World Views | Gaming out a contested convention

The final question at last night’s Democratic debate in Nevada, as Dave Hopkins and Ed Kilgore pointed out, was about what should happen in a contested convention — and five of the six candidates on the


When it comes to the very essence of philanthropy and its many definitions, associations (altruism, charitableness, bountifulness, kindness, humanitarianism, etc.) and manifestations (giving money, possessions, time, attention, aid etc.), we

World Views | The economic hit from coronavirus is all in your mind

Hindsight can be an asset during an epidemic: Lessons from the past help steer public decision-making and avoid repeating mistakes. Unfortunately, rearview mirrors appear to be in short supply these days. For

Animal Farm | For us to think about!

The Government has taken steps to address the current situation. These are positive measures, but most will only start to apply when this outbreak passes. And until then? What do we do?

Our Desk | Still room for improvement

At the time of writing, the government has just resumed most public services. The government had announced the suspension of non-essential services due to the outbreak of Covid-19, also referred to

The Stranger | Where is the economy?

The 2020 edition of Art Macao, an arts event spanning six months and featuring exhibitions, performances and workshops by local and international artists, has been cancelled. It is yet another

Macau Matters | Sand Stories

I love the serendipity of the Internet where it is so easy to find information that brings out something interesting that makes you rethink your understanding of how the world

Tax Matters | Major changes to stamp duty

The Legislative Assembly of Macau has passed a new law introducing substantial changes to the Stamp Duty (“SD”) Regulations and Chart. The law was unanimously approved by lawmakers


Coronavirus. If there is one word that Macau residents and the rest of China have been hearing endlessly these days, it must be this one. This epidemic has significantly affected more

Bizcuits | Extraordinary times of crises

During the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, multinationals in Asia who maintained their support for local communities and workers were the ones equipped to ride out the crisis. Their strength and

Made in Macao | The bright and dark side of Mahjong

Facing the almost apocalyptic situation in China now, citizens are experiencing a state of isolation. The emptiness on the streets is one that has not been seen for over a

World Views | How the coronavirus could help Trump

There has been plenty of talk about how the coronavirus might affect politics in China, for example by eroding trust between the Chinese public and its leadership. In the U.S., however, the

Our Desk | On the irresponsible use of social media

The epidemic outbreak has caused a lot of unnecessary racism - at least on social media - as it has created jokes and memes about how people are scared of

Rear Window | Macau delivers

Even though we cannot project the outcome of the global public health crisis developing by the minute, as we pen this column we may evaluate how the MSAR government has

The Stranger | You are home on your own

After an official announcement nearly a week ago that schools in Macau would close down until February 10 or a later date as a measure to contain the spread of

Macau Matters | Safe cities

In August 2019, The Economist Intelligence Unit published its third Safe Cities Index (SCI), which ranks 60 cities across 57 indicators covering digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal

Bizcuits | Values: The World We Want

Another show of superfluous consumption has given us the Wuhan coronavirus, threatening to knock on our doors and anything we contact. Sanitation of public facilities and directing citizens to

Made in Macao | Beginning of Another Cycle

2020 is a special year. Macau just celebrated the 20th anniversary of its handover. We enter into another decade. And this week, we are also beginning another cycle of the

World Views | Trump’s French Trade Truce Only Puts Off the Battle

Who said Davos doesn’t make a difference? As world leaders, business executives and cheerleaders for the planet descended on the Swiss resort for the annual World Economic Forum,

Our Desk | Museums

If I were a Macau resident, thinking about the good for my hometown, Macau, I would have so much to worry about this city’s “sustainability” because of the protection it

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