Our Desk | Museums

If I were a Macau resident, thinking about the good for my hometown, Macau, I would have so much to worry about this city’s “sustainability” because of the protection it

World Views | FDA risks sacrificing its standards for speed

  Today’s Food and Drug Administration moves much faster than it used to. That may not always be a good thing. A review of drug approvals by the agency from researchers at Harvard

World Views | Hong Kong Could Be a Loser From the Trade Deal

As the gateway for China’s trade with the world for more than 70 years, Hong Kong might be expected to benefit from the phase one deal that Beijing will sign

The stranger | Brain importer

The University of Macau (UM) is planning to fill up approximately 75% to 80% of its undergraduate program offers with Macau residents this year. This rate is high if one

Macau Matters | Solar Powered Railways

From my previous musings it should be clear that I am a big fan of renewable energy – we must get away from burning fossil fuels if the human race

Our Desk | Primacy of the wet market

I have not had the chance to congratulate my friends and acquaintances in the culinary industry, who have made the food industry of Macau what it currently is today.

Bizcuits | Red Durian and Heated Confusion

  Holidays away mostly bring with them some sort of clarity. Focus elsewhere usually lends an objectivity that is impossible from within the noise and mess of day to day life.

World Views | Good Riddance to Qassem Soleimani

Qassem Soleimani was never going to die peacefully in his bed. As It is a measure of Soleimani’s brashness that he nonetheless strutted around Baghdad in


The Macau SAR Budget for 2020 was approved by Law 22/2019, published in the Official Gazette in December 31st, 2019 (the “2020 Budget”). Again, as is usual in the annual

World Views | Women dominated the decade

People react so emotionally to politics, I have decided to assess the decade just past by considering something less partisan but no less illuminating: culture. Start with

Bizcuits | Gifts of Crisis

While Macau has been centre-stage of unequivocal messages of national sovereignty during the 20th Anniversary events, I am in Australia and Australia is burning. Multiple times a day, my phone buzzes

Rear Window | SARs through the Looking-Glass

First… we have to apologize for the Lewis Carrol copycat when it would be better to submit to the always fresh cliché of the tale of two cities,

Editorial | ‘Poster boy’ turns 20

“Patriotic education lays a solid social and political foundation for Macau to implement the ‘one country, two systems’ principle and guides its practice to always proceed

The Stranger | We can do better than that

The celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Macau SAR this week on December 20 is a good opportunity to remind the incoming government about certain women’s rights, which have

Our Desk | Our Desk Dì Yù Heī

I do not dare to be so ignorant as to rigidly translate a term that has recently emerged from the Chinese language and has been trending into English. Nor have

Macau Matters | River Trash Collection

One of the things I love about the World Wide Web is how you can serendipitously find interesting information and technologies. I especially like finding things that can

World Views | Brussels prepares for its next Brexit punch-up

After a year of gridlock in Westminster that has frustrated the U.K.’s attempts to leave the European Union on amicable terms, British voters have handed Boris Johnson a

Bizcuits | Plastic Bags Disincentives: One step forward, two steps back

Communities find it difficult to let go of plastic shopping bags. Check-out staff get yelled at; people worry about what to put their rubbish in; they fret about how

Made in Macao | The greatest gift of all

This is the season to be shopping. You see people making lists and thinking of buying special gifts, but it is getting harder to achieve. As soon as

Animal Farm | Why a slaughterhouse in Macau?

A bull or a cow fled the Matadouro (Macao slaughterhouse) a few days ago. I would also have done the same. What is the use of this

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