World Views | China is reopening its wet markets. That’s good

  Here’s one more issue to add to the bonfire of tensions with China brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The country is reportedly reopening its wet markets, the fresh produce stalls

Our Desk | Not enough to be alive, you must look alive

In ancient Rome, an episode occurred around the year 62 BC involving Julius Caesar’s wife Pompeia Sula. It led to the creation of the famous quote, “Caesar’s wife must not

World Views | What I learned from trying to cut my own hair

  Writing to shareholders this week, BlackRock Inc.s chief executive officer Larry Fink ruminated on how business and society will be reshaped by the searing experience of the new coronavirus: “People

World Views | Even food delivery is getting hit in virus siege

  The various levels of lockdown and quarantine across China haven’t proven a golden opportunity for the biggest food delivery and bookings company, a warning for on-demand service providers elsewhere as more of the world stays

World Views | New tests could turn tide against coronavirus—if they work

Spain wanted some new rapid coronavirus tests so badly that it bought ones that didn’t work. So did the Czech Republic. The U.K. snapped up millions of them as well,

Our Desk | (One of the) Most creative times in Macau

While the Covid-19 outbreak has been officially categorized as a pandemic, with the tally rising drastically every day around the world, Macau is trying its best to contain the spread

World Views | Nike’s Workout App Beats the Coronavirus Blues: Andrea Felsted

  As consumer groups grapple with how to cope with the unprecedented impact of Covid-19, Nike Inc., one of the world’s most successful brands, has given a useful road map. The retailer weathered

World Views | Coronavirus has turned the Facebook narrative

  The tension between the media and technology industries has long been characterized as a fight for users’ attention. The more of it they have, the greater the opportunity to sell

World Views | Why defeating coronavirus in one country isn’t enough – there needs to be a coordinated global strategy

  Policymakers in countries where there are severe outbreaks of COVID-19 are doing what they can to slow the spread and “flatten the curve.” But so far, there hasn’t been much

Stigmatizing of China is just same old vinegar being sold as wine

The novel coronavirus pandemic has become a sort of reagent test kit showing whether a government has been infected by stigmatism that makes them put their own political interests above

Our Desk | Fun Mandarin: zí

Today marks the first day of the fun mandarin series. This series will serve only for entertainment purposes. In 2019, the simplified Chinese character 梓 (zǐ) topped the list of most

World Views | A Look at Economies and Markets After Covid-19

  The 1920s didn’t “roar” until viewed from the perspective of the depressionary 1930s. Similarly, in the aftermath of the serious global recession I believe the coronavirus has sparked, the 2010s will

World Views | Face masks signal  loud and clear

  One of the curious little mysteries of the coronavirus pandemic is why Japan’s cases have increased so slowly. The country hasn’t implemented the widespread testing of South Korea or the draconian lockdown

World Views | Big business has all the advantages in the pandemic

Even if fiscal stimulus is successful in getting the U.S. economy back on stable ground after the Covid-19 crisis, the economy will inevitably be transformed. When it comes to the

World Views | The economic myths US Democrats peddled at debate

At their debate in Ohio Tuesday night, Democratic presidential candidates emphasized what’s wrong with the economy. That’s not at all surprising: The party out of the White House

Our Desk | Writing amid the 11th case

Early morning yesterday, the latest Covid-19 infection was confirmed for Macau after the city recorded zero infections for 40 days. It was not much of a surprise to me. I mean,

World Views | The Covid-19 Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 has been doubly cursed. They entered college in the late summer of 2016. A few months later their elders ushered Donald Trump into the presidency.

World Views | The last place you’d think to hide in a meltdown

As if markets didn’t have enough trouble. With the coronavirus outbreak intensifying, and the first shots of an oil price war fired, investors seem to be left with

Our Desk | Covid-19 is not like Typhoon Hato

Although epidemics are seen as natural disasters in the eyes of the law, the response from society could not be more conflicting. The best example that I

World Views | SARs lessons inoculate HK against epidemic

Hong Kong has fewer coronavirus cases than the U.S., Singapore or Italy. That might seem surprising for a city that sits on the doorstep of mainland China and has intertwining

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