Hong Kong | Activist Wong arrested over unauthorized assembly

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said he was arrested again yesterday for allegedly participating in an unauthorized assembly last October. Wong tweeted that he was arrested when he reported to

Taiwan | China’s military flew planes toward island on three days

Taiwan said yesterday that China sent two military surveillance planes toward the island for three straight days and it dispatched patrols in response. Tensions have risen in the Taiwan Strait as

UN General Assembly | Xi says Covid reveals isolationism as a futile pursuit

China’s leader took oblique potshots at the United States and its foreign policies yesterday , cautioning in a U.N. address that the world must “not fall into the trap of

Hong Kong Disneyland stripped of right to expand theme park

Walt Disney Co.’s Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will be unable to expand its site after local authorities decided not to renew an agreement with the amusement park to develop a

China uproots ethnic minority villages in anti-poverty fight

Under a portrait of President Xi Jinping, Ashibusha sits in her freshly painted living room cradling her infant daughter beside a chair labeled a “gift from the government.” The mother of

Beijing: Spying allegations against NYC cop ‘pure fabrication’

China yesterday said allegations against a New York City police officer charged with being an “intelligence asset” for the Chinese government are a “pure fabrication” and part of a U.S.

Trump aims to use UN address to send strong message to China

President Donald Trump, who prefers speaking to boisterous crowds, is set to give a prerecorded address to the U.N. General Assembly as he grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, chilly relations

India, China commanders meet again on ending border standoff

Senior Indian and Chinese military commanders are holding talks yesterday aimed at resolving a tense monthslong standoff along their disputed border in the mountainous Ladakh region. Details of the talks, held

Judge agrees to delay US government restrictions on WeChat

A judge has approved a request from a group of U.S. WeChat users to delay looming federal government restrictions that could effectively make the popular app nearly impossible to use. In

China flies 18 warplanes near Taiwan during US envoy’s visit

China’s military sent 18 planes including fighter jets over the Taiwan Strait in an unusually large show of force Friday as a U.S. envoy held a day of closed-door meetings

Briefs | China denies its unreliable entity list targets US companies

  China dismissed accusations of targeting U.S. firms as it seeks to punish foreign companies that damage its national security by adding them to a “unreliable entity list,” the Ministry of

US envoy begins second recent high-level visit to Taiwan

U.S. Under Secretary of State Keith Krach arrived in Taiwan yesterday for the second visit by a high-level American official in two months, prompting a stern warning and threat of

Outgoing US ambassador to help Republican campaigns

Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad said he will help Republicans campaigning in his native Iowa after returning home next month. Branstad also told Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV that

China war games a signal to Taiwan leader, foreign backers

Recent Chinese war games near Taiwan were a deliberate signal to the leaders of the island and its foreign backers that Beijing intends to make good on its vow to

Hong Kong | German think tank closes office over new law

A German think tank said yesterday it is closing its Hong Kong office following China’s imposition of a sweeping new national security law on the territory. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for

Chinese Communist Party wants bigger role in private sector

China’s Communist Party is looking to strengthen its leadership and control of the country’s growing private sector and its employees by extending the work of the United Front further into

Opinion | More than any time, we need the United Nations

The UN General Assembly has adopted an “omnibus” resolution to encourage international cooperation in response to COVID-19. The resolution, which was adopted with a vote of 169 to 2 with

Hong Kong | No information on reported detentions in Taiwan: Lam

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said yesterday that Taiwan has not disclosed information about the reported detentions of five Hong Kongers who may have attempted to flee there by boat

US envoy accuses China of insincerity toward Southeast Asia

A U.S. official accused China yesterday of bullying and insincerity in its dealings with Southeast Asian nations, but said Washington isn’t forcing the region to choose sides between the two

Shenzhen | Police confirms it detained 12 Hong Kongers at sea last month

Chinese authorities have confirmed the criminal detention of 12 Hong Kongers who were allegedly attempting to travel illegally to Taiwan by boat last month, while the foreign ministry in Beijing

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