Cybersecurity | Report says Russian hackers haven’t eased spying efforts

The elite Russian state hackers behind last year’s massive SolarWinds cyberespionage campaign hardly eased up this year, managing plenty of infiltrations of U.S. and allied government agencies

This day in history | 1980 John Lennon shot dead

Former Beatle John Lennon has been shot dead by an unknown gunman who opened fire outside the musician’s New York apartment. The 40-year-old was shot several times

No ‘doomsday,’ but malaria fight disrupted by pandemic: WHO

The World Health Organization said that the global response to the longtime threat of malaria has taken a hit as the coronavirus pandemic disrupted health services in

WWII 101-year-old returns to Pearl Harbor to remember those lost

When Japanese bombs began falling on Pearl Harbor, U.S. Navy Seaman 1st Class David Russell first sought refuge below deck on the USS Oklahoma. But

This day in history | 1979 Lord Soames to govern Rhodesia

Cabinet minister Lord Soames has been named transitional governor of Rhodesia to oversee its progress into legal independence. He is to enforce law and order in the

Unvaccinated Italians face new restrictions as holidays near

Italy is making life more uncomfortable for unvaccinated people as the holidays draw near, excluding them from indoor restaurants, theaters and museums to reduce the spread

Big read: Dominican Republic expels, mistreats Haitians, activists say

Bien-Aimé St. Clair frowned as the stream of older Haitian migrants pushed past him. Accused of living in the Dominican Republic illegally, they knew they had no choice but

Russia-Ukraine | Biden, Putin set video call as tensions on Ukrainian border grow

Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will speak in a video call Tuesday, the White House and Kremlin said, as tensions between the United States and Russia

This day in history | 1978 Spain set to vote for democracy

The majority of the 25 million Spaniards eligible to vote are expected to endorse a new constitution in the historic referendum. It would strip the

Christmas tree buyers face reduced supplies, higher prices

Even Christmas trees aren’t immune to the pandemic-induced shortages and inflation plaguing the economy. Extreme weather and supply chain disruptions have reduced supplies of both real

The Buzz | Israel urges hard line against Iran at nuclear talks

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett yesterday urged world powers to take a hard line against Iran in negotiations aimed at reviving an international nuclear deal, as his top defense

This day in history | 1989 Malta summit ends Cold War

The leaders of the two world superpowers, the USA and the USSR, have declared an end to the Cold War after two days of storm-lashed talks at the Malta summit. At

The Buzz | Visa CEO: COVID caused permanent shift to digital payments

Al Kelly believes there has been a permanent shift in how consumers worldwide pay for goods and services. His 91-year-old parents are a prime example. The CEO of payments processing giant

UK court backs Meghan in dispute over privacy with publisher

The Duchess of Sussex yesterday won the latest stage in her long-running privacy lawsuit against a newspaper publisher over its publication of parts of a letter she wrote to her

This day in history | 1995 Rogue trader jailed for six years

Former futures trader Nick Leeson has been jailed for six-and-a-half years for his part in the collapse of Britain’s oldest merchant bank. The 28-year-old admitted to a judge in Singapore two

USA | Student kills three, wounds eight at Michigan school

A 15-year-old sophomore opened fire at his Michigan high school Tuesday , killing three students, including a 16-year-old boy who died in a deputy’s patrol car on the way to

The Buzz | Fiji welcomes back tourists despite omicron threat

Fiji welcomed back its first tourists in more than 600 days yesterday after pushing ahead with reopening plans despite the threat posed by the newly detected omicron variant of the

UN migration agency: Covid has ‘radically altered’ mobility

The U.N. migration agency says the coronavirus pandemic has “radically altered” mobility around the world, projecting in a new report that the growth in the number of international migrants is

Covid-19 | Omicron variant brings vaccine inequity ‘home to roost’

The emergence of the new omicron variant and the world’s desperate and likely futile attempts to keep it at bay are reminders of what scientists have warned for months: The

This day in history | 1990 Tunnel links UK and Europe

Construction workers have drilled through the final wall of rock to join the two halves of the Channel Tunnel and link Britain to France. The momentous breakthrough links the UK to

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