China’s top diplomat stresses S.Korea ties amid row with US

China’s top diplomat yesterday stressed the importance of bilateral relations while meeting senior officials in South Korea, where there is growing concern the country is becoming squeezed between China, its

China stepping up virus testing on imported food packaging

China is stepping up virus inspections on imported food packaging as cooler weather brings new waves of coronavirus infections in several overseas countries, Chinese officials said yesterday. Packaging is “not exempt”

Beijing demands India rescind app ban amid border tension

China yesterday demanded India rescind a ban on more Chinese mobile phone apps amid tension between Beijing and other governments over technology and security. A foreign ministry spokesman accused India of

Taiwan | Tsai launches production of domestically made sub

Taiwan’s president inaugurated the production of domestically made submarines yesterday in the southern city of Kaohsiung, in a step forward for the island’s defense strategy at a time of elevated

Hong Kong to close bars, nightclubs from tomorrow due to virus

Hong Kong will shutter bars, nightclubs and bathhouses from tomorrow until Dec. 2 as concerns rise about a new wave of Covid-19 cases in the Asian financial hub. The government will

China tests millions after coronavirus flare-ups in three cities

Chinese authorities are testing millions of people, imposing lockdowns and shutting down schools after multiple locally transmitted coronavirus cases were discovered in three cities across the country last week. As temperatures

Hong Kong | Joshua Wong taken into custody after guilty plea

Prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong and two other activists were taken into custody yesterday after they pleaded guilty to charges related to a demonstration outside police headquarters during

China prepping for mission to bring back material from moon

Chinese technicians were making final preparations yesterday for a mission to bring back material from the moon’s surface for the first time in nearly half a century — an undertaking

Beijing lashes out at US withdrawal from open skies treaty

China yesterday lashed out at Washington over its withdrawal from the “Open Skies Treaty” with Russia, saying the move undermined military trust and transparency and imperiled future attempts at arms

Trump aide says he expects bans on WeChat, TikTok to succeed

U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said he expects President Donald Trump’s attempts to ban the WeChat and TikTok apps to “ultimately” succeed. Moves by the Trump administration to restrict the

US, Taiwan sign pact to hold annual economic talks for five years

The U.S. and Taiwan signed a pact to establish annual economic talks for five years despite objections by China to Washington’s support for Taipei. The memorandum of understanding was signed after

Xi says China will avoid decoupling amid tension with US, Europe

China’s President Xi Jinping yesterday spurned suggestions that his country might decouple or separate itself from the U.S. and other trading partners, amid tension with Washington and Europe over technology

Beijing calls for action from Australia amid worsening ties

China called on Australia to take action to stem worsening relations between the two countries, in the latest indication that Beijing will offer few if any compromises to resolve their

US Justice Dept.’s China focus likely to continue under Biden

President Donald Trump has identified China as the country’s biggest foe and the Justice Department mirrored that emphasis over the last four years with a drumbeat of cases against defendants

Hong Kong | Former lawmakers who disrupted session arrested

Hong Kong police arrested three former opposition lawmakers yesterday for disrupting legislative meetings several months ago, adding to concerns about a crackdown on the city’s pro-democracy camp. Posts on the Facebook

Beijing requires ‘patriotism’ for Hong Kong lawmakers: report

China passed a measure requiring Hong Kong lawmakers to be “patriots,” the South China Morning Post reported, a move to curb debate in a democratic institution that has endured more

Chongqing | British diplomat praised for saving drowning woman

A British diplomat is being praised for saving a drowning woman in southwestern China. Stephen Ellison jumped into a stream to rescue the woman after she fell into the water in

Hong Kong | Fire in apartment building kills 7, injures 11

Authorities in Hong Kong said at least seven people were killed and 11 injured in a fire at an apartment building that may have started at a gathering of people

Analysis | Crackdowns everywhere show Xi strengthening party grip on China

  The past few weeks have shown that Chinese President Xi Jinping can move extremely fast when he hones in on long-term threats to the Communist Party. And right now they

ASEAN, China, other partners set world’s biggest trade pact

China and 14 other countries agreed yesterday to set up the world’s largest trading bloc, encompassing nearly a third of all economic activity, in a deal many in Asia are

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