Macau Matters | Hotels of the Future

Business and recreational travel have been strongly growing in South-East Asia for many years, and this trend is sure to continue for many years to come as the

World Views | Breaking up Facebook would do more harm than good

Facebook Inc. bestrides the Earth. It attracts nearly 1.5 billion users a day, commands a fifth of global online advertising revenue, and has a market capitalization that exceeds

Opinion | Japan isn’t stepping aside as China steps up

China doesn’t quite have the game sewn up. So bad is the West’s public-relations standing in the era of Trump and Brexit that it’s easy to see Chinese

Rear Window | Rumor-mongers on the watch list

Here we go again heading into normal peak typhoon season! From July all the way to September, people and government departments are keen to prevent the dire consequences

Kapok | Putting a cap

Greece roughly receives the same number of tourists as Macao;  around 32 million per year. Tourism in Greece represents about 20% of GDP and, directly or indirectly,

Made in Macao | The superstition of seven

The number seven has many representations in different cultures. From the biblical point of view, the creation of our world was done in seven days. The Book of

Animal Farm | Jockey Club and the eighth wonder of the world!

Mathematics teaches, as does common sense, that if a major investment of the magnitude of MOP1.5 billion is to be made in a company indebted by Mop1.44 billion,

Our Desk | Why Iceland proved you wrong

As we all know, Iceland and Macau have probably little or virtually nothing in common, so to compare the country with our region would be a meaningless comparison. Still,

Insight | ‘Crime of social alarm’ is in fact a gag order

The new bill on civil protection law, which proposes the establishment of a “crime of social alarm,” represents a new attack on freedom of speech in Macau.

Bizcuits | Waste not, want not

Monday morning’s video of the hygiene worker in Aberdeen, possibly in the employ of Hong Kong’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, throwing a bag of rubbish into the

Girl About Globe | Political Football

Why has the picture agency Getty been in trouble during the World Cup?  They created a gallery of photos of attractive female fans. Their post, ‘The hottest fans

Macau Matters | Coffee Recycling

The natural world is an excellent recycler – biological processes consume natural resources to live and produce waste, and other processes then further “eat” those wastes and the

Our Desk | Our addiction to waste

Macau’s addiction to waste is a troubling phenomenon, especially because such a disparity exists between what we think we throw out and what we actually do. The

Rear Window | Game of Appeals: Caution and tact highly recommended

Not knowing whether the Public Prosecution Office has filed an appeal against Sulu Sou and Scott Chiang sentencing as we draft this column… we would rather look into

Kapok | Teaching history: what for?

It is not an easy thing to win the heart and mind of the people for government officials in peaceful times. Being elected is a good start,

Made in Macao | Post-truth or indifference?

In these two years, we have seen quite a number of books and news articles published on the topic of “post-truth”. Journalists are claiming we have entered a

Animal Farm | Inflation, where are you, where should you be and where are you going!

When we talk about inflation in Macau, we enter the virtual world of estimating an indicator supposed to measure the increase in the cost of living. Such an indicator

Our Desk | Where can pregnant migrants turn to?

A family friend announced at a social gathering that she is two months pregnant - happy news for all present. Everyone was advising her to be more cautious in

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