Hong Kong is testing out its own ChatGPT-style tool as OpenAI planned extra steps to block access

Hong Kong’s government is testing the city’s own ChatGPT -style tool for its employees, with plans to eventually make it available to the public, its innovation

World swimming body promises more anti-doping tests of Chinese team before Olympics

Chinese swimmers going to the Paris Olympics are undergoing increased drug testing of at least eight times this year before the Games, World Aquatics said

Communist Party will signal its approach to the country’s challenges at a meeting this week

KEN MORITSUGU & HUIZHONG WU, BEIJING China's ruling Communist Party started a four-day meeting yesterday that is expected to lay out a strategy for

Economy slowed in the last quarter as weak consumer demand dragged on growth

China’s economy expanded at a slower-than-forecast 4.7% annual rate in the last quarter, the government reported yesterday, while emphasizing signs of improvement in factory output, income and investment.

China, Russia start joint naval drills, days after tensions with NATO allies

China and Russia’s naval forces on Sunday kicked off a joint exercise at a military port in southern China on Sunday, official news agency Xinhua reported, days

Beijing expands visa-free transit policy to more ports

China’s National Immigration Administration (NIA) announced yesterday that the country’s 144-hour visa-free transit policy has been expanded to three more entry ports, taking the number of ports

Exports grow 8.6% in June, beating forecasts despite trade tensions

China's exports beat forecasts in June, customs data showed Friday, while imports grew less than expected. Exports grew 8.6% from the same time last year

US renews call on China to stop aggressive actions where hostilities have flared

The United States on Friday renewed its call on China to stop its aggressive actions in the South China Sea, saying a broader web of security

No contaminated oil has entered market, Guangdong says

No reserve edible oil that does not meet national food safety standards has entered the grain market or been used in food production in Guangdong province, the

China tells NATO not to create chaos in Asia and rejects label of ‘enabler’ of Russia’s Ukraine war

China accused NATO yesterday of seeking security at the expense of others and told the alliance not to bring the same “chaos” to Asia. The

Landfills brim with textile waste as fast fashion reigns and recycling takes a back seat

At a factory in Zhejiang province on China’s eastern coast, two mounds of discarded cotton clothing and bed linens, loosely separated into dark and light colors,

Views toward China diverge between rich and middle-income nations

Global views toward China appear to be divided between high-income and middle-income countries, and the gap apparently is the widest among China’s neighbors in the Indo-Pacific

China and Bangladesh reaffirm their ties as territorial and economic issues rise in region

China and Bangladesh are reaffirming their ties during a visit by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to Beijing on Tuesday as tensions rise in the region

China launches investigation in response to EU’s probe of solar, wind power and other products

China’s Commerce Ministry announced yesterday it will launch an investigation into whether unfair trade practices were adopted by the European Union in its probe of Chinese companies.

Driverless car hits a person crossing against the light in China

A driverless ride-hailing car in China hit a pedestrian, and people on social media are taking the carmaker’s side, because the person was reportedly crossing against the light.

Xi calls on world powers to help Russia and Ukraine resume direct dialogue

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on world powers to help Russia and Ukraine resume direct dialogue during a meeting yesterday with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán,

Police bust online soccer gambling gangs

While Chinese fans have been enjoying international soccer tournaments in recent weeks, police across the country have solved a number of online gambling cases that used

Activist Joshua Wong asks for a lesser sentence in landmark security case

Prominent activist Joshua Wong asked for a lesser sentence in court Friday after he earlier pleaded guilty in Hong Kong’s biggest national security case. Wong was

World Anti-Doping Agency ‘disappointed’ at US investigation into Chinese doping case

The World Anti-Doping Agency says it is “disappointed” to learn of a U.S. criminal investigation into the case of 23 Chinese swimmers who were allowed to

Leaders of China, Russia attend summit of regional security grouping

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday attended the summit of a security grouping created by Moscow and Beijing to counter Western alliances.

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