Dire Strait Beijing sends 39 warplanes toward Taiwan, largest in new year

China flew 39 warplanes toward Taiwan in its largest such sortie of the new year, amid tensions over the self-ruled island’s future and as the U.S. pushes

Covid-19 | China tests 2M in Beijing, lifts lockdown in Xi’an

A fresh outbreak in Beijing has prompted authorities to test millions and impose new measures two weeks ahead of the opening of the Winter Olympics, even as

Covid-19 | China’s success taming virus could make exit strategy harder

The sweeping “zero-tolerance” strategy that China has used to keep COVID-19 case numbers low and its economy functioning may, paradoxically, make it harder for the country

First flights leave Xi’an as travel curbs ease

The first commercial airline flights in one month took off Saturday from Xi’an in western China as the government eased travel curbs imposed after a coronavirus

Breaking News: Security scanners across Europe tied to China govt, military

At some of the world's most sensitive spots, authorities have installed security screening devices made by a single Chinese company with deep ties to China's military and the highest levels

Beijing residents disappointed Olympics will be closed event

With just over two weeks before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, residents of the Chinese capital say they’re disappointed at not being able to

Diplomacy | China condemns plans by Slovenia to upgrade Taiwan ties

China yesterday condemned plans by Slovenia to upgrade relations with self-governing Taiwan, a move likely to spark diplomatic and economic retaliation against the tiny Central European

Taiwan pays USD900,000 for ally Guatemala to lobby Washington

Guatemala has hired for $900,000 a major supporter of former President Donald Trump to seek influence with U.S. officials in an unusual lobbying contract paid for

China cites coronavirus on packaging, despite doubts abroad

Chinese state media say parcels mailed from overseas may have spread the omicron variant of the coronavirus in Beijing and elsewhere, despite doubts among overseas health

Hong Kong to cull 2,000 animals after hamsters get Covid-19

Hong Kong authorities said yesterday that they will cull some 2,000 small animals, including hamsters after several of the rodents tested positive for the virus at a

Xi rejects ‘Cold War mentality,’ pushes cooperation

Chinese President Xi Jinping called yesterday for greater world cooperation against COVID-19 and said China would send an additional 1 billion doses of vaccine to other

Demographics | Births fall in 2021, as workforce shrinks

The number of babies born in China fell again last year, official data showed yesterday, adding to pressure on the ruling Communist Party’s ambitions to

Covid-19 | Chinese city lifts some restrictions after three-week lockdown

State media are reporting the Chinese city of Xi’an has gradually begun lifting restrictions after over three weeks of lockdown as authorities sought to stamp out

Economy | China’s trade surplus surges to record USD676.4b in 2021

China's politically volatile global trade surplus surged to $676.4 billion in 2021, likely the highest ever for any country, as exports jumped 29.9% over a

Britain, India launch talks on free trade deal amid uncertainty over Chinese ties

India and Britain yesterday launched talks on pursuing a free trade deal that is expected to boost bilateral trade by billions of dollars in one of

Beijing defends sweeping maritime claims after US criticism

China yesterday defended its “historical rights” to virtually the entire South China Sea, following a new U.S. government report saying Beijing’s claims are almost entirely invalid.

Taiwan | Chipmaker TSMC says quarterly profit $6 billion

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the biggest contract manufacturer of processor chips, reported yesterday its quarterly profit rose 16.4% over a year earlier to $6 billion amid

China faces omicron test weeks ahead of Beijing Olympics

Most access to a major city adjacent to Beijing was suspended yesterday as the government tried to contain an outbreak of the coronavirus’s easily transmitted omicron variant

Olympics | Organizers say met plan to popularize winter sports

A key concern when Beijing was bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games was the lack of a strong winter sports tradition in the country.  Organizers countered

Covid-19 | Tianjin orders more mass testing of residents

The northern Chinese city of Tianjin ordered a second round of COVID-19 testing of all 13 million residents yesterday following the discovery of 97 cases of

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