Better Sino-EU relations a global stabilizer

Meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Saturday on the sidelines of the annual G20 Summit in New Delhi, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said that:

Kim Jong Un hosts Chinese and Russian guests at N. Korea’s 75th anniversary celebration

North Korea invited visiting Chinese delegates and Russian artists to a paramilitary parade featuring rocket launchers pulled by trucks and tractors, state media said Saturday, in leader Kim

US must heed call to turn South China Sea into sea of peace, friendship and cooperation

The United States conducted a joint naval sail with the Philippines in the South China Sea on Monday, an obvious provocative move considering the tensions between China and

Exquisite dining creates a sizzling new trend in China

Few individuals have shown greater enthusiasm for the culinary arts than Tian Zeyu, a chef hailing from southwest China’s Guizhou Province. This culinary master has been celebrated for

US’ cybersecurity warning is more misinformation as part of its plans

The United States is known to be the world’s biggest cyber threat. The US National Security Agency has been revealed to be involved in various global surveillance

National compliance key to biological weapons ban

With the Ukraine crisis having led to talk about the possibility of using unconventional weapons, the second meeting of the Working Group on the Strengthening of the Biological

Manila should not let unprincipled prodding push it to ‘daredevil’ folly

When it comes to the territorial disputes between China and the Philippines, or any other Southeast Asian nation, in the South China Sea, that the former is bigger

No easy solution to repair Sino-Australian ties

The Australian Embassy in China has reportedly extended an invitation to Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit Australia. The expected visit would be a “return visit” following

Rating downgrade reflects bad governance

Fitch Ratings lowered the United States’ long-term credit rating to AA+ from its top mark of AAA on Tuesday. The agency, one of the three major credit rating

France sets example against ‘decoupling’

Among the Western powers, France has distinguished itself with its diplomatic foresight and strategic autonomy, especially when it comes to handling relations with China. That France has always

Chengdu showcases Chinese charm while embracing the world with Universiade

The 31st FISU World University Games, or Summer Universiade, which kicked off in Chengdu, Sichuan province, on Friday and will continue till Aug 8, promises to be a

BRICS acts for collective good of Global South

The BRICS platform, which began life as a dialogue mechanism for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has evolved into a key platform for cooperation among the

‘Chip war’ spurs telling cry of alarm

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s warning that projects such as Intel’s planned factory complex in Ohio will be much less necessary if the Joe Biden administration doesn’t “pause” before

Justified countermeasures to ‘coercive’ practices

Some US lawmakers have recently accused Beijing of using “coercive economic practices” to achieve worldwide dominance over the United States. These accusations were reiterated at a hearing

As 52 years ago, vision and action required for breakthrough in ice-locked relations

Meeting with former United States secretary of state Henry Kissinger in Beijing on Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that 52 years ago when the world was at

Critical stage for building a beautiful China calls for country’s firm resolve

While some foreigners might regard China’s insistence on the construction of an “ecological civilization” as merely paying lip service to environmental and ecological protection, the remarkable changes that

New drivers of growth set to prove their potential

The Chinese economy has gradually entered a stage of restorative growth after the pandemic and will shift to expansionary growth as it gradually returns to a normal track

Why Yellen’s visit to China wins recognition from both countries

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently concluded her visit to China, summarizing conversations during the four-day trip as “direct, substantive, and productive.” The Chinese side also described the

Solomon Islands resists West’s arm-twisting

Since establishing diplomatic ties with Beijing in 2019, the Solomon Islands has been under constant pressure from the “charm offensives” of some Western countries, particularly the United States

China-US climate change cooperation boon for the international community

In yet another sign that both sides are making efforts to halt the downward spiral in China-US relations, John Kerry, US President Joe Biden’s special envoy for climate

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