Putin signs deals with Vietnam in bid to shore up ties in Asia

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a series of deals with his Vietnamese counterpart To Lam yesterday, during a state visit that comes as Moscow is seeking to

Colombian family’s genes offer new clue to delaying onset of Alzheimer’s

Scientists studying a family plagued by early-in-life Alzheimer’s found some carry a genetic oddity that delays their initial symptoms by five years. The finding points to

Swiss museum pulls down works by artists like Monet, van Gogh as origin of Nazi-looted art examined

A Swiss museum yesterday pulled down five paintings, including a van Gogh and a Monet, after the foundation that owns them called for a deeper look at their origins following new

Putin, Kim sign the strongest partnership deal since Cold War

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a new partnership that includes a vow of mutual aid if either country is attacked,

Ecuador stops waiving visas for Chinese nationals due to increase in irregular migration

Ecuador yesterday announced the suspension of an agreement with China that had waived visas for Chinese citizens traveling to the South American country, citing a

Singer Justin Timberlake charged with driving while intoxicated in the Hamptons

Pop star Justin Timberlake was charged yesterday with drunken driving in a village in New York’s Hamptons, after police said he ran a stop sign and veered

Before his summit with Kim, Putin vows they’ll beat sanctions together

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked North Korea for supporting his actions in Ukraine and said their countries will cooperate closely to overcome U.S.-led sanctions as he headed

Half a million immigrants could eventually get US citizenship under a new plan from Biden

President Joe Biden is taking an expansive election year step to offer relief to potentially hundreds of thousands of immigrants without legal status in the U.S., aiming to balance

78 countries agree Ukraine’s territorial integrity must be basis of any peace

Nearly 80 countries called yesterday for the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine to be the basis for any peace agreement to end Russia’s two-year war, though some

Nuclear-armed nations deepening their reliance on nuclear weapons, watchdog finds

The world’s nine nuclear-armed states continue to modernize their nuclear weapons as the countries deepened their reliance on such deterrence in 2023, a Swedish think tank

US surgeon general calls for warning labels for social media, like those on cigarettes

The U.S. surgeon general has called on Congress to require warning labels on social media platforms similar to those now mandatory on cigarette boxes. In a Monday opinion

Pilgrims commence the final rites of Hajj as Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha

Masses of pilgrims yesterday embarked on a symbolic stoning of the devil in Saudi Arabia. The ritual marks the final days of the Hajj, or Islamic pilgrimage,

Israel’s army pauses daytime fighting along a route in southern Gaza to help ramp up aid

Israel’s military announced yesterday that it would pause fighting throughout daytime hours along a route in southern Gaza to free up a backlog of humanitarian aid

Deal to use Russian assets for Ukraine as EU’s traditional powers recalibrate

A Group of Seven summit is opening today with agreement on a U.S. proposal to back a $50 billion loan to Ukraine using frozen Russian assets

A 98-year-old man’s liver was donated. He is believed to be the oldest American organ donor ever

Orville Allen lived a lifetime of service, and when he died at age 98 he had one last thing to give: his liver. Allen, a veteran

Unusually heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan will affect 200,000 people: UN

An estimated 200,000 people in Pakistan could be affected by the upcoming monsoon season, which is expected to bring heavier rains than usual, a top U.N. official warned

More than 1.5 million foreign Muslims arrive in Mecca for pilgrimage

Muslim pilgrims have been streaming into Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca ahead of the start of the Hajj later this week, as the annual pilgrimage returns

UN says violence against children in conflict reached extreme levels in 2023, including in Gaza

Violence against children caught in multiplying and escalating conflicts reached “extreme levels” in 2023, with an unprecedented number of killings and injuries in crises, from Israel and the Palestinian

Italy’s Meloni fortified by a vote that shook French, German leaders

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni hosts this week’s summit of the Group of Seven industrialized nations as the most stable European Union leader. Meloni’s German and French

Germany’s 2006 WC patriotic fervor unlikely to repeat at Euro 2024

When Germany hosted the 2006 World Cup, it unleashed an unexpected burst of national pride across the country. For many Germans, it was the first time they felt

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