World Views | Balkanization is bad for Facebook’s business

  The internet, once a freewheeling global network, is becoming balkanized into national spheres of influence. This could be bad for both cross-cultural communication and U.S. tech companies. China has long protected

China and the global Covid-19 economy

The ongoing situation has economic consequences, and once the markets recover, all will be right with the world. It’s a comforting thought that ignores the nature of COVID-19. The COVID-19 crisis

World Views | Divided West can do little as China tightens up on Hong Kong

  From Tokyo to Brussels, political leaders have swiftly decried Beijing’s move to impose a tough national security law on Hong Kong that cracks down on subversive activity and protest in

World Views | How everybody learned to love the euro

  The euro is at its strongest level for nearly two years on the European Central bank’s own official trade-weighted index, which compares it with a basket of other leading currencies.

Our Desk | Is food a personal preference?

This question crossed my mind when I came across this social media post debating about food the other day. Memory is vague now but I still have that image in my

World Views | The mall can’t survive if there aren’t any stores

  Rent collection day last Wednesday looked like a disaster for mall landlords in the U.K. Reeling from the coronavirus lockdown, tenants including JD Sports Fashions Plc, Boots drugstores and Primark withheld some payments pending negotiations

World Views | Make masks accessories, not annoyances

  Why all the fuss about masks? Why won’t people just wear them? “Masking has become controversial. It shouldn’t be,” former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said on “Face the

World Views | Facebook ad boycott is a worthy use of brand power

  When it comes to responding to the current reckoning on racial injustice, a trio of outdoorsy retailers are blazing a trail their industry peers should follow. Patagonia, REI and VF Corp.’s North Face have in

World Views | Wirecard scandal could give Fintech a bad name

The spectacular blowup of German fintech darling Wirecard AG, which has seen $12 billion wiped off its market value in three days, is making some old-school bankers feel

Our Desk | Way back home it is

At least three repatriation flights will occur between now and the end of the month, with companies sponsoring charter flights for dismissed workers. Recently, the terms “dismissed” or “lay off” aren’t

World Views | When to wear a mask and when you can skip it

  Science has a lot to say about the effectiveness of wearing a mask to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but the communication of that science has been corrupted by

World Views | Fear of infection hurt the economy more than lockdowns

  Until recently, it seemed like the contentious debate over lockdowns was over. By the end of May, many states were defying the warnings of public-health experts, reopening restaurants, retail and

World Views | Street vendors won’t save China’s economy

  For a decade, I lived in a leafy Shanghai neighborhood known for unlicensed street vendors who sold barbecued lamb kebabs, knock-off DVDs and (often) hashish. Local police long tolerated their

World Views | Amex may find China can live life without it

  After years of trying, American Express Co. is finally cracking into the China market. Now the hard work begins. On Saturday, AmEx got the green light to start processing yuan payments, making it

Our Desk | Fun Mandarin 3: Jiàn Pán Xiá (Keyboard Man)

As with all my previous opinion pieces, what follows is solely to provide entertainment. Today marks the third installment of the Fun Mandarin series. The highlight of today’s column will be

The real reason to pull down Churchill’s statue

Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics briefly united the world in Anglophilia. The Britain celebrated there seemed amused, multicultural, cool — the Britain of the Beatles, the

Editorial | The serpent’s egg

Police authorities have denied the organization of the annual June 4 vigil in remembrance of the victims of Tiananmen on the grounds of public health safety. Nothing really surprising. June 4

World Views | Zara’s latest fashions will be a post-Covid hit

Don’t be fooled by red replacing black as this season’s color at Zara-owner Inditex SA. The Spanish fast-fashion behemoth reported its first loss since it went public in 2001 after shutting stores during Covid-19

Animal Farm | Rethinking gaming in Macau

Edmund Ho launched the liberalization of the gaming industry just after the transition. Gaming revenues were almost insignificant in that time compared to today. At the time, gaming was already the golden

Our Desk | The wheat and the tares

In Matthew 13 of the Holy Bible, it is said that Jesus taught the now-famous parable of the wheat and the tares. For those who are not so familiar with country

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