US to hold trade talks with Taiwan, island drills military

The U.S. government will hold trade talks with Taiwan in a sign of support for the island democracy that China claims as its own territory,

Political activists plead guilty amid crackdown

Authorities in Hong Kong say 29 out of 47 pro-democracy activists charged with “conspiracy to commit subversion” under a tough National Security Law entered guilty pleas

China, Japan officials meet amid Taiwan tensions

Chinese and Japanese officials have met in northern China amid renewed tensions over Beijing’s military threats against Taiwan and after Tokyo protested China’s firing of missiles

16 dead, 18 missing in flash flood in western China

A sudden rainstorm in western China triggered a landslide that diverted a river and caused flash flooding in populated areas, killing at least 16 people and leaving

Hong Kong seeks citizens caught in Southeast Asia scams

Hong Kong officials said yesterday they are seeking the return of citizens who traveled to Southeast Asia for jobs that entrapped them in scams and virtual slavery.

China cuts power to factories, homes as reservoirs fall

Factories in China’s southwest have shut down and a city imposed rolling blackouts after reservoirs to generate hydropower ran low in a worsening drought, adding

Taiwan, China hold opposing military drills amid tensions

Taiwan is staging military exercises to show its ability to resist Chinese pressure to accept Beijing’s political control over the self-governing island, following new rounds of

China and US spar over climate on Twitter

The world’s two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases are sparring on Twitter over climate policy, with China asking if the U.S. can deliver on the landmark

Germany flying six fighters 8K miles in 24 hours to Singapore island

A group of German air force fighter jets neared Singapore yesterday in a marathon bid to fly them some 12,800 kilometers (8,000 miles) from their home base

Chinese navy ship docks in Sri Lanka, stokes worry in India

A Chinese navy vessel arrived at a Beijing-built port in southern Sri Lanka yesterday, after its port call was earlier delayed due to apparent security concerns raised

Climate change: High temps, drought affect drinking water, crops

Unusually high temperatures and a prolonged drought are affecting large swaths of China, reducing crop yields and drinking water supplies. The lack of rain has been especially

China announces new drills as US delegation visits Taiwan

China announced more military drills around Taiwan as the self-governing island’s president met with members of a new U.S. congressional delegation yesterday, threatening to renew tensions

Beijing cuts interest rate to shore up stagnation

China's central bank trimmed a key interest rate yesterday to shore up sagging economic growth at a politically sensitive time when President Xi Jinping is trying

Population shrinks for second year under virus curbs

Hong Kong’s government says its population has shrunk for a second year as anti-virus controls hampered the inflow of new workers and births declined, but it

Three Chinese corporate giants leaving NY stock exchange

Three state-owned Chinese corporate giants announced plans Friday to remove their shares from the New York Stock Exchange, adding to a growing financial separation between the

More US lawmakers visiting Taiwan 12 days after Pelosi trip

A delegation of American lawmakers is visiting Taiwan just 12 days after a visit by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that angered China. The five-member delegation,

China blocks UN sanctions on Pakistani extremist leader

China yesterday blocked the imposition of U.N. sanctions sought by the United States and India against the deputy chief of Jaish-e-Mohammad, a Pakistan-based extremist group

China’s opening-up ‘big tailwind’ for foreign financial institutions: exec

China has made substantial progress in opening up its financial markets over the past decade, creating an abundance of opportunities for foreign corporations and institutions, said

Youth face bleak job market as Covid slows economy

Liu Qian, job-hunting with a new master’s degree, said two employers interviewed her and then said the positions had been eliminated. Others asked her to take

Top Chinese, South Korean diplomats pledge closer ties

The top South Korean and Chinese diplomats pledged this week to develop closer relations and maintain stable industrial supply chains at a time of deepening rivalry

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