Le Mans 2024 | 75 years into the 22nd century

1. Special note in the 2024 Le Mans edition for the presence of children. There were more children than ever, and they were happy. Motorsport, especially the ACO,

US lawmakers’ trip made with troublemaking intent

A US bipartisan delegation of seven lawmakers, headed by Republican representative Michael McCaul and including former House speaker Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic Party, arrived in the Himalayan

You don’t have to live in the tropics to grow peanuts

Peanuts are generally grown in southern climes. Most come from China, India, Nigeria and the southern U.S., which all fall squarely in climates in or similar to

Singapore-washing has hit a wall

Can private wealth management hubs stay neutral and discreet in an increasingly polarized world? Private banks in Zurich lost some of their shine after Switzerland decided to adopt

Canberra taking steps in the right direction

Premier Li Qiang’s ongoing visit to Australia, which started on Saturday following his successful visit to New Zealand, looks set to further strengthen Beijing and the Anthony Albanese

Asia-Pacific gaming industry undergoing a transformative shift

The Asia-Pacific gaming industry is undergoing a transformative shift, with various countries implementing new regulatory frameworks to balance growth and player protection. A panel discussion

Visits aim to strengthen exchanges and trust, and deepen cooperation

Chinese Premier Li Qiang is in New Zealand on an official visit, the first leg of his third overseas trip of the year that will also take him

Stop comparing Hong Kong to Singapore

Business travelers have been visiting Hong Kong in recent weeks, attending big finance conferences and mulling whether to wade back into China. Chinese and Hong Kong stocks are

Emigration: The hidden catalyst behind radical right’s rise in Europe

Earlier this spring, the European Parliament voted to overhaul its immigration policy to more evenly distribute responsibility among member states for managing the arrival of migrants and asylum-seekers.

For whom the media bells do not toll

Data from various reputable organizations – the Global Conflict Tracker of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED), the Uppsala Conflict

Private credit and mini-millionaires don’t mix

As fundraising from pension and endowment funds slows, private credit managers have set their eyes on wealthy individuals. The success of the $54 billion Blackstone Private Credit Fund,

Why the future of democracy could depend on your group chats

I became newly worried about the state of democracy when, a few years ago, my mother was elected president of her neighborhood garden club. Her election wasn’t

Perception of campus police is more negative among students from minority groups

Racial, ethnic and self-identified sexual minorities possess more negative views of campus police compared with nonminorities. That’s the key finding from a new study in which we

UK and US elections: two very different systems united by a common political language

Voters in the United Kingdom on May 22 learned the date they would be joining the many, many people casting ballots around the world in 2024.

No room for interfering in Taiwan question

Despite the discussions about the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, the main focus of attention of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore over the weekend was on the Asia-Pacific

Modern Times

Macau Daily Times, the newspaper, turned 17 years old on June 1st, with a new vigor, a firm stance, and the same goal as on day one: to

Intermittent fasting maybe not better than counting calories

As weight-loss plans go, it’s easy to see the allure of intermittent fasting: Eat what you want, but only during certain windows of time — often just eight

How the ‘probability revolution’ fueled the casino gambling craze in the 18th century

The first commercial gambling operations emerged, coincidentally or not, at the same time as the study of mathematical probability in the mid-1600s. By the early 1700s,

All homes grow old. China will get used to it

Chinese love new apartment buildings, my real estate agent told me last year as I was looking to buy property in Hong Kong. Seeing herself as an investment

Overcapacity of Chinese EVs and their penetration into Europe

U.S. officials have been insisting on the need for China to curb the “industrial overcapacity” of photovoltaic products, electric batteries, and electric vehicles (EVs), whose exports are estimated

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