World Views | China’s born-again free traders find a friend in Trump

Presume not that China is the thing it was. That’s certainly the message Premier Li Keqiang intends to convey with his promise yesterday to cut levies on

Our Desk | Stephen Hawking, the greatest fashion designer

This story is totally made up. I always imagined myself as someone who, despite having heard about Stephen Hawking, never knew anything about him except that he

Rear Window | Unstoppable machine

Given the lousy days rolling on the MSAR, we guess the mood within the unbreakable New Macau Association (ANM) party… to not say ANM’s lot of pro-democracy die-hards…should be

Kapok | Everyone’s responsibility

Instances of censorship are pretty straightforward and rather easy to comprehend. This is the realm of “black and white,” and for some, more normatively, “good and evil.” There

Girl About Globe | Never order beetroot on a date

Hail beetroot. The purple reign is here, with beetroot featuring on menus in gastropubs and restaurants. From fritters to burgers, flatbread to even beetroot curry, it is vanquishing

Macau Matters | Local primary & secondary education

The education system in Macau is unusual in that there is no standard national curriculum and most schools are non-government. Moreover, the government is happy to subsidize a substantial

Our Desk | Harassment, bullying and other forms of abuse

“Harassment” is a word that in the last few weeks and months has been written countless times, mostly in relation to the recent (yet old) scandal involving both

Insight | Many ‘blue cards’ have no other home, but are treated like coolies

In a move seen by many as discriminatory, the public hospital Conde de São Januário (CHCSJ) has proposed that the service fee of natural childbirth for non-local workers

Bizcuits | Weeping Walls and Wild Swans

March is depressing and Dark. One day, you wake up to the tears of an oppressing atmosphere. The walls weep in March. In adjusting to a new

Opinion | The art of trade war (hint – China wrote the book)

As the world’s largest economies stumble toward an all-out trade war, President Donald Trump is tweeting in all-caps, but carrying a small stick. After White House chief

Made in Macao | From street snacks to must-buy souvenirs

When we think about traditional industries in Macao, aside from gaming, we often think about the manufacturing of textiles, fire crackers, matches and Chinese cakes. While most of these

Views On China | Cool the Hong Kong peg fever (again). It’s going nowhere

Rumors of the Hong Kong dollar peg’s impending demise have always been vastly exaggerated. This time is no different. At 7.8321 to one U.S. dollar, the city’s

Our Desk | On calling Macau home

Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was civis romanus sum . Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is “Ich bin ein Berliner!”... All free

Rear Window | Polishing the judiciary

Everyone saw it coming! The Secretary for Administration and Justice’s candid confirmation that the proposal to amend the MSAR judiciary law will or would prevent foreign judges from

Kapok | Unsophisticated zealots

Some people never fail to disappoint you, or rather to meet your expectations as being the least principled human beings there are. Former dancers incapable of uttering

Opinion | How Hong Kong could scrap income tax and prosper

It may be a good problem to have, but it’s a problem nevertheless. In his annual budget speech yesterday, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan announced a

Girl About Globe | The political bite of Dog Year

Just two weeks in, and I have high hopes for the Year of the Dog. It has the potential to help with world peace, feminist issues and the

Macau Matters | Some transport gripes

Hac Sa Beach on Coloane Island was a cheap car park for Macau residents for years until they recently put in parking meters. After less than 3 years

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