Gov’t seeks court injunction to ban ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ protest song

Hong Kong’s government said yesterday it is seeking a court order to prohibit people from broadcasting or distributing the protest song “Glory to Hong Kong” after

Chinese ex-official’s wife says alleged repatriation pressure turned her life in US ‘upside-down’

A former Chinese official and his wife had left their homeland and kept their U.S. address private. Yet eight years later, two strangers were banging on their New

Police arrest woman accused of killing 3 young daughters

Hong Kong police arrested a woman accused of killing her three young daughters yesterday in a case that has shocked many in the city, where violent

US releases video showing close-call with Chinese destroyer

The United States military released video yesterday of what it called an “unsafe” Chinese maneuver in the Taiwan Strait on the weekend, in which a Chinese navy

US defense secretary discusses upgrading ties with India to counter China

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin yesterday discussed upgrading partnership with India, a major arms buyer, and set a roadmap for cooperation for the next five years

CIA Director Burns met Chinese officials in Beijing as Washington tries to thaw tensions

CIA Director William Burns went to Beijing in May to meet with Chinese counterparts, a U.S. official said last week, in what is the highest level

China defends buzzing American warship, accuses US of provoking Beijing

China's defense minister defended sailing a warship across the path of an American destroyer and Canadian frigate transiting the Taiwan Strait, telling a gathering of some of

US, allies clash with Russia, China over North Korea’s failed spy satellite launch

The United States and its allies clashed with Russia and China over North Korea’s failed launch of a military spy satellite this week in violation of

China and Singapore agree to top-level defense hotline

China and Singapore laid the groundwork yesterday for a hotline between the two countries that would establish a high-level communications link between Beijing and a close American

US defense chief calls Beijing’s refusal to meet unfortunate during visit to Tokyo

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stressed the importance of communication during a stopover today in Tokyo, calling it unfortunate that his Chinese counterpart is refusing to

Trial opens for three charged with aiding Chinese campaign to pressure expats into returning home

An American sleuth and two Chinese men faced jurors yesterday in the first trial to come out of U.S. claims that China’s government has

Foreign Ministry criticizes US plan for trade deal with Taiwan

China's government criticized the United States’ plans to sign a trade treaty with Taiwan and called on Washington yesterday to stop official contact with the self-ruled

CPC warns of AI risks, calls for beefed-up national security measures

China's ruling Communist Party has warned of the risks posed by advances in artificial intelligence while calling for heightened national security measures. The statement issued after

Commerce minister meets Tesla’s Musk, promises support to foreign companies

China's commerce minister met Tesla Ltd. CEO Elon Musk yesterday and promised to support the development of foreign companies, the ministry said. Musk earlier met

China responds to US complaint over plane with demand for end to surveillance flights

Beijing responded yesterday to complaints from the United States about  The incident adds to military, diplomatic and economic tensions between the sides over U.S. support for self-governing

Amnesty Int’l says Uyghur student reported to be missing did not travel to HKSAR

Amnesty International said yesterday that a Uyghur student who it had said was missing in Hong Kong after being interrogated did not travel to the

Beijing says no meeting between US, Chinese defense chiefs at Singapore gathering

Prospects for a renewed high-level military dialogue between China and the U.S. remain dim, with Beijing saying their defense chiefs will not hold a bilateral meeting

Musk meets FM Qin, who calls for ‘mutual respect’ in US-China relations

China's foreign minister met Tesla Ltd. CEO Elon Musk yesterday and said strained U.S.-Chinese relations require “mutual respect,” while delivering a message of reassurance that foreign

Crowd clashes with police over plans to demolish mosque

Beijing is calling on protesters to turn themselves in after a crowd clashed with police over plans to demolish a mosque in the country’s southwest as

Beijing expresses support for Serbia in renewed Kosovo clashes

China yesterday expressed its support for Serbia’s efforts to “safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity” following renewed violence between ethnic Serbs and NATO peacekeeping troops in

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