World Views | The European Union has a problem with dirty money

After a string of scandals, the European Commission has unveiled new plans to crack down on money laundering. It’s right to take this problem seriously — but its

Our Desk | Cautious optimism after Mangkhut

The response of the Macau government to what was undoubtedly the strongest Pacific typhoon of the year deserves to be commended, especially in its effective and timely communication

Bizcuits  | The last straw

Recently we have seen some concerted single-use plastic and waste activism locally; and not before time. From a petition seeking a plastic-bag ban to “plogging”, individuals and groups

Girl About Globe | Mozzie Zeus

Have you ended summer with more insect bites than ever before? I have. The current ones, inflicted by mosquitos in Mykonos, Greece, have created topographical issues on my

Macau Matters | The deluded world of air-conditioning

Living in Macau we are all well aware of the great value of air-conditioning (and refrigeration). As countries develop, the first thing that their emerging middle class citizens

Our Desk | Followers’ disease

Being a follower, as opposed to a leader, Macau is in need of some kind of new medical treatment which the world’s geniuses have not yet invented.

Rear Window | Lei Kong on trial for defamation

First of all we have to plead for your leniency on the untasteful title a la social realism, and for the very word leniency that usually sends shivers

Kapok | Ethics?

Max Weber’s famous 1918 lecture entitled “Politics as a vocation” is usually remembered for the very performative definition it gives of the modern state as being “a human

Made in Macao | When school starts

This week sees Macao’s mornings getting back to the usual hustle and bustle. A sign that the long summer holidays are over and that schools are back to

World Views | The sound of corrupt cash gushing through Europe

Europe’s national regulators are discovering the limits of their ability to police cross-border money laundering in a complex and globalized financial system that’s full of holes. As incomplete

World Views | US and China need to compromise on trade, and soon

The next round of U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports — USD200 billion worth — could come as soon as this week, after talks to avert them ended without

Taxation of companies in Macau – worldwide or territorial basis?

Business and entrepreneurial income in Macau is taxed under the “Imposto Complementar de Rendimentos” (ICR) and the ICR tax is applied to profits obtained by individuals and legal

Bizcuits | The elephant on the bridge

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB) has long been proposed (2002), planned (from 2004) and contracts signed (2009). It has long been in development, long been seen under construction

Girl About Globe | Do my cells look fat in this?

‘You’ve lost a trillionth of a gram’. One day, our bathroom scales may report this weight loss goal. And we will be happy. For years, I’ve had

Our desk | Breaking the monopoly

Monopolies, or sole providers of specific goods or services, are generally regarded as undesirable because they reduce the incentive for innovation and price competition. Few would dispute

Macau Matters | Another Effect of Rising Atmospheric CO2

To me, the modern world is largely a product of the Enlightenment – the European intellectual movement that emerged in the late 17th and 18th centuries and that

Opinion | Rear Window – Legislative Assembly: Unexplained haircut

Beyond its functions and powers, the Basic Law gives the Legislative, within an Executive-led system, the role of the president, so much so we dare to say the

Kapok | A few good men

The sacking of two liberal-minded… The non-renewal of contract of two Portuguese legal advisors, Paulo Cardinal 簡天龍 and Paulo Taipa 戴保祿, who had been employed

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