World Views | Why Maradona was better than Ronaldo and Messi

Soccer fans are fortunate to live in a time when two superstars are simultaneously making the claim to be the best player in the history of the sport — and

World Views | China makes a safe space for consumers. Will they spend?

Emerging from nearly a year of battling an economy dragged down by Covid-19 and a rickety financial system, Beijing is realizing what the most important collateral damage has been: consumers. Without their wallets

World Views | Progressives may not like Biden’s foreign policy

Shortly after President-elect Joe Biden clinched his party’s nomination in May, a group of 50 progressive organizations sent his campaign a letter urging him to commit to a broad agenda of foreign

Our Desk | Policy versus Execution

Mid-November is historically the time for the year’s review and assessment and, in regard to Macau, for the government to announce the new policies to be enforced in the upcoming

World Views | Go on, jump. A pile of soft dollars will catch you

The economic recovery from the coronavirus will have its share of false dawns. What’s unlikely to be derailed, however, is the wall of money sloshing through the global financial system,

World views | As travel bubbles begin, don’t expect a miracle

This Sunday, the post-Covid travel era will begin at airports in Hong Kong and Singapore. Two hundred passengers, prescreened for the virus, will board flights in each city bound for the other.

World Views | The only thing worse than a big default is a surprise one

In 2018, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited one of Tsinghua Unigroup Co.’s mega memory-chip factories in Wuhan, he said that semiconductor processing is the heart of a nation’s manufacturing industry. Well, that heart

World Views | Why Moderna’s vaccine win is a giant leap against pandemics

The world now seems likely to have at least two effective vaccines against Covid-19 with Monday’s announcement of positive early data from Moderna Inc.’s 30,000-person clinical trial. The result comes a

Our Desk | Beef or no beef, that is the question

I was walking by a fast food chain the other day when my attention was caught by a drop-down banner hanging on the window, facing the street. The restaurant was

World Views | What’s the cheapest way to save all those phone photos?

If you’re used to storing your photos and videos for free in the Google cloud, then this week brought some bad news: The days of unlimited storage are numbered. From June

Analysis | Why Trump fears leaving the White House

Donald Trump is the luckiest man alive. Unlike almost, well, everyone, he’s been protected from the consequences of his own mistakes his entire life. Born into a wealthy family, he was

World Views | Beijing just tore up China’s giant internet playbook

All the things that allowed China’s internet innovators to become big, powerful and hugely profitable are under threat. The implications are chilling for established players. Draft rules detailed by China’s antitrust watchdog

China Daily | China boosts multinational firms growth as Covid-19 plagues global economy

  As the world economy is grappling amid the COVID-19 pandemic, those deeply afflicted multinational firms are getting a boost in China, one of the world’s largest consumer markets, which has

World Views | Pfizer vaccine data offers real pandemic optimism

Last week I wrote that based on clinical trial math, the earliest looks at coronavirus vaccine data were less likely to succeed. I’ve never been happier to be wrong. Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE

Our Desk | Social distancing amid mega events

Following the series of measures the Health Bureau has had in place since early this year to deter the spread of Covid-19, Macau residents have been heeding the call, attributing

World Views | Hold the schadenfreude for America

An election that takes days to conclude? An incumbent who says he’s been cheated, and threatens not to leave? Armed vigilantes outside counting centers? The 2020 U.S. presidential election has been watched with bemusement

World Views | Polling failed. It’s time to kick the addiction

For the second time in a row, polling has failed to correctly assess the mood of the nation heading into a U.S. presidential election. The debacle will inevitably engender recriminations,

World Views | The Bank of England has a transmission problem

  The Bank of England meets today against the backdrop of a newly imposed lockdown that’s designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, but will also crimp the economy. For lenders who

World Views | What are the odds of a disputed election? pretty high

As U.S. Election Day nears, the possibility of a disputed presidential election is worrying a lot of people. You’ve heard the scenarios: An embittered Donald Trump loses but refuses to

World Views | The US would help itself by helping the world beat Covid-19

  Restoring America’s respected position in the international community is a powerful reason for voters to replace the current president. A return to partnership with other countries on trade, climate protection

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