World Views | Netanyahu may be ousted but his hard-line foreign policies remain

  After two years of repeated and inconclusive Israeli elections, the advent of a new coalition government has ended the long era of Benjamin Netanyahu’s prime ministership. Yet he leaves a

World Views | What’s the G-7? An international economist explains

  The Group of 7 is an informal group of seven powerful democracies: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The presidents of the European Commission

China Daily | Stigmatizing China just another Washington ploy

US President Joe Biden recently ordered intelligence officials to conduct an intensive 90-day probe to reinvestigate the possibility of the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic being a leak from a

World Views | Restoring land around abandoned oil and gas wells would free up millions of acres of green

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan proposes to spend US$16 billion plugging old oil and gas wells and cleaning up abandoned mines. But there’s no authoritative measure of how many of

World Views | Intensive tutoring and summer sessions may be needed to catch students up after the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to substantial reductions in student learning in metro-Atlanta public elementary and middle schools. What’s more, these impacts have grown over time, according to our new

China Daily | National college entrance examination’s big test for prevention and control work

  Starting from Monday, more than 10 million people will sit the annual national college entrance examinations across China. Given the significance of the exams to those taking them, as well

China Daily | The UAE and China: partners in innovation for a brighter future

  In a world that is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by new technologies that continually disrupt the way we live and work, developing a culture that fosters innovation is

China Daily | China shouldering its responsibility to provide vaccines for common good

  With the developed countries having flexed their financial muscles to gain pole position in the race to acquire COVID-19 vaccines, the World Health Organization’s green light to a second Chinese

China Daily | US must end hostility with China for the sake of the world

Over the past years, China-US relations have drawn the widest attention. After assuming office, US President Joe Biden used the word “competition” to describe the United States’ relationship with China

World Views | Can a vaccinated person spread coronavirus?

Researchers had hoped to design safe COVID-19 vaccines that would prevent at least half of the people vaccinated from getting COVID-19 symptoms. Fortunately, the vaccines have vastlyoutperformed expectations. For example, in 6.5 million residents of Israel, aged 16

World Views | The world should learn from India’s Covid-19 cataclysm

The first and most obvious lesson is to avoid overconfidence. A relatively small change in how transmissible the novel coronavirus is can have large, non-linear effects on how fast it

World Views | How Europe can lead the way out of Covid travel confusion

Vaccines are a huge help in the Covid fight, paving the way for reopenings in towns, cities and countries around the world. But when it comes to cross-border commerce and travel,

World Views | When to buy a Lamborghini? There’s no time like the present

For those who aspire to cryptocurrency riches, the entreaty “When Lambo?” long ago became a popular way to refer to that blessed day when you’re finally wealthy enough to buy a luxury

China Daily | Pandemic calls for unprecedented unity

  Although the sporadic locally transmitted cases appearing each day over the past two weeks might appear inconsequential in comparison to the situation in many other countries, the extreme vigilance the

China Daily | Intl’ trade fairs, expos reaffirm China’s determination to wider opening-up

Under strict epidemic prevention and control protocols, China has recently held a series of international trade fairs and expos as a gesture to the world that the country will walk

World Views | Cars are about to get a lot more expensive

Cars are about to get a lot more expensive. Manufacturers and drivers should brace themselves. The price of everything that goes into a vehicle is going up. Raw materials — from

World Views | Recycling isn’t dead. It’s booming

Recycling is “dead,” say the obituaries. And if it’s not dead it’s “broken,” “not working,” “in the bin,” “failing,” a “charade,” “a lie,” and of course “too good to be true.” This gloomy narrative has gained momentum over

China Daily | One Apple Daily keeps your IQ away

  Tuesday saw Apple Daily in Taiwan suspending its print edition. It’s such a relief to see a major source of rumors and brazen lies finally disappear. During the riots that ravaged

Animal Farm | Pragmatism

1. Macau will have to increase its efforts, and China must show greater openness, in order to reach 130 billion per year in gambling revenue in 2021, as predicted by

World Views | Can digital cash make inflation worse?

Inflation is coming. Or wait, it’s already here. Bond investors are looking at the 4.2% annual rate that U.S. consumer prices jumped to in April and wondering if it’s all because of

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