Bizcuits | The Expat Awards

It is the season for relatively new business awards. This month the names of winners in the inaugural G2E Asia Awards were published, and in its 4th year

Girl About Globe | Windsors v Weibo

So what now? I suggest Harry and Meghan go on a Royal Tour of China. A trade mission, or a piece of activism for the UK. The reason is

Views of The World | Understanding the world’s problem with tuberculosis

Tuberculosis, a disease fueled by poverty, overcrowding and undernutrition, is a global barometer of deprivation. Of the more than 4,000 men, women and children TB kills every day, most

Rear Window | David vs Goliath

The repeated biblical story of how the underdog David came to beat the mighty Goliath is a good metaphor for improbable victories as well as a good measure

Kapok | Paper tigers vs. paper planes

The Sulu Sou case has been an embarrassment ever since the youngest directly elected legislator had his mandate suspended last December 4. Twenty-eight legislators ridiculed themselves and showed to

Made in Macao | Triple celebration on Buddha’s birthday

Next Tuesday, 22 May 2018, is the annual holiday celebrating the Buddha’s birthday. What not many people are aware of is that the eighth day of the

Macau Matters | Cars of the future

I firmly believe that Macau should be a showcase for “living in the future”. The region needs a place that is innovative and creative and shows what life

Our Desk | DSEJ’s blind self-confidence

When government departments do not know how to lie, or when they do not want to lie, they make themselves look and sound funny. The Education

World Views | Open skies can clear China’s ‘Orwellian nonsense’

The Trump administration has condemned as “Orwellian nonsense” China’s insistence that U.S. airlines refrain from listing Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as separate countries. The words are strong, but

Bizcuits | Casual and laborious contempt

The most recent decision in relation to increasing the charges to foreign-worker mothers in hospital fees for giving birth at the public hospital is triple- whammy discrimination of

Girl About Globe | A Scottish Gamble for Macau?

Here’s the plan: a new casino hotel, called The Glaswegian Macau. A sister hotel to The Venetian, The Parisian, and a rival to the upcoming Cotai Sands rebrand,

Animal Farm | Certainties and methodical doubts!

1. In early April, I published my forecast of Macau’s inflation for March. The official figures were only to be released on April 20. My forecast was 1.62

Our Desk | An urgent call for new parents

At a first glance, it might seem that I am making an appeal for procreation in Macau. No, that is not the case at the moment, although the

Rear Window | Jumping into the crowd

We would like to be able to say that out of the blue, the Legislative Assembly took the bold step to recommend to the MSAR government an overall

Kapok | Toothless labor organizations

I was recently reminded that in the years leading to the handover, the Portuguese administration had expressed the wish, almost on an annual basis, to move forward with

Made in Macao | Chinese comfort food for ‘Macaoians’

During an attempt to survey the local Chinese on what they believe are comfort foods for us – as Macaroni and Cheese is to North Americans – some interesting

World Views | Baby boomers’ long reign isn’t ending just yet

Generations are an overused framework for understanding why people think and act the way they do, as psychology professors David P. Costanza of George Washington University and Lisa M. Finkelstein of

World Views | The West should beware of the Korean peace trap

On the surface it looks like the doubters were wrong. North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, traveled into South Korea on Friday to meet his counterpart. They

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