challenge for many local

Unified domestic market will help nation propel  high-quality economic growth

The central authorities on Sunday released a guideline on accelerating the building of a unified domestic market that is open, highly efficient, rules-based, and fair for all competitors.

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