Bizcuits | CSR: Sustainability or Regeneration?

The Macau Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Greater China held their first forum as reported in the Times this week. While the main focus was

Offbeat | S. Carolina man: McDonald’s sweet tea came with weed inside

A South Carolina man who went to McDonald’s for a sweet tea says he received a little extra herbal substance on the side. The Island Packet reports Parrish Brown

World Views | Boris Johnson still has a Nigel Farage problem

A little over a week ago, Nigel Farage described the Brexit deal that U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson brought back from Brussels as a travesty and a betrayal

Our Desk | Historical confusions

I am sure that by now everyone in Macau has heard enough about how 2019 is ‘the’ year of multiple celebrations. Well, hearing this over and over,

Rear Window | Face off

Once again, Macau sails through that atypical season of a quiet and uneventful brand of local politics where and when anything goes. That is to say, in the

Kapok | Macao in a Kiang Wu cup

Anybody and everybody knows the Kiang Wu Hospital in Macao. Not for its ugly architecture that scars the whole area behind the façade of Saint Paul, but rather

The Stranger | Image check

We live in a society and in times in which the power of images cannot be underestimated. In fact, this is the nature of images. They have an impact, an

Macau Matters | Spurious carbon accounting

We all know that the world is plunging headlong towards a climate disaster, and that most of the world’s leaders are studiously keeping their heads in the sand and leaving

World Views | Democracy is on the march, not in retreat

Across the world, from Hong Kong to Ecuador, Sudan to Iraq, angry protesters are filling urban streets and squares, clashing with police, smashing shops and burning tires. They do not

Tax Matters | The Service Charge – is it mandatory?

When you travel around the world and go to a restaurant, it is not unusual to find in the bill an additional 10 or 15% service charge (“SC”) over the

Bizcuits | Obsolescent mind

Obsolescence: I’ve always had to rely on the spell-checker for this one, in maybe a subconscious attempt to deny the existence of the commercial form of this phenomenon.

Made in Macao | Sumptuous Chinese banquet

From roast suckling pig to shark fin soup, to large steamed giant grouper, more often than not, we are full by the sixth dish of the never-ending traditional

Animal Farm | So powerful and so poor!

Sometimes I think that there are very unusual things going on in this world, such as the wrath of Mother Nature, increasingly sour with her s.o.b. children. Thirty-nine people

Our Desk | Let’s work on the graphics

Recently, I attended a press conference where the Identification Services Bureau announced the new design of the Macau Special Administrative Region passport. The design did not undergo a huge change,

Rear Window | Pride that blinds

Contrary to some (un)conventional wisdom, making the case for the gentle, well-behaved, realistic Macau, as against the fiery and doomed Hong Kong, we think there is no reason to silence

Letter to the Editor | Jorge Neto Valente

Jorge Neto Valente’s remarks into microphones and television cameras about a recently Those who know me will freely form their own judgments. Those who do not

Kapok | It’s the politics, stupid!

The news on Wednesday that a parking bay had been snatched in Hong Kong for the modest amount of HK$7.6 million had me gaping at the newspaper for a few

The Stranger | Ideologies of intolerance

A professor at the University of Macau (UM) has recently uttered some controversial comments about a certain inclination of “white people” – whom, he clarified, also happen to be “foreigners”

Macau Matters | A better way to make hydrogen

The Hazer group (, a West Australian based technology company, is developing a much cheaper and more effective way to make hydrogen based on original research done at the University

Our Desk | A taxi ride and the driver’s gesture ‘in the name of love’

Earlier this month, I took a taxi from the San Ma Lou BCM taxi stand to the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST). On that

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