Apple rolls out buy now, pay later service: What to know

Apple is getting into the buy now, pay later space with a few tweaks to the existing model — including no option to pay with a

TikTok propaganda labels fall flat in ‘huge win’ for Russia

A year ago, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, TikTok started labeling accounts operated by Russian state propaganda agencies as a way to tell users they were being

Musk, scientists call for halt to AI race sparked by ChatGPT

Are tech companies moving too fast in rolling out powerful artificial intelligence technology that could one day outsmart humans? That’s the conclusion of a group of

Russia arrests Wall Street Journal reporter on spying charge

Russia’s top security agency has arrested an American reporter for the Wall Street Journal on espionage charges, the first time a U.S. correspondent was put behind bars on

Harris, in Africa, confronts painful past, envisions future

Vice President Kamala Harris yesterday stepped through the black doors of a colonial-era seaside fort and down into the dungeons, touring a site where millions of

King Charles III makes world debut as tour starts in Germany

King Charles III arrived in Berlin yesterday for his first foreign trip as Britain’s monarch, hoping to improve the U.K.’s relations with the European Union and to

Shattered: Catholic community confronts its founder’s lies

The findings of an initial expert report were astonishing: One of the 20th century’s revered Catholic leaders, who built an international movement of community care for people

Nashville shooter who killed 6 drew maps, surveilled school

A former student shot through the doors of a Christian elementary school yesterday and killed three children and three adults after elaborately planning the massacre by

Study says warming-fueled supercells to hit South more often

America will probably get more killer tornado- and hail-spawning supercells as the world warms, according to a new study that also warns the lethal storms will edge eastward to

DeSantis team welcomes contrast with Trump ‘chaos’ candidacy

Jim McKee is standing at the end of a line that snakes through five aisles of fiction inside the Books-A-Million store in Florida’s capital city. He

In Macron’s country, streets and fields seethe with protest

A big day has come for French high school student Elisa Fares. At age 17, she is taking part in her first protest. In a country

The Florence museum housing Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece the David invited parents and students from a Florida charter school to visit after complaints about a lesson featuring

Twitter hunts Github user who posted source code online

Some parts of Twitter’s source code — the fundamental computer code on which the social network runs — were leaked online, the social media company said

Tensions on the rise at revered Kyiv monastery complex

The courtyards of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra have been busy with more than just the usual worshippers, going to and from its churches in the sprawling monastic complex

Daylight savings dispute leaves Lebanon with two time zones

The Lebanese government’s last-minute decision to delay the start of daylight savings time by a month until the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan

Planets on parade: Five will be lined up in night sky this week

Keep an eye to the sky this week for a chance to see a planetary hangout. Five planets — Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Mars — will

France bans TikTok, Twitter from government staff phones

France announced it is banning the “recreational” use of TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and other apps on government employees’ phones because of  The move follows similar  The

Under oath, Boris Johnson denies he lied over ‘partygate’

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted “hand on heart” that he never lied to lawmakers about rule-breaking government parties during the COVID-19 pandemic, mounting a

Credit Suisse deal halted crisis, Swiss central bank says

The Swiss central bank hiked its key interest rate yesterday and insisted that a government-orchestrated takeover of troubled Credit Suisse by rival bank UBS ended the financial turmoil.

Boris Johnson faces high-stakes grilling over ‘partygate’

Boris Johnson is back where he likes to be: at the center of attention. But he’s not so happy about the reason. Britain’s former prime minister faces

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