Premier Li agrees to cooperate with Seoul, Tokyo, but issues veiled rebuke against their US ties

China’s premier agreed yesterday to revive three-way cooperation with South Korea and Japan in the face of shared challenges, but issued a veiled rebuke against the two

US lawmakers pledge support for Taiwan’s Lai; Beijing slams the visit

A U.S. congressional delegation met Taiwan’s new leader yesterday in a show of support days after China held drills around the self-governing island in response to his inauguration.

Prosecutor tells jury that self-exiled wealthy Chinese businessman cheated thousands of $1 billion

A self-exiled wealthy Chinese businessman became an internet sensation and conned thousands of people worldwide into sending him $1 billion, enabling him to spend lavishly on a mansion, two

Court to trial two men for allegedly helping Lee’s gov’t gather intelligence in UK

The office manager of the Hong Kong trade office in London and another man will go on trial in February for allegedly helping Hong Kong authorities

Ex-CIA officer accused of spying for China pleads guilty in a Honolulu courtroom

A former CIA officer and contract linguist for the FBI accused of spying for China for at least a decade pleaded guilty Friday in a federal courtroom in Honolulu.

Taiwan military on alert as Mainland conducts drills to ‘punish separatist forces’

Taiwan scrambled jets and put missile, naval and land units on alert yesterday over Chinese military exercises being conducted around the self-governing island where a new leader

Meaning of north, south, east very specific

The People’s Liberation Army began two days of joint military drills in waters to the north, south and east of Taiwan island yesterday, as well as the areas

Top officials of China, South Korea, Japan will meet Monday

Leaders of South Korea, China and Japan will meet next week in Seoul for their first trilateral talks in more than four years to discuss how to

Man charged with helping the Hong Kong intelligence service in the UK found dead

A man charged with assisting Hong Kong authorities with gathering intelligence in the United Kingdom has died in unexplained circumstances, British police said yesterday . Matthew Trickett,

Authorities release vlogger who filmed Wuhan lockdown

Zhang Zhan was released from prison after serving four years for charges related to reporting on the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China, according to a video

Gov’t watching internet platforms for non-compliance with ban on ‘Glory’ song

Hong Kong’s leader said yesterday his administration would keep monitoring for any non-compliance with a court order that bans a popular protest song, days after YouTube

Catholic Church ‘is no threat to sovereignty’

The Vatican made another big overture to China yesterday, reaffirming the Catholic Church poses no threat to Beijing’s sovereignty and admitting that Western missionaries had made “errors” in

New leader Lai urges Beijing to ‘choose dialogue over confrontation’

Taiwan's new leader, Lai Ching-te, said in his inauguration speech yesterday that he wants peace with China and urged it to stop its military threats and intimidation

Fact of both sides of Taiwan Strait belonging to one China will not change: spokesperson

No matter how the political situation on the Taiwan island changes, it will not change the historical and legal facts that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong

Putin concludes trip to China by emphasizing its strategic and personal ties to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin concluded a two-day visit to China on Friday, emphasizing the countries’ burgeoning strategic ties as well as his own personal relationship with

Taiwan’s new leader inherits a strong international image, but political gridlock at home

In a campaign ad for Taiwan’s leader-elect Lai Ching-te, incumbent leader Tsai Ing-wen was shown driving with Lai in the passenger seat, exchanging reflections on their years governing

Putin expresses gratitude to Xi for China’s initiatives to resolve Ukraine conflict

Russia’s Putin expressed gratitude to Xi Jinping for China’s initiatives to resolve the Ukraine conflict at their Beijing summit yesterday where the Chinese leader said China hopes

US cites ‘misuse’ of AI by China, Beijing protests Washington’s restrictions

U.S. officials raised concerns about China’s “misuse of AI” while Beijing’s representatives rebuked Washington over “restrictions and pressure” on artificial intelligence, the governments said separately yesterday,

Filipino activists decide not to sail closer to disputed shoal, avoiding clash

About 100 Filipino activists on wooden boats have decided not to sail closer to a fiercely disputed shoal in the South China Sea yesterday to avoid

Russian president Putin to make a state visit to China this week

Russian President Vladimir Putin will make a two-day state visit to China this week, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said yesterday, in the latest show of

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